Ironman 70.3 New Orleans results 2016

Excellent pro field battles for top of podium in Ironman 70.3 New Orleans results 2016.

There was no sure thing for top spot in the Ironman 70.3 New Orleans results 2016 when the gun sounded to begin the 1.2-mile swim at South Shore Harbor.

The 2015 winners of Ironman 70.3 New Orleans were Andy Potts and Sarah Piampiano with times of 3:39:49 and 4:15:17 respectively.

A new male pro winner would be crowned but Sarah Piampiano returned to defend her title and to race for Kona Ranking Points and prize money.

ironman 70.3 new orleans results 2016

Official WTC Ironman 70.3 New Orleans logo.

Strong winds were predicted for the race and could very well impact the bike split times.

There were also 30 Ironman 70.3 World Championship slots available to be won by the top age-group finishers in each category.


Becker, Blake
Bradley, Scott
Brady, Patrick
Chrabot, Matt
De Kanel, Rod
Gerlach, Thomas
Gray, Aaron
Hall, Benson
Harris, Daniel
Howard, Jeremy
Kotar, Keith
Kovacic, Jaroslav
McBurney, Brent
Reid, Taylor
Rhyner, Jacob
Shanks, Matthew
Sketako, Denis
Starykowicz, Andrew
Tejada, Raul
Toldi, Fernando
Tollakson, Tj
Tutukin, Ivan

Mark Chrabot of the USA was the only pro male to finish the 1.2-mile swim under 25 minutes and it gave him a lead of 26 seconds over Brazil’s Fernando Toldi who was in second.

Toldi had plenty of company as there were four others within ten seconds of him. Those four included Andrew Starykowicz who normally prefers to be at the front in the bike as soon as possible. He could take top spot in the Ironman 70.3 New Orleans results 2016 if gets loose on the lead during the 56-mile bike.


Chrabot, Matt    	00:24:34
Toldi, Fernando 	00:25:00
Starykowicz, Andrew	00:25:03
Kovacic, Jaroslav	00:25:07
Tutukin, Ivan     	00:25:10
Tollakson, Tj    	00:25:11
De Kanel, Rod    	00:25:43
Howard, Jeremy    	00:27:17
Reid, Taylor    	00:27:21
Rhyner, Jacob    	00:27:40
Tejada, Raul	        00:27:46
Hall, Benson    	00:27:55
Gerlach, Thomas  	00:27:57
Sketako, Denis  	00:28:18
Becker, Blake	        00:28:51
Gray, Aaron     	00:29:10
McBurney, Brent 	00:30:32
Shanks, Matthew 	00:32:10
Harris, Daniel   	00:33:00
Bradley, Scott  	00:33:46
Kotar, Keith    	00:34:06
Brady, Patrick	        00:34:25

It was no surprise to see Andrew Starykowicz pull away from the rest of the field on the 56-mile bike course. At the 30 mile mark his lead was over three minutes.

He was being tracked by Matt Chrabot and TJ Tollakson who were neck and neck for second place. The rest of the male pros had lots of work to do as they were all over six minutes or more off the leaders pace with the bike half over.

A very strong tailwind was expected for the return trip on the bike. It could just be one of the fastest 70.3 bike splits recorded in some time. You never know. Starykowicz just might average 35 MPH with a strong wind at his back.

He will most likely need more than a three minute lead beginning the run as there are some strong runners in this male pro group capable of catching him.
[bctt tweet=”Andrew Starykowicz posts 1:57:56 bike split in Ironman 70.3 New Orleans.
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Pretty quick split of 1:57:56 posted by Starykowicz as he takes the lead onto the run course and he has just what he needs…a lead of over eight minutes on second place Matt Chrabot.

Taylor Reid of Canada moved into second place nearing the halfway point of the run but had lots of work to do if he wanted to challenge for first place in the Ironman 70.3 New Orleans results 2016. Starykowicz stilled maintained a lead of seven minutes.

A few weeks ago in Ironman 70.3 Texas 2016 Starykowicz posted a 1:58:44 bike split but Lionel Sanders of Canada was fastest of all with a time of 1:58:09 and would go on to win.

Andrew Starykowicz is the winner of Ironman 70.3 New Orleans 2016 in a time of 3:46:52. Taylor Reid of Canada holds off Matt Chrabot to claim second place.


Starykowicz, Andrew	03:46:52
Reid, Taylor    	03:52:19
Chrabot, Matt    	03:53:07
Tutukin, Ivan    	03:56:05
Tejada, Raul    	03:56:55
Carvalho, Fabio   	03:57:30
Kovacic, Jaroslav	03:59:22
Sketako, Denis   	04:00:03
Gerlach, Thomas  	04:00:24
Toldi, Fernando 	04:04:21
Gray, Aaron      	04:04:31
Hall, Benson      	04:04:38
Rhyner, Jacob    	04:05:00
Bradley, Scott  	04:11:19
Harris, Daniel  	04:11:42
Becker, Blake    	04:16:27
Shanks, Matthew   	04:18:39
Howard, Jeremy   	04:20:46
De Kanel, Rod   	04:22:36
Kotar, Keith    	04:26:29

Sarah Piampiano would be attempting to defend the title she won in 2015 against some excellent competition.


Alvarez, Palmira
Bennett, Laura
Brown, Brooke
Burdzilauskas, Whitney
Cameto, Sarah
Harari, Lotty
Hinz, Bailey
Luse, Nickie
McCracken, Amelia
Piampiano, Sarah
Roohi, Molly
Rusch, Maggie
Snow, Caitlin
Spitler, Erin
Stevens, Amanda
Wendorff, Amanda

Laura Bennett had another great swim split and her swim time of 25:49 gave her a surprisingly big lead of over a minute on Amanda Stevens who is also a very fast swimmer. Sarah Cameto was the only other female pro to complete the swim in under 30 minutes.


Bennett, Laura  	00:25:49
Stevens, Amanda 	00:27:06
Cameto, Sarah    	00:28:45
Wendorff, Amanda	00:30:20
Snow, Caitlin    	00:30:22
Hinz, Bailey    	00:33:03
Piampiano, Sarah	00:33:24
Roohi, Molly    	00:33:26
Rusch, Maggie    	00:33:41
Brown, Brooke    	00:34:36
McCracken, Amelia	00:35:49
Alvarez, Palmira	00:35:54
Spitler, Erin    	00:35:58
Burdzilauskas, Whitney	00:38:44
Harari, Lotty    	00:39:15
Luse, Nickie     	00:40:54

The lead swimmers were caught by Sarah Cameto and defending champion Sarah Piampiano in the first half of the bike course. However they were still in the race as only 1:20 separated Cameto, Piampiano, Stevens, and Bennett as they made their way through the first turn.

Top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 New Orleans results 2016 could come down to who saved the most for the 13.1-mile run.

It was Sarah Piampiano with a lead of just under a minute over Sarah Cameto as she began her run. By the three mile mark the lead was almost three minutes as Piampiano attempted to claim first place in the Ironman 70.3 New Orleans results 2016 and successfully defend her 2015 title.

Sarah Piampiano is the winner of Ironman 70.3 New Orleans for the third time. Her winning time is 4:19:57.


Piampiano, Sarah	04:19:57
Cameto, Sarah    	04:26:48
Bennett, Laura  	04:29:51
Snow, Caitlin   	04:30:21
Stevens, Amanda 	04:33:23
Wendorff, Amanda	04:34:15
Hinz, Bailey     	04:38:37
Spitler, Erin    	04:44:37
Rusch, Maggie    	04:46:12
Alvarez, Palmira	04:50:28
Roohi, Molly     	04:50:43
Luse, Nickie     	04:54:52
McCracken, Amelia	04:55:47
Brown, Brooke   	05:05:51
Burdzilauskas, Whitney	05:06:11
Harari, Lotty   	05:50:37

Top age-group finishers in Ironman 70.3 New Orleans results 2016.

FEMALE 18-24

Wood, Nicole     	05:00:38
Setzler, Erika   	05:12:22
Ross, Sarah     	05:43:25
Johnson, Jenna  	05:50:44
Mikrut, Erin    	06:20:49

MALE 18-24

Long, Sam       	04:12:31
Herrera Chacon, Pablo	04:18:23
Chronert, Michael	04:26:51
Vargas, Matthews	05:09:18
Maas, Benjamin   	05:09:26

FEMALE 25-29

Van Breda, Keelyn	04:53:58
Leon Becerril, Anahi	05:09:28
Perkins, Barbara	05:12:59
Glassmeyer, Jill	05:25:30
Jehn, Amanda    	05:28:50

MALE 25-29

Irvin, Rance    	04:20:31
Vance, Travis    	04:26:03
Pan, Yang        	04:26:51
Larocque, Rob    	04:29:26
Brush, Stephen   	04:42:03

FEMALE 30-34

Lea, Caroline    	04:49:32
Carlon, Fiona   	04:57:02
Nyitray, Elizabeth	04:58:57
Brannigan, Jessica	05:09:57
MacSwan, Meg    	05:15:55

MALE 30-34

Giuliano, Ryan   	04:04:12
Snyder, Dj      	04:21:29
Fitzhenry, Adam   	04:26:12
Tonder, Scott     	04:26:48
Widman, Aaron    	04:32:40

FEMALE 35-39

Miller, Alison   	04:48:47
Rollins, Emily    	05:01:55
Rossiter, Sofia  	05:15:34
Diliberto, Jena  	05:17:53
Karpitskaya, Yekaterina	05:22:45

MALE 35-39

Sloan, Chuck    	04:19:18
Stanfield, Allen	04:30:24
Smith, Jason     	04:32:57
Post, Brian      	04:33:52
Johnson, Jeremy  	04:36:10

FEMALE 40-44

Rutledge, Ali   	05:24:18
Sanborn, Beth   	05:29:38
Le Clair, Chelsea	05:35:15
Carstens, Carolina	05:42:51
Ingram, Jen     	05:44:09

MALE 40-44

Scott, Rodney    	04:20:49
Miller, Brian    	04:26:17
Martin, James    	04:37:48
Smith, Grady    	04:39:00
Simkins, Russell	04:45:15

FEMALE 45-49

Spooner, Claudia	05:10:01
Ragals, Debbie   	05:12:03
Stickney, Lora   	05:23:19
Dushay, Jody    	05:31:14
Elder, Dawn     	05:37:41

MALE 45-49

Cart, Kevin     	04:28:24
Lowman, Brian     	04:34:44
Lorenz, Holger   	04:36:23
Rollins, Brad    	04:37:11
Thompson, Glen   	04:42:08

FEMALE 50-54

Oconnor, Linda   	05:21:13
Kaltenbaugh, Ann	05:29:34
Esahak-Gage, Jane	05:34:23
Mantay, Erica    	05:53:33
Harrison, Lisa   	06:00:21

MALE 50-54

Gennari, Bruce   	04:35:12
Laroche, Marc     	04:37:02
Minardi, Mike    	04:42:48
Gompers, Paul    	04:50:00
Edwards, Barry   	04:51:53

FEMALE 55-59

Zeller, Emilia   	06:25:36
Lane, Patricia   	06:35:25
Mueller, Barbara	06:45:20
Mollahan, Ingrid	06:45:41
Landon, Cheryl   	07:00:10

MALE 55-59

Irion, Dave     	04:32:15
Harrison, Johnny	04:45:31
Dietrich, Klaus 	05:12:14
Perroteau, Alain	05:13:53
Perkins, Dan    	05:14:14

FEMALE 60-64

Thomas, Barbara   	06:16:22
Ellis, Patricia  	06:22:35
Boudreaux, Susan	06:53:09
Dykshorn, Terry  	06:54:42
Pickens, Becky  	07:00:14

MALE 60-64

Moats, Kevin    	04:55:58
Reese, Bill     	05:06:01
Hathaway, Will   	05:29:19
Mozena, John    	05:37:57
Anderson, Gwin   	05:41:33

MALE 65-69

Robinson, Ken    	06:13:06
Molloy, Daniel    	06:14:46
Wiser, Conrad    	06:32:58
Geljack, Kenneth	06:40:48
Palermo, Bill    	06:46:46
Zielinski, John   	07:02:59
Stevens, Lee    	07:29:14
Kudla, Alan     	07:33:29

FEMALE 70-74

Krupa, Susan    	07:35:22

MALE 70-74

Frezza, Marty   	06:40:39


Buder, Madonna       SWIM....1:09:19

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