Ironman 70.3 Panama Results 2012

Lance Armstrong races for podium spot in Ironman 70.3 Panama Results 2012

Lance Armstrong has picked Panama to kick off his 2012 ironman season as well and his presence promised to make an interesting story line as everyone speculated on how he would do.

However the truly important thing seems to be what sort of exposure his participation will bring to the sport and not so much about where he places.

On one hand, drug use allegations hung over his head and on the other he is no doubt an excellent athlete.

Lance is 41 and all things being equal it would make more sense that if he were to win an Ironman race that it would be a full Ironman as he is basically at the peak of his amazing endurance.

Lance Armstrong just moments before the Panama 70.3 swim start.

It would certainly be a bit of a surprise to see Lance win in Panama as he is most likely planning to ease himself into the game.

He has an excellent swimming background and it would be no surprise to see him come out of the water near the leaders and of course what can you say about his biking skills?

It should be noted however that unlike the Bike Tour, there is no drafting in the Ironman and this could play a part in the race results for Lance as well.

It would make sense that he will fall short in the run.

It would be no surprise to see Balazs Csoke or Romain Guillaume on the podium, but Chris LIeto, Richie Cunningham, and Matty Reed will most likely go in as pre-race favorites.

Olympians Bevan Docherty and Bertrand Billard will certainly add an element of speed to the race.


Amey, Paul
Armstrong, Lance
Ascenco, Santiago
Billard, Bertrand
Close, Greg
Csoke, Balazs
Cunningham, Richie
Darricau, Andres
Docherty, Bevan
Galindez, Oscar
Guillaume, Romain
Henning, Rasmus
Jammaer, Bert
Kyllonen, Teemu
Lieto, Chris
Lyatskiy, Andrey
Manocchio, Guilherme
Morales, Ezequiel
Reed, Matty
Taddonio, Kevin
Thomas, Jesse

For the women it appears that Leanda Cave will be tough to beat coming off her sensational performance in Kona and races that followed after, but a serious challenge can most likely be expected from Magali Tisseyre and Kelly Williamson who also had great results in 2011.


Badmann, Natascha
Carvalho, Alessandra
Carvallo, Valentina
Cave, Leanda
Chong, Jessica
Cooper-Scott, Haley
Deckers, Tine
Goos, Sofie
Gordon, Jacqui
Griesbauer, Dede
Hoogland, Tenille
Kraft, Nina
Ledesma, Eva
Naeth, Angela
Shapiro, Margaret
Tisseyre, Magali
Van Vlerken, Yvonne
Vesterby, Michelle
Vodickova, Radka
Wee, Bre
Williamson, Kelly


Ironman Panama swim course

As the gun sounded the athletes began the point-to-point swim. It wasn’t the usual rectangle or two-loop course of many Ironman 70.3 races, but basically a straight-line swim in the Pacific.

The air temperature at race start was 80 degrees with the water in the 76 degree range.


1 18:49 2 Matty Reed Boulder CO USA
2 18:51 0:03 23 Ivan Vasilyev Moscow RUS
3 18:54 0:06 16 Bevan Docherty Santa Cruz CA NZL
4 19:00 0:11 4 Rasmus Henning Tuineje DOM
5 19:03 0:15 12 Romain Guillaum Montmorot FRA
6 19:19 0:31 8 Balazs Csoke Volketswil HUN
7 19:19 0:31 5 Richie Cunningh Boulder CO AUS
8 19:19 0:31 6 Bert Jammaer Boom BEL
9 19:20 0:32 10 Bertrand Billard Salmagne FRA
10 19:22 0:34 24 Lance Armstron Austin TX USA

As expected, Lance was able to hold his own in the swim leg of the race and entered transition with less than a minute to make up over leader Matty Reed.


1 20:12 45 Nina Kraft Clermont FL DEU
2 20:14 0:02 43 Dede Griesbau Boston MA USA
3 20:14 0:03 42 Radka Vodickov Jablonec Nad Ni CZE
4 20:15 0:03 47 Tenille Hoogland Austin TX USA
5 20:15 0:04 49 Michelle Vesterby Odense DNK
6 20:38 0:26 52 Margaret Shapiro Herndon VA USA
7 21:23 1:11 48 Bree Wee Kailua-Kona HI USA
8 21:36 1:24 56 Eva Ledesma Lleida ITA
9 22:01 1:49 44 Tine Deckers Kessel - Lo BEL
10 22:03 1:51 41 Sofie Goos Antwerp BEL

Armstrong was in 11th place when he started the 56-mile bike course.

For the women it is Radka Vodickov leading the way. Kelly Williamson, Leanda Cave, and Magali Tisseyre were 7th, 8th, and 9th.

As is usual in any Ironman race, many changes in the placings will take place on the bike course as there are some very fast swimmers who are not necessarily fast bikers and they are often caught and passed late in the bike or early on the run course.

It was no surprise to see Lance Armstrong move into the top three before the end of the bike.

At 15 kilometers Matty Reed was the leader on the bike course with Rasmus Henning, Richie Cunningham, Bert Jammaer, and Lance Armstrong 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Lance Armstrong's Trek triathlon bike

As expected, reports from the bike course said that strong winds were a factor in the race. Panama is a tough, hilly course to start with and it can be pretty hard to predict a winner.

As the cyclists neared the bike turn-around Armstrong started to close on the leader.

It wasn’t that long before Lance roared to the front of the chase pack with Chris Lieto right with him.

It was still Billard Bertrand from France holding on to at least a 1:30 lead as the cyclists enterd Panama City and the bike/run transition.

Inside the last five miles Chris Lieto and Lance Armstrong almost caught the leader Billard.

It was Billard, Lieto, and Armstrong leading the way onto the run course with the cyclists behind them unable to keep up.

As they neared transition two it was Lieto taking the lead with Lance right behind him and Billard was in third.

This certainly was not unexpected and it remained to be seen how Lance would hold up in the run.

Most likely his weakest discipline would be the run, but he is no slouch there either and has been run training with some of the top pros leading into the Panama race.


Lance Armstrong heads into bike-run transition right behind leader Chris Lieto

This is how the top four looked as the first pros reached the transition area.

It was no surprise that Lance was a force on the bike course and stormed toward the front.

2:31:44...........Chris Lieto Danville 
2:31:49...........Lance Armstrong Austin
2:31:53...........Bertrand Billard 
2:33:12...........Oscar Galindez Santos

Chris Lieto looked strong in front and Billard was dropped as Lance Armstrong remains 12 seconds behind in 2nd spot.

Billard had a bit of a melt-down and virtually stopped running. This was not unexpected as he put all he had into staying ahead of Lance and Chris out on the bike course.

The scary part is that Lance was most likely not over-extended at all in the bike.

Normally the one to fear here would be Bevan Docherty as he can run like the wind, but did he leave himself too much to do as he is 3:41 behind the leaders?

It appear that both Galindez and Docherty were really flying on the run course and were closing ground as the battle for top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Panama Results 2012 really began to heat up.

After 3 miles:

2:46:12.............Chris Lieto Danville 
2:46:17.............Lance Armstrong 
2:47:51.............Oscar Galindez Santos
2:48:58.............Bevan Docherty

In the woman’s race Leanda Cave was first out of the water and was leading early in the run with Angela Naeth right there is second place.

Here are the top four in the bike for the women:

2:51:46..............Leanda Cave 
2:51:48..............Angela Naeth 
2:54:30..............Tine Deckers Kessel 
2:54:34..............Margaret Shapiro 

lance stormed to the front in the run and in the blink of an eye had a 26-second lead over Chris Lieto.

The bad news for the rest of the pro men is that Lance most likely never over-extended himself all that much in the bike.

As expected Bevan Docherty had a strong run and moved into second ahead of Chris Lieto.

It would seem now that Lance will be either first or second in Ironman Panama 70.3 and it pretty much depended on how much Bevan saved for the run.

With four miles to go Docherty had 55 seconds to make up on Armstrong and it seemed like to much at the time but in the next mile Bevan made up 10 seconds and then began to close fast in the final two miles.

What a finish! Bevan Docherty overtook Lance Armstrong to take the win.

The top ten men at the finish:

1 3:50:13 16 Bevan Docherty Santa Cruz CA NZL
2 3:50:55 0:42 24 Lance Armstrong Austin TX USA
3 3:52:59 2:46 5 Richie Cunningham Boulder CO AUS
4 3:53:38 3:25 4 Rasmus Henning Tuineje DOM
5 3:54:44 4:31 12 Romain Guillaum Montmorot FRA
6 3:55:30 5:18 7 Jesse Thomas Springfield OR USA
7 3:56:21 6:09 1 Chris Lieto Danville CA USA
8 3:58:32 8:19 23 Ivan Vasilyev Moscow RUS
9 4:00:53 10:40 9 Oscar Galindez Santos ARG
10 4:01:24 11:11 6 Bert Jammaer Boom BEL  

At the start of the second run loop Anglea Naeth from Canada was in first place for the pro women.

Top ten women at the half-way mark of the run:

1 3:48:50 40 Angela Naeth Prince George BC CAN
2 3:51:42 2:52 35 Leanda Cave Tucson AZ GBR
3 3:51:55 3:05 52 Margaret Shapiro Herndon VA USA
4 3:54:19 5:29 36 Kelly Williams Austin TX USA
5 3:56:11 7:21 44 Tine Deckers Kessel - Lo BEL
6 4:00:25 11:35 39 Natascha Badmann Oftringen CHE
7 4:00:52 12:02 37 Yvonne Van Vler Schwarzach NLD
8 4:01:28 12:38 49 Michelle Vesterby Odense DNK
9 4:02:50 14:01 48 Bree Wee Kailua-Kona HI USA
10 4:03:21 14:31 43 Dede Griesbau Boston MA USA

Angela Naeth hung on for the win.

1 4:15:31 40 Angela Naeth Prince George BC CAN
2 4:19:11 3:40 36 Kelly Williams Austin TX USA
3 4:19:34 4:03 52 Margaret Shapiro Herndon VA USA
4 4:21:42 6:11 35 Leanda Cave Tucson AZ GBR
5 4:25:29 9:58 44 Tine Deckers Kessel - Lo BEL
6 4:29:00 13:29 37 Yvonne Van Vler Schwarzach NLD
7 4:29:17 13:46 39 Natascha Badmann Oftringen CHE
8 4:30:20 14:49 49 Michelle Vesterby Odense DNK

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