Ironman 70.3 Philippines Results 2016

The Ironman 70.3 Philippines Results 2016 featured excellent racing.

Every Ironman Championship race attracts many of the world’s top pros and the Ironman 70.3 Philippines Results 2016 were no exception.

It was anybody’s guess who would come out on top for the pro men when the gun sounded to begin the swim. There were probably a dozen solid contenders for the podium and it promised to be a very close race.


Williams, Brad
Hadley, James
Watson, Eric
Griffin, Leon
Maxwell, Levi
Benedicto, August
Jumamil, Paul
Chicano, John Leerams
Norte, Banjo
Ycong, Jorry
Comendador, Emmanuel
Miller, Joseph
Duenas, John Philip
Esteves, Robinson
Lim, Kristiane Glendale
Saavedra, Welmar
Franklin, Matthew
Penalosa, Franklin
Albina, Rosalito
Saim, Jonard
Brown, Dan
Calinawan, Gerrie
Sios-E, Ralph Martin
Lawas, Ramie
Tillor, Noel
Reed, Tim
Alexander, Craig
Betten, Sam
Currie, Braden
Costes, Antony
Brown, Cameron
Kahlefeldt, Bradley
McMahon, Brent
Mainwaring, David
Ciavattella, Jonathan
Montgomery, Jake
Petersen-Bach, Jens
Thompson, Stephen
Vergara, Warren
Tiu, Dixon
Balaoro, Benjamin
Mejia, Danreb
Golez, Marben
Polizzi, Alexander

For the pro men it was Sam Betten of Australia and Brent McMahon of Canada leading the way in the swim. They were the only two pro men to navigate the 1.9k swim in under 24 minutes. However, they had plenty of company right behind them.

As is often the case in a field this good, nothing is really decided until the run. There was nobody making a break from this field on the 90k bike course.

Five of the pro men finished the bike around the 2:03:30 mark. It was a game of cat-and-mouse until they got their running shoes on and It was Time Reed of Australia who simply outran the rest of the field with his 1:20:02 run split. Nobody could come close to that.

Tim Reed earned the top of the podium on the Ironman 70.3 Philippine results 2016 and is the newly-crowned Asia-Pacific Champion.


Reed, Tim       	03:51:46
Alexander, Craig	03:55:01
Betten, Sam       	03:57:15
Currie, Braden    	03:58:42
Costes, Antony    	04:00:08
Brown, Cameron    	04:04:49
Kahlefeldt, Bradley	04:06:12
McMahon, Brent    	04:06:15
Mainwaring, David	04:07:10
Ciavattella, Jonathan	04:08:16
Williams, Brad    	04:11:17
Hadley, James    	04:12:50
Watson, Eric            04:18:58
Griffin, Leon    	04:20:03
Maxwell, Levi    	04:21:19
Benedicto, August   	04:26:46
Jumamil, Paul   	04:27:49
Chicano, John Leerams	04:28:04
Norte, Banjo      	04:30:51
Ycong, Jorry     	04:33:26
Comendador, Emmanuel	04:35:56
Miller, Joseph   	04:39:10
Duenas, John Philip	04:39:31
Esteves, Robinson	04:46:09
Lim, Kristiane Glendale	04:47:43
Saavedra, Welmar	04:55:26
Franklin, Matthew	04:56:17
Penalosa, Franklin	04:58:16
Albina, Rosalito	05:00:39
Saim, Jonard	        05:02:28
Brown, Dan      	05:05:51
Calinawan, Gerrie	05:09:47
Sios-E, Ralph Martin	05:16:05
Lawas, Ramie    	05:24:15
Tillor, Noel    	05:40:36


Torres, Monica
Haesner, Kathryn
Kilgroe, Kim
Hodges, Maria
Brown, Ani Karina
Villacin, Elona Louise
Steffen, Caroline
Vodickova, Radka
Crowley, Sarah
Corachan Vaquera, Judith
Duke, Dimity-Lee
Watkinson, Amelia
Wilson, Amanda

Radka Vodickova had a lead of one minute over Caroline Steffen of Switzerland as the entered the swim/bike transition.

However it was Steffen setting the pace on the bike course and she had the lead as the run began.

Although it was Sarah Crowley of Australia recording the fastest run split with her clocking of 1:25:49, Steffen was solid in all three events. She was third fastest in the swim, fastest in the bike, and second fastest in the run.

Her finish time of 4:16:19 was enough to claim victory in the Ironman 70.3 Philippine results 2016 and Caroline Steffen is the new Asia-Pacific Champion.


Steffen, Caroline	04:16:19
Vodickova, Radka	04:18:29
Crowley, Sarah   	04:21:53
Corachan Vaquera,Judith	04:31:12
Duke, Dimity-Lee	04:33:30
Watkinson, Amelia	04:44:19
Wilson, Amanda    	04:45:05
Torres, Monica    	04:45:54
Haesner, Kathryn	04:46:47
Kilgroe, Kim      	04:51:10
Hodges, Maria   	05:07:02
Brown, Ani Karina	05:50:21
Villacin, Elona Louise	06:03:16

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