Ironman 70.3 Pucon Results 2016

The season begins in Chile with a sold-out field racing for spots in Ironman 70.3 Pucon Results 2016.

For the pro men there were a couple of likely podium candidates. Richie Cunningham did not race and did not defend his 2015 title. Igor Amorelli, Ben Collins, and Daniel Fontana were a few of the many threats for podium spots in the Ironman 70.3 Pucon results 2016. However, for the most part the race was fairly wide open and many of the pro men had the potential to win.

Male pro start list

Cunningham Richie                    
Barraza Rojas Pipo                                    
Rivera Cabrera Roberto                          
Brandon Barrett                             
Munizaga Benjamin                     
Fontana Daniel              
Amorelli Igor                                       
Taccone Luciano                   
Manocchio Guilherme              
Gonzalez Correa Jorge                  
Villarruel Nacho                                    
Tejada  Raul                                      
Melo Danilo                  
Beinat Mauricio                
Matheus Bruno                    
Orrego Rivera Jorge                           
Feres Aguado Agustín                         
Saez Nicolas 
Duran Gaston                               
Collins Benjamin                             
Diaz Eduardo Horacio            
Salazar Ezquerra Jose Pablo                   
Carvalho Fabio                         
Sepulveda Rodrigo

As is quite common in a 70.3 Ironman there was a large group of men in the lead pack as they exited the water. It would turn out that five of the first overall finishers would include swimmers from this first group.

As expected, Igor Amorelli posted one of the fastest bike splits of the day. The only time faster was clocked by Benjamin Collins with his time of 2:08:14. However he was just one second faster than Amorelli.

The race was decided in the run. After the bike, the only pro male with a realistic chance of catching Collins was Amorelli. The others simply had too much work to do on the run after being far back on the bike course. Collins posted a run time of 1:20:17 and although it was not the fastest time of the day It was eight minutes faster than Amorelli.

It earned him top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Pucon results 2016 with a winning time of 3:59:02. He was the only pro to break the four hour mark.


Collins, Benjamin	00:24:34	02:08:14	01:20:17   03:59:02
Manocchio, Guilherme	00:25:46	02:13:46	01:17:52   04:03:26
Barraza Rojas, pipo	00:24:24	02:15:14	01:19:20   04:04:48
Fontana, Daniel	        00:24:32	02:14:57	01:20:39   04:06:24
amorelli, igor	        00:24:35	02:08:15	01:28:07   04:07:00
Taccone, Luciano	00:24:29	02:17:04	01:23:38   04:11:09
carvalho, fabio	        00:26:16	02:13:42	01:25:51   04:11:50
Brandon, Barrett	00:24:27	02:14:53	01:31:46   04:21:00
Feres Aguado, Agustín	00:24:30	02:20:18	01:29:31   04:21:00
rivera cabrera, roberto	00:26:31	02:23:37	01:24:58   04:22:26
Matheus, Bruno	        00:25:42	02:30:06	01:20:26   04:23:06
villarruel, Nacho	00:27:07	02:25:47	01:25:40   04:26:00
Saez, Nicolas	        00:27:05	02:22:55	01:30:37   04:27:47
Sepulveda, Rodrigo	00:26:18	02:23:52	01:32:56   04:29:45
Melo, Danilo	        00:34:09	02:25:42	01:22:49   04:29:48
Salazar Ezquerra, 
Jose Pablo	        00:27:03	02:23:12	01:32:47   04:30:12
Orrego Rivera, Jorge	00:34:48	02:39:03	01:34:05   04:55:19
Beinat, Mauricio	00:32:37	02:40:17	01:49:36   05:10:50

For the pro women it looked like defending champion Barbara Riveros would be the one to beat. Rachel Joyce of Great Britain is always a threat to win on her best effort. Valentina Carvallo of Chile also had potential to place well in the Ironman 70.3 Pucon results 2016.

Female pro start list

Riveros Barbara                  
Carvallo Valentina      
Joyce Rachel                    
Harari Lotty                        
Brandon Lauren                    
Ximenes Karine                    
Simon Erika                      
Barrena Laura                      
Poblete María Luz               
Tastets Pamela

In the race for top spot among the pro females it was contested by three of the favorites expected to do well.

In the swim portion of the race it was actually Lauren Brandon breaking away from the rest of the field. She posted a swim time of 30:33 and it gave her a three minute advantage as the 90k bike began. Brandon also had the fastest bike split of the day and was holding a lead of around five minutes as she began the run.

However it was defending champion Barbara Riveros and Rachel Joyce overpowering the rest of the field on the run. Barbara Riveros successfully defended her 2015 title with a winning time of 4:42:10.


RIVEROS, BARBARA	00:33:30	02:32:36	01:29:55   04:42:10
Joyce, Rachel    	00:33:32	02:36:06	01:28:01   04:46:28
Carvallo, Valentina	00:33:27	02:32:36	01:35:29   04:47:46
Brandon, Lauren  	00:30:33	02:30:40	01:40:46   04:49:28
Tastets, Pamela   	00:36:42	02:36:32	01:33:23   04:53:46
Simon, Erika     	00:38:24	02:37:20	01:44:21   05:08:16
Harari, Lotty     	00:42:12	02:42:26	01:45:22   05:20:17
Barrena, Laura	        00:47:21	02:54:45	01:56:38   05:48:15

Here are the Ironman 70.3 Pucon 2015 results.
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