Ironman 70.3 Pucon Results 2017

A new year of racing gets underway with Ironman 70.3 Pucon Results 2017.

Pucon, Chile had it’s beginnings in 2008 and quickly became a favorite race destination for triathletes.

The 1.9k swim swim takes place in Lake Villarrica. It’s followed by a challenging 90k bike course and a 21k run that takes the athletes through town streets lined with spectators.

In 2017 the Ironman 70.3 World Championship is set to take place in Chattanooga, Texas and 35 qualifying spots were available in Pucon for the top age-group finishers.


Ulloa, Martin
Trewhela, Vicente
Fuentes, Jorge
Saez, Nicolas
Ubilla Sababa, Javier Antonio
Salazar Ezquerra, Jose Pablo
Carletto, Christian
DURAN, Gaston
Lauro, Juan Manuel
Melo, Danilo
Sanchez, Rodrigo
Diaz, Eduardo
Rivera cabrera, Roberto
Sanders, Lionel
Barraza, Felipe
Taccone, Luciano
Van de Wyngard, Felipe
Thomas, Jesse
Collins, Ben
Del Elias, Mario

As the race got underway it was Vincent Trewhela of Chile leading the way in the 1.9k swim. He posted a swim split of 24:35 and was the only swimmer under the 25 minute mark.

The race was pretty much decided at the end of the 90k bike course when Canadian Lionel Sanders posted a split four minutes faster than the nearest competitor. His run split of 1:16:37 was also the fastest of the day.

Lionel Sanders earns himself top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Pucon results 2017.

It was a close race for second and third place with just five seconds separating Felipe Barraza of Chile and Luciano Taccone of Argentina.


Sanders, Lionel  00:28:20 02:09:23 01:16:37 04:00:07
Barraza, Felipe  00:25:14 02:13:43 01:21:27 04:06:04
Taccone, Luciano 00:26:15 02:15:12 01:18:47 04:06:09
Van de Wyngard, 
Felipe           00:25:21 02:11:35 01:26:25 04:09:34
Thomas, Jesse	 00:28:17 02:15:24 01:23:02 04:13:14
Collins, Ben	 00:26:10 02:15:12 01:26:59 04:14:22
Del Elias, Mario 00:28:20 02:22:42 01:21:52 04:18:37
Ulloa, Martin	 00:26:11 02:20:17 01:27:42 04:20:15


Tastets, Pamela
Palacio, Romina
Salazar Ezquerra, Macarena
Barrena, Laura
Kaye, Alicia
Chura, Haley
Riveros, Barbara
Poblete, Maria Luz

Results from the venue are delayed due to technical difficulties at the source and will be updated if they do become available.

For the pro women it was Haley Chura of the USA posting the fastest time of the day in the with her split of 26:49.

Chura was also seven minutes faster on the bike course than the nearest pro woman and as the run began had a huge lead on the rest of the field.

However it appears that it was Barbara Riveros winning the race with Asicia Kaye second and Haley Chura Third in the Ironman 70.3 Pucon results 2017.

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