Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2014

The pro field in search of a top podium placing in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2014 may have been small but it featured one of the best cyclists in the sport as well as one of the best swimmers.

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There were two big questions going into the race on Sunday April 13 in San Juan.

Would Andrew Starykowicz have a big enough lead after the 56-mile bike to fend off Andi Boecherer on the 13.1 mile run, and would Sofie Goos be able to cut into the lead Amanda Stevens was sure to have after the 1.2-mile swim?


Starykowicz Andrew MPRO USA
Boecherer Andi MPRO DEU
Clarke Will MPRO GBR
Collins Ben MPRO USA
Kahn David MPRO USA
Sepulveda San Martin Rodrigo MPRO CHL
Dressel Nathan MPRO USA
Luft Mikolaj MPRO POL
Baird Chris MPRO USA
Zawaski Steven MPRO USA

Four of the pro men all came out of the 1.2-mile swim within seconds of each other and as expected the race took a drastic change on the 56-mile bike course.

There was nobody going to catch Andrew Starykowicz and when the dust settled, it was a lead of over five minutes.

It remained to be seen if Andi Boecherer or Will Clarke would be able to run him down as they were the nearest pursuers.

Anything is possible…

Earlier today in Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya 2014 in Malaysia Liz Blatchford had a lead of seven minutes after the 56-mile bike and Radka Vodickova outran her by eight minutes and won the race.

But nobody was catching Andrew on this day and his 13.1-mile run time of 1:22:51 was just enough to hold off Will Clarke who was charging.

Clarke’s blazing-fast run of 1:17:28 was not quite enough for the win and Andrew Starykowicz take top honors in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2014.


Andrew Starykowicz  00:24:15 02:02:14 01:22:51 03:53:30
Will Clarke 	    00:24:20 02:08:42 01:17:28 03:54:28
Andi Boecherer 	    00:24:10 02:07:50 01:27:19 04:03:25
Ben Collins 	    00:24:13 02:11:00 01:25:48 04:05:16
Edgardo Velez 	    00:24:14 02:19:49 01:26:47 04:15:02
C.W. Moran 	    00:30:05 02:18:30 01:23:26 04:16:11
Mikolaj Luft 	    00:27:25 02:16:44 01:30:11 04:19:01


Frederiksen Helle FPRO DNK
Goos Sofie FPRO BEL
Stevens Amanda FPRO USA
Leiggi Heather FPRO USA
Mighdoll Michelle FPRO USA

It was no surprise that Amanda Stevens came out of the water first. The real surprise was Helle Frederiksen being only two seconds behind her.

From there the race became a one-woman show as Frederiksen took charge on the 56-mile bike course and had a lead of over seven minutes on Sophie Goos who had moved into second place.

Helle Frederiksen went on to win the race easily with a winning time of 4:14:27.


Helle Frederiksen   00:24:38 02:18:49 01:26:34 04:14:27
Sofie Goos 	    00:29:10 02:25:26 01:27:39 04:26:50
Amanda Stevens 	    00:24:36 02:29:15 01:36:39 04:35:25
Heather Leiggi 	    00:29:18 02:31:35 01:38:59 04:45:11

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-24

Shi-Hua Chin        06:02:46

MALE 18-24

Xavier Santana       04:38:52
Agustin Quinones     05:13:50
Mike Ferreiro 	     05:24:01
JulianOtero-Gonzalez 05:27:15
PedroRafaelPou Alicea05:33:39

FEMALE 25-29

Morgane Riou 	     04:58:46
Brielle Dana 	     05:15:51
Ashley Stumpp 	     05:33:35
Amaryllis Cotto      05:42:46
Randi Shiromizu      06:00:42

MALE 25-29

Ramon Hernandez      04:28:34
Gabriel De Jesus     04:36:22
Julien Buffe 	     04:36:35
Miguel Olarte 	     04:37:33
Ernesto Fernandez    04:46:21

FEMALE 30-34

Pierina Luncio 	      04:55:23
Holly Geldhauser      04:56:23
Maria Florencia Fraga 04:57:26
Hannah Freeman 	      04:59:12
Jennifer Santoyo      05:13:28

MALE 30-34

Adam Kosmicki 	     04:10:26
Scott Bradley 	     04:25:42
Sylvain Pigeau 	     04:27:05
Trey Robinson 	     04:36:25
Andrew Lyle 	     04:39:03

FEMALE 35-39

Amanda Wendorff      04:48:53
Neilia Bliss 	     05:11:49
Mandy Lovett 	     05:28:50
Maria Guerrero 	     05:29:29
Vallee Ohayon 	     05:30:03

MALE 35-39

Cesar Valera 	     04:34:23
A.J. Petrillo 	     04:38:51
Jared Tootell 	     04:41:32
Javier Mendez 	     04:45:35
Leonardo Merce 	     04:45:54

FEMALE 40-44

Rebecca McKee 	     05:05:45
Marlies Kort 	     05:06:52
Christine Kachinsky  05:10:20
Robynne Parry 	     05:23:03
Maria Valdes 	     05:23:53

MALE 40-44

Christopher Thomas   04:13:17
C. Scott Chaney      04:33:31
Ben Lloyd 	     04:39:40
Carlos Reyes 	     04:49:51
Jason Garnier        04:59:43

FEMALE 45-49

Sheri Lerner 	     05:36:48
Jenny Villanueva     05:40:40
Milagros Martir      06:01:57
Carrie Larson 	     06:11:48
Isaura Duarte 	     06:19:06

MALE 45-49

Juan Gallo           05:00:47
Jorge A Acosta 	     05:03:56
Richard Wiscovitch   05:04:26
Ken Osmun 	     05:05:13
John Bye 	     05:09:07

FEMALE 50-54

Kendal Smith 	     05:56:10
Lisa Martin 	     06:14:17
Sara Sanz 	     06:25:56
Janette Dawson 	     06:48:34
Maria Bautista 	     06:53:39

MALE 50-54

Carlos Lomba 	     04:56:01
Kenneth Carino 	     05:09:47
Kelly Kramp 	     05:17:44
Jose Sanchez 	     05:19:07
Javier Sotela 	     05:23:04

FEMALE 55-59

Crissy Fuentes 	     05:36:08
Sandy Grosvenor      06:17:06
Rose Cintron-Allen   07:00:30
Hilary Hattler 	     07:30:41
Sasha Stone 	     07:34:59

MALE 55-59

Sean Thompson 	     04:59:20
William P Ankele Jr  05:13:39
Victor Torres 	     05:30:08
Ken Larson 	     05:43:32
Bastiaan Zwaan 	     05:44:24

FEMALE 60-64

Louise Atkinson Clark06:00:25
Marianne Moore 	     06:23:13

MALE 60-64

Mario Torres 	     06:03:02
Chuck Moran 	     06:08:53
Takashi Hitomi 	     06:15:01

FEMALE 65-69

MALE 65-69

Win Thomas 	     06:21:19
Bill Elberson 	     06:57:04
Alvaro Sierra 	     06:57:14
Jorge 	Torres 	     06:59:49

MALE 70-74

Jose Ramirez 	     07:31:51


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