Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016

The swim start at Condado Lagoon began the race for spots in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.


The winners of Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico 2015 were Igor Amorelli and Sarah Haskins but only Haskins would be on hand to defend her titles.

Amorelli was the only pro to break the four hour mark with his 2015 winning time of 03:54:56.

Great to See Andrew Starykowicz racing in Puerto Rico. If he’s it top form he could be hard to catch on the bike.


Alexandridis, Iain
Amorelli, Igor
Boily, Cedric
Bradley, Scott
Chase, Nicholas
Close, Greg
Curbeau, Matthew
Degham, Toumy
Delsaut, Trevor
Doree, Guillaume
Dye, Cameron
Evoe, Patrick
Fecik, Jonathan
Gerlach, Thomas
Griffin, Leon
Guillaume, Romain
Holmes, Sam
Leiferman, Chris
Mantell, Steve
O'Donnell, Tim
Rhyner, Jacob
Roman, Fabian
Ruenz, Michael
Silvestrin Souza, Frank
Starykowicz, Andrew
Van Lierde, Frederik

It was a great race between Tim O’Donnell, Leon Griffin, Cameron Dye, for the podium spots in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.

O’Donell and Dye came out of the water together and there was little to separate them. Romaine Guillaume was in the mix for much of the race but fell off the pace a little on the bike course.

O’Donnell outran the field by a full two minutes and would take first place in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.

Leon Griffin of Australia edged out Cameron Dye for second place and Guillaume had to settle for fourth.

Six pro men came in under the four hour mark and only Igor Amorelli was able to accomplish the feat in 2015.

ironman 70.3 puerto rico results 2016

Official WTC Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico logo.


O'Donnell, Tim   	03:50:53
Griffin, Leon    	03:54:22
Dye, Cameron     	03:55:10
Guillaume, Romain	03:56:29
Silvestrin Souza, Frank	03:57:36
Leiferman, Chris	03:59:22
Gerlach, Thomas 	04:00:43
Mantell, Steve	        04:02:04
Rhyner, Jacob    	04:03:02
Starykowicz, Andrew	04:04:01
Van Lierde, Frederik	04:04:01
Delsaut, Trevor 	04:07:25
Close, Greg      	04:08:19
Curbeau, Matthew	04:12:17
Holmes, Sam      	04:13:57
Evoe, Patrick    	04:17:12
Chase, Nicholas	        04:18:33
Fecik, Jonathan   	04:21:41
Degham, Toumy    	04:24:02
Bradley, Scott   	04:25:34
Doree, Guillaume	04:29:00


Baugher, Liz
Collonge, Jeanne
Corbin, Linsey
Deckers, Tine
Donat, Camille
Fischer, Danielle
Franzese, Samone
Harari, Lotty
Haskins, Sarah
Jastrebsky, Rachel
Javens, Amy
Jimenez, Ana
Luse, Nickie
McCracken, Amelia
Mendez, Natasha
Rios La Luz, Militza
Robertson, Jodie
Wassner, Laurel
Wendorff, Amanda
Williamson, Kelly

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Tine Deckers was solid in all three disciplines, but really took over the race on the bike course with her split of 2:15:59. No other female pro was able to break the 2:20 mark.

Deckers had a great race and very deserving of top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.

Sarah Haskins raced well but fell just short of defending the title she won in 2015.

Linsey Corbin edged out Jodie Robertson for the final spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.


Deckers, Tine    	04:20:34
Haskins, Sarah   	04:22:16
Corbin, Linsey   	04:23:34
Robertson, Jodie	04:24:40
Jastrebsky, Rachel	04:36:07
Wendorff, Amanda	04:36:53
Collonge, Jeanne	04:37:59
Wassner, Laurel  	04:39:59
Fischer, Danielle	04:42:31
McCracken, Amelia	04:49:00
Baugher, Liz     	04:54:36
Jimenez, Ana    	05:02:10
Luse, Nickie     	05:03:11

Top age-group finishers in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.

FEMALE 18-24

Wood Niella, Nicole	05:04:57
Leaton, Laura    	05:44:17
Buede, Adelle   	05:52:37
Bertone, Cristina	05:57:31
Yu, Jennifer    	06:15:54

MALE 18-24

Santana, Xavier 	04:13:36
Helmick, Tyler   	05:05:53
Fernandez, Alejandro	05:28:28
Leclerc, Jeslie   	05:44:09
Yohe, Taylor	        05:56:50

FEMALE 25-29

Anderson, Jessica	05:31:41
Horan, Katie     	05:40:53
Rehman, Naveen    	05:54:28
Boivin, Liz	        05:54:42
Laboy, Gabriela   	05:58:02

MALE 25-29

Omar Velez, Edgardo	04:16:12
McKeon, Patrick 	04:17:49
Gilden, Jacob    	04:28:56
Moreno, Yorlliry	04:35:45
Baldwin, John    	04:48:56

FEMALE 30-34

Mata, Cristina   	04:52:31
Duerrschmid, Lara	05:06:01
Freeman, Hannah 	05:11:52
Soto Irizarry, Cynthia	05:12:21
Mendez Isern, Liliani	05:19:55

MALE 30-34

Garita, John    	04:24:59
Austin-Young, Kiley	04:36:50
Choi, Chris      	04:43:37
Alicea, Imael           04:44:32
Velez, David    	04:47:34

FEMALE 35-39

Kratz, Emily        	04:46:56
Kotarak, Bridget	05:23:40
Folkmann, Beth    	05:36:58
Aued, Lysa      	05:39:44
Martinez, Maria Jose	05:40:15

MALE 35-39

Redmond, Joseph  	04:31:26
Rickman, Nathan  	04:38:15
Jones, Jason     	04:46:05
Mendez, Javier    	04:50:05
Lopez, Jorge    	04:52:28

FEMALE 40-44

Simpson, Sharley	05:17:37
Olsen, Alessandra	05:23:07
Acaron, Fabiola   	05:29:07
San Miguel, Ayesha	05:44:10
Schwalm, Carmen   	05:51:05

MALE 40-44

Dehoust, Brady   	04:29:26
Davidson, Jason   	04:43:58
Marshall, Michael	04:48:19
Rexach, Agustin Tintin	04:48:32
Cox, Adrian     	04:55:31

FEMALE 45-49

Jennifer         	05:13:17
Freeman, Maggie  	05:32:14
Owens, Tracy    	05:41:10
Whipple, Gina    	05:45:40
Kralovanec, Jill	05:55:17

MALE 45-49

Day, Stephen     	04:31:09
McCormack, Walter	04:32:41
Katelnikoff, Trevor	04:45:06
Guerra, Silvio   	04:49:26
Marinoni Vargas,Alberto	04:51:14

FEMALE 50-54

Bennett, Paula    	05:14:10
Jackson, Anne     	06:01:45
Monin, Lucy      	06:20:36
Schmitz, Kathy    	06:21:27
McCluer, Megan    	06:22:37

MALE 50-54

Lomba, Carlos     	04:42:12
Robert, Benoit    	04:50:16
Crino, John      	04:55:35
Villane, Michael	04:58:51
Blackmore, Paul   	05:02:39

FEMALE 55-59

Fuentes, Crissy 	05:51:27
Calvel, Anne-Christine	06:01:13
Simmons, Alison 	06:02:44
Price, Maria     	06:04:47
Miller, Mandy    	06:14:31

MALE 55-59

Bensaid, Stephane	05:02:01
Batista, Wilbert Golden	05:15:20
Wisot, Jeff      	05:18:27
Reed, Stephen     	05:25:17
O'Brien, John    	05:25:54

FEMALE 60-64

Villarreal, Ramona	07:32:13

MALE 60-64

Nichols, Wayne    	05:20:33
Schnatter, Rob    	05:59:37
Coleman-Davis, Jose	06:23:59
Wood, Ryan	        06:30:34
Johnson, James   	06:52:04

FEMALE 65-69

Dejesus, Sue             6:24:42

MALE 65-69

Troy, William    	05:48:46
Clerc, Philippe   	06:18:35
Lombard, Antoine	06:29:46
Sierra, Alvaro   	06:41:57
McCormick, Steve	06:53:36
Akin, Jerry     	07:08:34

MALE 70-74

Moreno, Ruben     	06:00:01
Roberts, Sandy	        06:55:56

MALE 75-79

Ramirez, Jose	        07:45:47

MALE 80+

Temple, Hunter          7:03:02

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