Ironman 70.3 Racine results 2014

Who would come out on top of Ironman 70.3 Racine results 2014!

That was the big question going into the race because the start list for both the pro men and women featured very talented triathletes.

Martin Jensen(3:47:05)and Angela Naeth(4:15:00)were the winners of Ironman 70.3 Racine 2013.

Neither were on hand to defend their titles so new Ironman 70.3 Racine champions were crowned on Sunday July 20.

For the pro men Andrew Starykowicz was looking to move up one spot on the podium as he finished a very close second to Martin Jensen in last years race.

He would have to get past Tim O’Donnell and Jordan Rapp and several other very talented pros in order to take top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Racine results 2014.

The secret to victory for Starykowicz seems to be to build up a lead so big in the bike that he won’t be caught, but there is a fine line when it comes to over-extending ones self early in the race.

He is completely fearless on the bike course and in Ironman Hawaii 2013 was first off the bike and onto the run course.


Andrew Starykowicz
Tim O'Donnell
Jordan Rapp
Daniel Fontana
Lionel Sanders
Peter Robertson
Rodrigo Acevedo
Wes Anderson
Robbie Wade
Daniel Bretscher
Fabio Carvalho
Kevin Collington
Robert Duncan
Nick Early
Thomas Gerlach
Adam Bohach
Justin Metzler
Jacob Rhyner
Raul Tejada
Martin Van Barneveld 


A group of seven led by Tim O’Donnell came out of the water within seconds of each other.

As expected, Andrew Starykowicz was right with them and he has no problems leading the race from the front on the 56-mile bike course and daring the rest of the field to catch him in the 13.1-mile run.

Starykowicz led after the bike leg in the Ironman 70.3 Muncie results just recently and was able to hang on for third place after being caught by Lionel Sanders and Josh Amberger.

The lead Starykowicz had coming of the 56-mile bike course and heading into transition was eight minutes over Lionel Sanders who was running in second.

Sanders was leading a chase pack of seven who all set out to try and run Andrew down, but unlike Muncie, he had a much bigger lead to work with.

Still, these guys can run and Sanders quickly worked his way back up to Starykowicz and by the halfway point he was only 3:35 back and had clawed back over four minutes. Peter Roberson was holding down third place.

With just three miles left to run the lead was down to 1:45 and it was still anybody’s race.

What a great race by Lionel Sanders as he catches Starykowicz for the second time in a matter of weeks in the final stages of a race to take top honors in the Ironman 70.3 Racine results 2014.


Lionel Sanders 	     00:27:41 02:05:17 01:09:36 03:45:55
Andrew Starykowicz   00:24:25 02:00:43 01:18:13 03:46:37
Peter Robertson      00:24:26 02:09:07 01:14:49 03:51:41
Kevin Collington     00:24:21 02:09:20 01:15:10 03:52:01
Daniel Fontana 	     00:24:24 02:08:54 01:16:42 03:53:16
Tim O'Donnell 	     00:24:14 02:08:50 01:17:37 03:54:03
Adam Bohach 	     00:26:51 02:13:10 01:12:13 03:55:43
Fabio Carvalho       00:24:18 02:09:00 01:19:55 03:56:22
Daniel Bretscher     00:26:15 02:09:56 01:16:43 03:56:34
Jordan Rapp 	     00:26:07 02:09:02 01:17:48 03:56:46
Justin Metzler 	     00:26:08 02:11:31 01:17:44 03:58:56
Raul Tejada 	     00:25:51 02:07:16 01:22:33 03:59:24

The field for the pro women featured Melissa Hauschildt, Helle Frederiksen, and new-comer to the pro ranks Lauren Barnett who has had a sensational start to her Ironman pro career with a victory in Ironman 70.3 New Orleans, and third place finishes in Ironman 70.3 Kansas, and Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs.


Melissa Hauschildt
Helle Frederiksen
Lauren Barnett
Valentina Carvallo
Jessica Chong
Christine Hammond
Malaika Homo
Tamara Kozulina
Laura Siddall
Adrienne Smith


Helle Frederiksen was the leader out of the water with an excellent swim time of 00:25:32.

Malaika Homo was second in 00:26:47, and Vanentina Carvallo rounded out the top three in 00:28:01.

Major players Melissa Hauschildt and Lauren Barnett posted times of 00:28:05 and 00:29:19 respectively and the race was on!

Melissa Hauschildt worked her way to the front by the time she reached transition, but her lead was only 17 seconds over Helle Frederiksen. Lauren Barnett was holding down the final podium spot 4:56 back of the leader as she entered transition two.

Hauschildt was in great form for this race and began to extend her lead over Frederiksen.

Barnett was solidly in third place with a possible shot at second if Frederiksen faltered. Either way it will be her fourth podium in four races and that in itself is very remarkable.

In the last few miles of the race the top three positions seem to be decided with Melissa Hauschildt in front of Frederiksen by over three minutes and Lauren Barnett solidly in third.

Melissa Hauschildt is the official winner and claims the top of the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Racine results 2014.


Melissa Hauschildt 	00:28:05 02:20:08 01:20:04 04:11:51
Helle Frederiksen 	00:25:32 02:22:41 01:24:19 04:16:22 
Lauren Barnett  	00:29:19 02:23:29 01:22:52 04:19:34
Laura Siddall 	        00:29:58 02:23:33 01:26:31 04:23:49
Christine Hammond 	00:28:02 02:27:31 01:28:04 04:27:31
Valentina Carvallo 	00:28:01 02:29:32 01:27:07 04:28:26 
Tamara Kozulina 	00:31:42 02:27:17 01:26:33 04:29:40
Malaika Homo 	        00:26:47 02:30:59 01:33:23 04:35:02
Jessica Chong   	00:31:42 02:30:56 01:31:47 04:38:53
Adrienne Smith  	00:31:36 02:32:03 01:33:47 04:41:15

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-24

Samantha B. Morrison 	04:34:08
Sadie Holmes 	        05:04:39
Stéphanie Boivin 	05:09:25
Amanda Marek 	        05:24:23
Liz Reinhart 	        05:26:56

MALE 18-24

Cole Bunn       	04:26:02
Carl Eichert 	        04:26:33
Bryan Conger 	        04:34:59
Maciej Konczewski 	04:41:14
Daniel Feller Gumucio 	04:45:29

FEMALE 25-29

Kristine Juno   	04:44:54
Danna Herrick 	        04:53:01
Colleen Burke 	        04:55:42
Katie O'Connor 	        05:02:36
Christie Krompel 	05:03:53

MALE 25-29

Patrick Brady    	04:14:42
Mike Lavery 	        04:17:51
Justin Herrick 	        04:19:21
Adam Olson 	        04:21:53
Andres Zimeri 	        04:24:28

FEMALE 30-34

Stacey Henkel   	04:34:45
Molly Smith 	        04:40:18
Tatiana Marvin 	        04:52:32
Lauren Diaz 	        04:59:37
Michelle Stoffel 	05:00:09

MALE 30-34

Ernesto Espinoza 	04:15:17
Dana Riederer 	        04:23:18
Adam Fitzhenry 	        04:27:35
Bob Larue 	        04:28:10
Russ Kuryk 	        04:29:10

FEMALE 35-39

Kristen Tamburrino 	04:44:36
Kimberly Von During 	04:56:58
Jennifer Pinto 	        04:57:33
Kelly Yeomans 	        05:01:39
Meagan Bradley 	        05:01:52

MALE 35-39

Daniel Stubleski 	03:58:27
James Burke 	        04:03:48
Adam Zucco 	        04:12:25
Owen Hammond 	        04:13:12
Scott Bowe 	        04:17:28

FEMALE 40-44

Susanne Davis    	04:42:14
Karen Snyder 	        04:58:00
Maria Valdes 	        04:58:32
Jodie Taylor 	        05:07:00
Cathleen Bethea 	05:08:25

MALE 40-44

Mark Beversdorf 	04:18:39
Christopher Schmidt 	04:19:40
Ted Thome 	        04:23:27
Sean Ryan 	        04:25:37
Peter Christensen 	04:28:36

FEMALE 45-49

Miriam Cole     	05:02:03
Cynthia Lindeman 	05:02:27
Tara Sheetz 	        05:03:57
Christine Thompson 	05:07:27
Kim Busch 	        05:11:03

MALE 45-49

Craig Lanza     	04:26:13
Jason Fitzhugh 	        04:33:12
Mike Johnson 	        04:33:51
Daniel Rogers 	        04:45:40
Andrew Hopper 	        04:46:07

FEMALE 50-54

Mandi Kowal     	05:11:29
Jenny Lorenz 	        05:15:59
Janet Katz 	        05:18:09
Susan Dziuban 	        05:25:26
Barbra Fagan 	        05:28:13

MALE 50-54

Kevin Weslaski  	04:36:24
Steven Maves 	        04:37:44
Jay Lochhead 	        04:50:42
Iain Campbell 	        04:50:50
Alexander Pringle 	04:50:59

FEMALE 55-59

Beth Pringle     	05:30:01
Gigi Boswell 	        05:34:20
Jilly Whiting           05:48:45 	
Mary Kulzick 	        06:16:27
Susan Goodale 	        06:19:51

MALE 55-59

Doug Morris     	04:47:36
William Pressprich 	04:49:11
Bob Shine 	        05:05:44
Yves Dandurand 	        05:06:15
Sid Glick 	        05:08:00

FEMALE 60-64

Joanne Furu     	05:58:17
Sue Dejesus 	        06:06:39
Wendy Watson 	        06:17:17
Paula North 	        06:23:57
Elaine Linn 	        06:28:56
Helen Kaiser 	        06:40:34

MALE 60-64

Pat Peppler     	05:13:47
Tim Colleran 	        05:34:21
Larry Henderson 	05:39:21
Paul Swanson 	        05:40:19
Anatol Arber 	        05:46:34

FEMALE 65-69

Bobbe Greenberg 	06:46:52

MALE 65-69

Ross Biggs      	06:48:02
Bill McCarthy 	        07:25:51
Danny Glenn 	        07:28:01
Steve Hartman 	        07:50:16
Mark Tritschler 	07:53:41

MALE 70-74

Pete Quirin     	06:33:16
Alan Priest 	        06:54:55
George Bayly 	        08:50:48

MALE 75-79

Francisco Gutierrez 	07:20:02

MALE 80-84

Bob Scott       	06:34:34


These results originated on Be sure to visit the Ironmanlive website if your results are not listed here.

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