Ironman 70.3 Raleigh results 2014

On Sunday June 1 a very strong field of pros answered the starting gun at Jordan Lake in Raleigh, North Carolina to vie for top placings in the Ironman 70.3 Raleigh results 2014.


Greg Bennett and Laura Bennett were the winners of Ironman 70.3 Raleigh 2013.

2013 was the inaugural race for Raleigh and it has very quickly become a favorite race for many people.

Kyle Buckingham, Paul Ambrose, Timo Bracht, and Callum Willard were just a few of the male pros who figured to be up near the front of the pack in the second edition of Ironman 70.3 Raleigh.


Robert Duncan
Mike Hermanson
Eric Limkemann
Jim Lubinski
Cw Moran
Jacob Rhyner
Michael Starkey
Alex Vanderlinden
Tom Wood
Patrick Wheeler 
Paul Eicher
Paul Ambrose
Callum Millward
Timo Bracht
Matt Chrabot
Kyle Buckingham
Lionel Sanders
Ryan Bates
Mike Caiazzo
James Cotter
Sam Douglas

It was Eric Limkemann and Matt Chrabot getting a jump on the rest of the field in the swim and they were the first to begin the 56-mile bike.

Sam Douglas and Callum Willard were about 35 seconds back and Timo Bracht and Paul Ambrose were 90 seconds back of the leader.

Limkemann stayed right near the front during the bike and had the overall lead as he reached the second transition.

Matt Chrabot was right behind him in second place as they began the 13.1-mile run course.


2:37:12..............Eric Limkemann 
2:37:20..............Matt Chrabot 
2:41:33..............Callum Millward 
2:41:48..............Lionel Sanders 
2:42:03..............Paul Ambrose 
2:42:10..............Sam Douglas
2:44:14..............Timo Bracht
2:48:00..............Paul Eicher
2:50:18..............Ryan Bates
2:51:29..............Mike Hermanson

At the ten mile mark Chrabot still held the lead but Lionel Sanders was running well and mounting a challenge as they began the final three miles of the run.

Matt Chrabot is the winner of Ironman 70.3 Raleigh with a winning time of 03:52:07.


Matt Chrabot 	00:23:04 02:12:48 01:13:30 03:52:07
Lionel Sanders 	00:27:34 02:12:51 01:09:56 03:52:47
Callum Millward 00:23:43 02:16:28 01:12:22 03:55:11
Eric Limkemann 	00:22:57 02:12:51 01:18:00 03:56:21
Paul Ambrose    00:24:36 02:16:11 01:20:06 04:03:12
Sam Douglas     00:23:39 02:17:07 01:21:34 04:04:57
Timo Bracht     00:24:28 02:18:26 01:21:17 04:07:02
Mike Hermanson 	00:26:27 02:23:01 01:16:19 04:08:53
Mike Caiazzo 	00:27:38 02:22:12 01:16:16 04:09:06
Paul Eicher 	00:24:51 02:21:12 01:19:47 04:09:24

For the pro females Mary Beth Ellis looked like the one to beat as usual, but she could expect a battle from seasoned pros like Amy Marsh and Linsey Corbin.


Shannon Florea
Stephanie Jones
Tamara Kozulina
Jenny Leiser
Brittany Pierce
Molly Roohi
Adrienne Smith
Suzanne Zelazo
Mary Beth Ellis
Linsey Corbin
Amy Marsh
Margie Shapiro
Hallie Blunck
Haley Chura
Anna Cleaver
Ashley Clifford

Haley Chura is always near the front in the swim and Raleigh was no exception, but she had company as Mary Beth Ellis was just three seconds back.

Amy Marsh and Anna Cleaver were over a minute back of the two leaders as they reached the end of the swim.


24:11.............Haley Chura 
24:14.............Mary Beth Ellis 
25:13.............Amy Marsh 
25:34.............Anna Cleaver 
25:35.............Jenny Leiser

Mary Beth Ellis seemed to be in fine form once again as she stormed to the front and built herself a lead of over two minutes before the halfway point of the bike.

Amy Marsh and Margie Shapiro were riding in close quarters in second and third place.

As she reached transition two and began the run Mary Beth Ellis still maintained her lead of two minutes over Amy Marsh with Shapiro another 50 seconds back in third place.


2:54:06...............Mary Beth Ellis
2:56:07...............Amy Marsh
2:56:54...............Margie Shapiro
3:00:05...............Linsey Corbin 
3:00:20...............Suzanne Zelazo 
3:03:31...............Anna Cleaver 
3:03:44...............Hallie Blunck 
3:04:05...............Jenny Leiser 
3:04:22...............Haley Chura 
3:07:30...............Tamara Kozulina

Mary Beth Ellis held the lead in the early miles of the run but it was Amy Marsh who was proving to be the fastest on the day.

At the ten mile mark Marsh had a lead of almost two minutes over Linsey Corbin who had also passed Ellis.

Amy Marsh maintains her lead right to the finish and takes the top of the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Raleigh results 2014.


Amy Marsh 	00:25:13 02:29:18 01:24:10 04:21:39
Linsey Corbin 	00:27:54 02:30:14 01:21:25 04:22:50
Mary Beth Ellis 00:24:14 02:28:27 01:30:46 04:26:11
Margie Shapiro 	00:26:41 02:28:54 01:29:30 04:27:31
Hallie Blunck 	00:29:06 02:33:05 01:26:25 04:31:33
Ashley Clifford 00:25:57 02:40:44 01:22:53 04:32:51
Tamara Kozulina 00:30:48 02:35:06 01:25:47 04:34:38
Anna Cleaver 	00:25:34 02:36:33 01:30:41 04:35:41
Haley Chura 	00:24:11 02:38:26 01:30:32 04:36:20

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-24

Andi Cribari 	     04:49:34
Alex Whelan 	     05:23:36
Rachel Harbarger     05:27:57
Kathryn Leach 	     05:54:40
Anna Adams 	     06:06:19
Taylor King 	     06:09:52
Taylor Demorat 	     06:12:26
Paige Barham 	     06:18:59

MALE 18-24

Seth Long 	     04:26:16
Sean Chang 	     04:39:36
Jacob Bremer 	     04:55:35
Ryan Baptiste 	     05:04:24
Scott Fritz 	     05:08:54
Lucas Wollenzien     05:20:21
Michael Stribling    05:26:10
Dane Conley 	     05:28:49
Connor Roudabush     05:45:11

FEMALE 25-29

Jemila Najjar-Keith  05:08:44
Kathleen Casto 	     05:13:11
Stephanie Knast      05:14:08
Susie Kelly 	     05:14:31
Elyse Gallegos 	     05:16:21

MALE 25-29

James Capparell      04:09:27
Hugo Vallée-Pouliot  04:15:48
Kory Gray 	     04:20:31
Sylvain Lefebvre     04:24:28
Matthew Shanks 	     04:24:38

FEMALE 30-34

Christine Bare 	     04:53:57
Rebecca Fitzula      05:01:53
Kelly Geppi 	     05:17:05
Caitlin Mooney 	     05:26:56
Bethany Rutledge     05:27:20

MALE 30-34

Derek Kidwell 	     04:14:43
Jonathan Feddock     04:21:02
Jimmy Sosinski 	     04:23:21
Tim Ferguson 	     04:30:13
Josh West 	     04:31:21

FEMALE 35-39

Danielle Baker 	     04:54:30
Kari Mayhew 	     04:56:40
Jaime Simmons 	     04:57:40
Amanda Hatfield      05:01:02
Jennifer Clark 	     05:01:15

MALE 35-39

Billy Hughes 	     04:27:42
Henry Tragle 	     04:30:46
Bo Parrish 	     04:35:44
Jeff Joyner 	     04:40:18
Christian Belair     04:41:06

FEMALE 40-44

Kristin Schwieger    04:49:49
Jennifer Walker      04:56:00
Jeanna Chain 	     04:58:50
Denise Hiller 	     05:04:46
Veronica Bond 	     05:14:00

MALE 40-44

David Hall 	     04:28:31
Rick Weslock 	     04:29:51
Brian Weaver 	     04:30:14
Joel Bell 	     04:32:51
John Worden 	     04:33:40

FEMALE 45-49

Leslie Sanderson     05:00:34
Kathy Rink 	     05:03:04
Anne Banfield 	     05:10:24
Cari Soleo 	     05:13:44
Dina Arceo 	     05:15:18

MALE 45-49

Cid Cardoso Jr 	     04:41:08
Tim Myers 	     04:42:53
Frank Webster 	     04:47:17
Will Stevens 	     04:48:14
Troy Lenderking      04:48:31

FEMALE 50-54

Sarah Davidson 	     05:03:26
Polly Surhoff 	     05:16:51
Susan Varga 	     05:22:31
Karen Buxton 	     05:26:02
Audrey Schipprack    05:29:40

MALE 50-54

Frank Fawcett        04:38:28
Louis Moschetta      04:46:13
John Corrigan        04:55:17
William Beyer        05:04:55
Dan Jones 	     05:05:51

FEMALE 55-59

Gail Norman 	     05:39:03
M. Jackie Williams   05:59:27
Mary Ann Campbell    06:08:46
Margaret McDaniel    06:09:16
Martha Taylor 	     06:14:15
Joanne Piscitelli    06:31:31

MALE 55-59

Dave Furey 	     04:46:36
Kevin Fitzgerald     04:47:36
Luc Grondin 	     04:54:25
John Allen 	     04:57:18
Mike Giles 	     05:12:19

FEMALE 60-64

Nancy Pierce 	     06:27:07
Deb Riederer 	     06:31:52
Wanda Karia 	     06:36:26
Missy Digiulian      07:02:29
Melissa Swedberg     07:36:17
Donna Silverberg     08:04:43

MALE 60-64

Peter Turek 	     05:09:08
John Austin 	     05:15:24
James Myers 	     05:26:10
William Warren 	     05:37:24
Ed Baas 	     05:38:08

FEMALE 65-69

Natalie Grabow 	     06:11:08
Nancy Lieberman      07:03:04
Judith Garrard 	     07:50:13

MALE 65-69

Steve Notaro 	     05:48:38
Roger Hale 	     07:03:53
Jerry Paul 	     07:19:09
Rick Rice 	     08:12:50
Don Bennett 	     08:18:11

FEMALE 70-74

Sandy Guenzel 	     07:11:34

MALE 70-74

Howard Glass         07:34:23
Max Caradeuc 	     07:45:06
Joseph Landon 	     08:19:52

MALE 75-79

Herb Brown 	     07:26:41

These results originated on Be sure to visit the Ironmanlive site if your results are not listed here.


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