Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz results 2017

Strong and deep pro field featured in Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz results 2017

It’s a busy weekend in the Ironman world with at least nine races, including the 70.3 World Championship taking place on Saturday and Sunday, September 9 and 10, 2017.

France, Australia, USA, and Canada were all well-represented in the race in a quality male pro field.

The swim was shortened for this race.


Andi Boecherer       
Zach Hamner          
Kyle Buckingham      
Mikael Staer Nathan  
Max Biessmann        
Sean Harrington      
Cody Beals           
Kennett Peterson     
Tripp Hipple         
Kevin Portmann       
Jordan Rapp          
Gregory Close    
Jake Montgomery      
Matt Franklin        
Braden Currie        
Tim O'Donnell        
Cameron Good         
Ben Hoffman          
Alexander Romanenko  

The shortened swim finish for the pro men was a crowded affair. The first nine finished within 17 seconds of the leader.

Andi Boecherer took over the race on the 56-mile bike course. He reached transition two 4:20 ahead of Jake Montgomery and Ben Hoffman who finished the bike one second apart. There were another seven pro men within striking distance of second and third place.

Andi Boecherer carried his lead over to the 13.1-mile run course and stretched it out to 3:25. It was virtually a three-way tie for second place with Braden Currie, Ben Hoffman, and Tim O’Donnell two seconds apart.

With about three miles left to run, Boecherer was unable to finish the race and Braden Currie and Ben Hoffman ended up in a sprint for first place.

Braden Currie is the winner of Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz 2017 by one second over Ben Hoffman. Tim O’Donnell was third in the Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz results 2017.

The winning time was 3:30:30, but the swim was shortened considerably due to weather conditions.

The female pro field was strong as well with at least a dozen women capable of making it to the podium on their best effort.


Molly Supple         
Kelly O'Mara         
Linsey Corbin        
Kelly O'Neil         
Carly Johann         
Kimberly Goodell     
Amanda Wilson        
Desiree Berry        
Cecilia Davis-Hayes  
Mackenzie Madison   
Lenny Ramsey          
Kelsey Withrow       
Brittany Oliver      
Leanda Cave          
Heather Lendway      
Christine Cross      
Emma-Kate Lidbury    
Liz Lyles            

Kelsey Withrow was fastest of all out of the water for the pro women. She was followed by Brittany Oliver, Leanda Cave, and Heather Lendway who were all within five seconds of the leader.

Even after biking 56 miles, the race for top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz results 2017 was amazingly close.

Just 16 seconds separated the Leader Liz Lyles from Kelsey Withrow and Linsey Corbin.

With four miles left to run, Liz Lyles was in front by 1:45 over Linsey Crobin who was running well. Kelsey Withrow was three minutes back of the leader in a fight with Leanda Cave for the final podium spot.

Despite a strong finish my Linsey Corbin, Liz Lyles held on and crossed the finish line first in the Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz results 2017. Her(swim-shortened) winning time was 4:08:24. Linsey Corbin was 1:15 back in second place, and Kelsey Withrow held off Leanda Cave for the final spot on the podium.

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