Ironman 70.3 South Africa Results 2017

Top pros race for podium spots in Ironman 70.3 South Africa results 2017.

The day for age-group and pro triathletes began with a 1.2-mile swim that took place at Ocean Beach. From there they launched themselves onto a very challenging hilly 56-mile bike course.

Once off their bikes they were faced with a two-loop 13.1-mile run course that was relatively flat and fast.

James Cunnama headed up a very strong contingent of male pros as the gun sounded to begin the race. The South African dominated start list would no doubt have their hands full with Romain Guillaume of France if he was in top form.

There were also strong entries from Great Britain, Hungary, and Switzerland.


Buckingham, Kyle
Csoke, Balazs
Cunnama, James
Davidson, Michael
De Bruin, Gerhard
Gravett, Clinton
Horner, Kent
Johnston, Travis
Lampret, Freddy
Limousin, Frederic
Marais, Stuart
Moldan, Johannes
Müller, Urs
Naude, Rudolf
Philippe, Lamberty
Scheltinga, Evert
Threlfall, Mark
Trautman, Matt

As the race got underway it was Mark Threlfall of Great Britain leading a pack of six pro men out of the water. He posted a time of 25:50, but Balazs Csoke of Hungary and Rudolf Naude of South Africa were right behind. They had swim times of 25:52 and 25:53.

A total of sixteen seconds separated the first six swimmers as they entered the swim/bike transition.

When the smoke cleared after the bike it was Romain Guillaume with a clear lead of over six minutes on Mark Threlfall. Four others including James Cunnama, Kyle Buckingham, Evert Scheltinga and Stuart Marais were in the mix for podium spots in the Ironman 70.3 South Africa results 2017.


Guillaume, Romain	00:25:57 02:46:12
Threlfall, Mark 	00:25:50 02:52:21
Cunnama, James   	00:26:59 02:52:55
Scheltinga, Evert	00:25:55 02:52:59
Buckingham, Kyle	00:26:34 02:53:01
Marais, Stuart  	00:27:06 02:55:54
Moldan, Johannes	00:28:23 02:58:23
Gravett, Clinton	00:26:06 03:02:02
Johnston, Travis	00:28:24 03:02:10
Csoke, Balazs     	00:25:52 03:05:44
Philippe, Lamberty	00:28:29 03:08:10
Müller, Urs     	00:29:49 03:10:37
Limousin, Frederic	00:28:26 03:15:36

At about 12km into the run it was Romain Guillaume with a lead of five minutes on James Cunnama with Kyle Buckingham another two minutes back in third.

Guillaume maintained his lead until the finish and crosses the finish line first in the Ironman 70.3 South Africa results 2017.


GUILLAUME, Romain	04:08:58
Cunnama, James   	04:11:27
Buckingham, Kyle	04:14:30
Marais, Stuart   	04:15:54
Threlfall, Mark   	04:16:52
Scheltinga, Evert	04:18:04
Johnston, Travis	04:25:33
Moldan, Johannes	04:26:31
Csoke, Balazs   	04:30:57
Gravett, Clinton	04:32:16
Philippe, Lamberty	04:39:14
Limousin, Frederic	04:49:13
Müller, Urs       	04:51:06
Lampret, Freddy   	05:31:49

On the pro female side it was Great Britain’s Nikki Bartlett, Susie Cheetham and Jodie Cunnama in the mix for top placings. Cunnama would be attempting to defend the title she won in 2016.

They would be up against Jeane Collonge of France and Kristin Moeller of Germany. Both seemed likely contenders for podium spots in the Ironman 70.3 South Africa results 2017.


Agnieszka, Jerzyk
Bartlett, Nikki
Cheetham, Susie
Collonge, Jeanne
Cunnama, Jodie
Konschak, Katja
lester, sarah
Moeller, Kristin
Polak, Kamila
Watkinson, Annah

Two British pros led the the way out of the water for the women.

Jodie Cunnama was first by a large margin. Her time of 26:31 gave her a good head start on Susie Cheetham who posted a time of 29:11.(and by the way, congratulations to Jodie Swallow and James Cunnama on their recent marriage).

Katja Konschak of Germany and Jerzyk Agnieszka of Poland were right behind Cheetham with times of 29:14 and 29:19 respectively.

Jodie Cunnama posted an excellent bike split to go along with the days best swim split. By the time Susie Cheetham began the 21km run she had over six minutes to make up on Cunnama.


Cunnama, Jodie   	00:26:31 03:08:50
Cheetham, Susie   	00:29:11 03:12:35
Agnieszka, Jerzyk	00:29:19 02:45:43
Collonge, Jeanne	00:31:52 02:44:55
Watkinson, Annah	00:32:35 02:46:12
Moeller, Kristin	00:33:22 02:47:06
Konschak, Katja 	00:29:14 02:59:51
Lester, Sarah    	00:35:21 03:04:23
Polak, Kamila    	00:33:28 03:07:15

At the 15km mark of the run Susie Cheetham had closed to within two minutes of defending champion Jodie Cunnama.

She was unable to catch the leader and Jodie Cunnama wins top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 South Africa results 2017 and successfully defends her title.


Cunnama, Jodie  	04:39:49
Cheetham, Susie  	04:40:51
Agnieszka, Jerzyk	04:47:49
Moeller, Kristin	04:49:05
Watkinson, Annah	04:53:30
Collonge, Jeanne	04:54:33
Konschak, Katja   	05:08:26
Lester, Sarah     	05:24:05
Polak, Kamila      	05:27:07

Top age-group finishers

FEMALE 18-24

van Rensburg, Arni	05:44:27
Ouweneel, Birgitt	05:56:40
Daweti, Siya      	06:05:16
Lokotsch, Karla    	06:09:29
heywood, cristina	06:22:57
Pheiffer, Kirsten	06:31:57
Simone Stefanie    	06:34:06
Mansvelder, Marjolein	06:35:51

MALE 18-24

Browne, Jaryd     	04:46:25
Cooke, Jarryd     	05:10:09
Van der walt, Hein	05:19:09
Whitehead, James	05:19:46
Kemp, Shane       	05:25:03
Joffee, Dean      	05:25:22
Blumberg, Alex     	05:27:22
Mienie, Francois	05:27:54

FEMALE 25-29

Nicole, Jade     	05:06:26
Nieuwoudt, Magda	05:06:50
Chemaly, Sarah    	05:11:19
van Heerden, Natia	05:16:38
Toovey, Mellusca        05:17:15
BIRD, Olivia     	05:23:11
Dierks, Mariella	05:31:44
Rogers, Guinivere	05:35:47

MALE 25-29

Lawrie, Richard   	04:32:21
Gibb, Haig	        04:39:17
Bögge, Florian    	04:43:23
Meyer, Rohan       	04:45:33
Bayvel, Scott      	04:54:18
Thomsom, Derron   	04:55:29
Peterkin, Iain    	04:55:35
Chapman, Nicholas       04:57:30

FEMALE 30-34

De kock, Zoli     	05:26:22
Olivier, Lise     	05:34:42
Kleu, Jeanne      	05:36:07
Wostmann, Caroline	05:36:31
van der Vyver, Eulali	05:36:31
Coetzee-Turner, Roxy	05:40:47
Lourens, Shannon	05:51:26

MALE 30-34

Louw, Christopher	04:50:02
Seegers, Jeren    	04:50:51
Harrington, Gareth	04:51:46
Visser, JC        	04:54:39
Reed, Jason             04:57:01
Erasmus, Mauritz	04:58:30
Mofsowitz, Gavin	04:59:12
Kriel, Gabriel	        04:59:32

FEMALE 35-39

saporta, antonelle   	05:33:45
Heger, Kim        	05:34:14
Steinberg, Steffi	05:43:38
Mackenzie, Lizanne	05:44:50
Johnson, Kristine	05:50:22
Kukard, Anine    	05:56:36
Southgate, Karyn	05:57:13
Ketterer, Eileen	06:03:44

MALE 35-39

Venter, Bradley    	04:37:04
Birkholtz, Bradley	04:42:50
Maus, Andreas       	04:44:34
Fleming, Bradley	04:45:04
Close, Guy       	04:53:48
Kennedy, Rohan Philip	04:58:58
Fuller, Thomas    	04:59:47
Meschede, Michael	05:00:40

FEMALE 40-44

van der Toorn, Kelly	05:23:31
Waterworth, Sally	05:28:36
Close, Jenny      	05:29:56
Mee, Hayley        	05:39:44
van Blerk, Natalie	05:42:02
Hoffmann, Tania    	05:50:06
Read, Michele      	05:57:17
Hagedorn-Hansen,Natalie	05:57:49

MALE 40-44

de villiers, louis	04:57:35
Lunt, Shaun             04:59:10
van der merwe, barry	04:59:21
Jansevan Rensburg,Dawid	05:00:25
Valverde, JP     	05:01:14
wiehahn, manfred	05:03:14
Orielly, Donovan        05:03:14
Koch, Ross      	05:04:07

FEMALE 45-49

Enslin, michelle	05:27:46
Staal, Michelle   	05:51:23
van Wyk, Helena    	05:56:18
Fury, Lara              05:56:55
Visagie, Gerda   	06:07:05
Kennedy, Lauren   	06:08:34
forsberg, carina	06:19:10
Walker, Julie        	06:23:17

MALE 45-49

Sack, Mark      	04:49:45
Syphus, Terry    	05:15:59
de la Porte, Shaun	05:18:39
Fourie, Andries   	05:19:12
Visser, Rowland   	05:21:07
Sassen, Rami     	05:25:34
Lecuyer, Francis	05:26:27
Vrij, Joris       	05:26:53

FEMALE 50-54

Hattingh, Mariette	05:38:57
Claasen, Christine	05:50:19
Kirkhoff, Shannon	06:17:53
Strydom, Frances	06:25:41
Roode, Monica     	06:33:22
Van Wyk, Tina     	06:40:24
Nieburg, agnes     	06:49:51
Geldenhuys, Elizma	06:50:16

MALE 50-54

Smit, Izak              05:00:09
Wolstenholme, Henry	05:18:04
enseling, michael	05:20:34
Vosloo, Paul    	05:23:32
Mende, Uwe        	05:28:22
McGuffog, Angus   	05:35:27
West, Craig       	05:36:13

FEMALE 55-59

Thomson, Pat      	06:12:07
Loots, Salome     	06:35:04
Fritz, Ilse        	06:42:22
Reed, Wendy	        06:52:05
Fischer, Lynette	06:52:42
Muhlenberg, Maureen	07:01:37
Viljoen, Estelle	07:04:57
Clarke, Dawn     	07:24:29

MALE 55-59

Graf, Oliver      	05:03:42
Khan, Nadirshah    	05:32:31
Murray, Sean Garner	05:36:19
Steinberg, Gerry	05:39:40
Otto, Rene       	05:40:07
Jones, Evan       	05:42:12
Van Den Berg, Andre	05:43:00
Dewar, Kevin       	05:47:13

FEMALE 60-64

Bezuidenhout, Hendra	07:03:27
Peens, Colleen    	07:49:47
Allen, Sharon           08:16:38

MALE 60-64

Nottingham, Guy Talbot	05:49:08
van Heerden, Andre	05:57:50
Rosenstein, Dave	06:11:09
Cilliers, Gustaf	06:30:29
Nocton-Smith, Tony	06:36:15
Wilke, Fred      	06:36:37
Smith, Geoffrey   	06:54:02
Bloemhoff, Johan	06:56:07

FEMALE 65-69

Guiney, Gwyn            07:48:03    

MALE 65-69

Kennedy, Denis    	06:28:05
Berlyn, Peter-John	06:42:01
Van Der Merwe, Abel	06:44:10
Eadie, Ian        	07:12:03
Murphy, Owen            07:42:14
Brandle, Armin   	07:42:43
Chrich, Graham   	07:51:30
Fuller, Peter     	08:08:59
Louw, Nic         	08:18:40

MALE 70-74

Lochner, Lochi   	06:46:55
Burton, Neville   	07:30:09

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