Ironman 70.3 St. George, Utah results 2014

Some of the best pro triathletes on the planet answered the starting run at Sand Hollow Reservoir in Utah and gave it there best shot to get a top placing in the Ironman 70.3 St. George, Utah results 2014.

The race was billed as the U.S. Pro Championship which meant an increase in prize money as well as bragging rights.


Brent 	   McMahon
Marino     Vanhoenacker
Jan 	   Frodeno
James 	   Cunnama
Maik 	   Twelsiek
Tj 	   Tollakson
Timo 	   Bracht
Paul 	   Matthews
Michael    Weiss
Jordan 	   Rapp
Tim 	   Don
Kevin 	   Collington
Clayton    Fettell
Trevor	   Wurtele
Martin 	   Jensen
Tim 	   Reed
Matt 	   Chrabot
Trevor 	   Delsaut
Joe 	   Umphenour
Kyle 	   Hughes
Jared 	   Milam
Andy 	   Potts
Patrick    Wheeler
Mark 	   Bowstead
John 	   Polson
Steve 	   Rosinski
Patrick    Lange
Tim 	   Pierce
Jesse 	   Vondracek
Todd 	   Teren
Jonathan   Tryoen
Antony 	   Costes
Sebastian  Kienle
Jim 	   Lubinski
Doug 	   MacLean
Andrew 	   Yoder
Lionel     Sanders
David 	   Kahn
Terenzo    Bozzone
Brian 	   Fleischmann
Keith 	   Butsko
Dantley    Young
Steven 	   Zawaski
Matt 	   Reed
Ben 	   Hoffman
Joe 	   Gambles
Bevan 	   Docherty

As expected it was Andy Potts leading the way out of the water for the pro men with a swim time of 21:49.

Jan Frodeno was second out of the water and was a full minute behind as the pro men entered transition one.

There were another eight pros within 12 seconds of Frodeno.


Andy Potts...............00:21:49
Jan Frodeno..............00:22:49
Patrick Lange............00:22:50
Brent McMahon............00:22:51
Clayton Fettell..........00:22:52
Terenzo Bozzone..........00:22:55
Matt Chrabot.............00:23:00
Tim Don..................00:23:00
Bevan Docherty...........00:23:00
Kevin Collington.........00:23:01

Andrew Yoder was not among the top group of swimmers but after the first third of the bike course he was leading the race.

Yoder held that lead into transition two but within two miles was in seventh place as the fastest runners in the field surged to the front.

It the early miles it was Tim Don taking over first spot, Joe Gambles in second, and Brent McMahon of Canada in third spot.

But it was Jan Frodeno who was strongest of all and he passed all the leaders and
went onto to the Ironman 70.3 St. George, Utah results 2014.

Canadian Brent McMahon held on for second place and Tim Don rounded out the podium for the pro men.


Jan Frodeno   00:22:49  02:10:16  01:09:12  03:45:21
Brent McMahon 00:22:51  02:09:31  01:10:44  03:45:43
Tim Don       00:23:00  02:09:13  01:10:45  03:45:50
Joe Gambles   00:23:04  02:09:06  01:12:04  03:47:10
Andy Potts    0:21:49   02:10:19  01:12:15  03:47:33
T. Bozzone    00:22:55  02:09:17  01:13:34  03:48:39
Ben Hoffman   00:23:36  02:08:39  01:13:28  03:48:39
K. Collington 00:23:01  02:09:23  01:13:30  03:48:42
Bevan Docherty00:23:00  02:09:18  01:13:51  03:49:05
SebastianKienle0:26:11  02:07:38  01:12:35  03:49:38

For the pro women Meredith Kessler knows the course well as she was back to defend the title she won in the 2013 Ironman St. George race.

Her finish time in 2013 was 4:17:11.


Ruth 	   Brennan Morrey
Meredith   Kessler
Heather    Wurtele
Jodie 	   Swallow
Mary Beth  Ellis
Linsdsay   Corbin
Angela 	   Naeth
Emma Kate  Lidbury
Rebekah    Keat
Julie 	   Dibens
Melanie    McQuaid
Amy 	   Marsh
Sarah 	   Piampiano
Margie 	   Shapiro
Jessica    Chong
Kara 	   Lapoint
Stephanie  Jones
Kaitlin    Anelauskas
Sarah      Jarvis
Sarah 	   Graves
Moka 	   Best
Kristyn    Tobey
Mackenzie  Madison
Erika 	   Erickson
Miranda    Tomenson

As the pro women finished the swim it was a group of four reaching the swim/bike transition virtually together.

Normally Jodie Swallow can count on a bit of a lead after the swim but in St. George she had company at the front.

Meredith Kessler, Julie Dibbens, and Mary Beth Ellis were right with her.

A second group of pro women found themselves over two minutes back of the lead swimmers as they made their way into transition.


Meredith Kessler........00:24:14
Jodie Swallow...........00:24:15
Julie Dibens............00:24:17
Mary Beth Ellis.........00:24:20
Amy Marsh...............00:26:42
Rebekah Keat............00:26:49
Heather Wurtele.........00:26:51
Margie Shapiro..........00:26:53
Erika Erickson..........00:27:07
Miranda Tomenson........00:27:07

Kessler put her stamp on the race early on in the bike and rode herself into the lead.

At the 20 mile mark she was followed by Jodie Swallow and Julie Dibbens who were fighting it out for second and third.

By the time the women reached the bike/run transition it was Dibbens and Swallow leading the way onto the 13.1-mile run course.

Meredith Kessler and Mary Beth Ellis were in the mix as well in third and fourth.

It was Meredith Kessler taking over the lead in the second half of the run and it was Jody Swallow trying to run her down, but with less than two miles to run Kessler’s lead was just over thirty seconds.

Heather Wurtelle was 2:30 back of the leader and Mary Beth Ellis was running in fourth spot.

Meredith Kessler went on to defend her title and takes top spot in the Ironman 70.3 St. George, Utah results 2014.


Meredith Kessler    00:24:14  02:23:06  01:20:50  04:11:53
Jodie Swallow       00:24:15  02:22:24  01:22:22  04:12:29
Heather Wurtele     00:26:51  02:23:41  01:20:37  04:14:31
Mary Beth Ellis     00:24:20  02:23:13  01:24:59  04:16:10
Julie Dibens        00:24:17  02:22:15  01:33:08  04:23:21
Rebekah Keat 	    00:26:49  02:34:55  01:19:57  04:25:22
Margie Shapiro 	    00:26:53  02:28:52  01:26:46  04:25:55
Sarah Piampiano     00:29:28  02:27:07  01:25:24  04:26:08
Ruth Brennan Morrey 00:31:05  02:30:56  01:21:56  04:28:00
Linsey Corbin       00:27:30  02:32:21  01:24:15  04:28:17

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups. Great Job!!

FEMALE 18-24

Payton Douglas      05:34:38
Erica Tayler        05:46:30
Meghan 	Henry 	    05:46:31
Jessica Ponzo       05:55:47
Carolyn Barnwell    06:26:13

MALE 18-24

Iain Alexandridis   04:16:41
Jesse Dunn 	    04:22:16
Jake McDonald 	    04:23:29
Walter Summers      04:30:17
Sam Gaeta           04:43:51

FEMALE 25-29

Lauren Thompson     04:51:22
Lisa Leonard 	    05:00:08
Christie Krompel    05:00:23
Emma Bedard         05:07:07
NicolePressprich    05:11:37

MALE 25-29

 Max Biessmann      04:20:18
Patrick Brady 	    04:20:35
Scott Cooper 	    04:21:43
Adam Folts 	    04:23:34
Daniel Kenney 	    04:24:16

FEMALE 30-34

Alia Crum           04:45:32
Kelly Emich 	    05:02:47
Courtney Hayes 	    05:03:34
Nadege Tryoen 	    05:05:51
Julie Vieselmeyer   05:06:29

MALE 30-34

Reilly Smith        04:19:50
Ryan Linden 	    04:22:07
Joel Maley 	    04:27:45
Francois Lavigne    04:27:54
Mathew Steinmetz    04:29:28

FEMALE 35-39

Katy Cargiulo       04:47:34
Erin Crum 	    04:53:48
Natalie Groves 	    04:54:32
Christina Feliz     04:55:39
Kathryn Throolin    04:55:57

MALE 35-39

David Condon        04:13:17
B.J. Christenson    04:20:55
Jacob Ford 	    04:23:29
David Derkacs 	    04:30:43
Adam Daniels 	    04:33:23

FEMALE 40-44

Jennifer Razee      05:03:27 	
Tanya Salomon 	    05:03:32
Cherell Jordin 	    05:05:25
Sophie Evans 	    05:12:17
Marialuz Arellano   05:15:24

MALE 40-44

Ted Simpkins         04:24:30
Alexander McCrohan   04:25:22
Sam Picicci 	     04:31:37
Dennis Meeker 	     04:33:12
Taylor Dudley 	     04:33:25

FEMALE 45-49

Jaryna Moss 	     05:00:44
Angie Anderson 	     05:14:30
Teri Cashmore 	     05:20:27
Coleen 	nutson 	     05:23:09
Gina Correll 	     05:25:53

MALE 45-49

Dave Ference 	     04:25:55
Michael Rushton      04:28:52
Mark Ryan 	     04:29:02
Leo Carrillo 	     04:34:56
Greg Tayler 	     04:35:23

FEMALE 50-54

Debbie Fritzer 	     05:18:53
Sue Pope 	     05:21:05
Michelle Blessing    05:26:39
Janet Katz 	     05:37:33
Dianne 	Kaltenegger  05:38:49

MALE 50-54

Tom Trauger 	     04:38:40
William McDonald     04:46:23
Jeff Crosby 	     04:48:17
Chris Allen 	     04:56:23
Dan Cadriel 	     04:56:53

FEMALE 55-59

Aja James            05:56:36
Suzanne Squires      06:00:48
Jeri Howland 	     06:02:31
Marty Smith 	     06:12:32
Nancy Pauw 	     06:18:39

MALE 55-59

Tom Monica 	      04:59:11
Ross Decker 	      05:06:46
Jeff Hager 	      05:18:56
Guy Sigley 	      05:19:07
Mike Catlin 	      05:19:29

FEMALE 60-64

Diane Cridennda       06:54:06
Becky Pickens 	      07:03:26
Wendy Holt 	      07:32:01
Maureen Rodriguez     08:00:00

MALE 60-64

Gregory Taylor        04:55:15
Michael Orendorff     05:20:15
Frederick Scott       05:36:51
Richard Bouton 	      05:43:15
Gary Henderson 	      05:45:30

FEMALE 65-69

Melodie Cronenberg     07:34:25
Karen Aydelott 	       08:27:02

MALE 65-69

Benjamin Ewers jr.      05:33:28
Bruce Cobb 	        06:08:29
Richard Nordquest 	06:37:13
Hans Stallmann 	        07:30:22
David Houston 	        07:53:42
Daniel Rudd 	        07:55:05

MALE 70-74

Doug Wells 	       06:45:14
Matt Tarnay 	       06:49:48
Rudolph Dressendorfer  07:37:46

MALE 75-79

Hans Dieben 	       08:12:10

All the results are available on

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