Ironman 70.3 St. Polten Results 2016

Sold-out field races for spots in Ironman 70.3 St. Polten results 2016.

Many triathletes will tell you that Ironman St. Polten is one of the best in the WTC series of races. That’s saying a lot considering who many 70.3 races there are around the world.

The race drew a very strong field of pro athletes who raced for Kona Ranking Points as well as $15,000 in prize money.

Ironman 70.3 Barcelona and Ironman St. Polten are both taking place on Sunday May 22, 2016 and between the two races you will find the absolute best pro triathletes Europe has to offer.

How do you pick a winner when you have so many pro men quite capable of making it to the podium on their best effort?


Bader, Martin
Bednar, Petr
Birngruber, Christian
Bittner, Per
Boecherer, Andi
Cigana, Massimo
Darby, Thomas
Frommhold, Jens
Gruber, Maximilian
Gräf, Alexander
Guhr, Sebastian
Hoerper, Christian
Hovda, Allan
Jezko, Ivan
Jilek, David
Krupicka, David
Lawicki, Marcin
Mlinar, Markus
Molnar, Gergo
Najmowicz, Pawel
Nemcik, Marek
Plese, David
Reitmayr, Paul
Renc, Tomas
Riess, Vincent
Ruttmann, Paul
Sapunov, Daniil
Schuster, Paul
Simko, Pavel
Steger, Thomas
Vanhoenacker, Marino
Westover, Richard
Wild, Ruedi
Wurm, Gabriel

Andi Boecherer of Germany was at the front of this race for all but three seconds as that was the gap to Martin Bader of Austria after the 1.9km swim. Boecherer took the lead in the bike and never looked back.

His bike split of 2:09:03 was fastest of the day by three minutes and that was all the margin he needed as he managed a solid run time of 1:14:02 to win the race by almost two minutes over Ruedi Wild of Switzeralnd who finished second.

Wild had to settle for second spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 St. Polten results despite posting the fastest run split of the day.

Paul Reitmayr of Austria posted solid times in all three disciplines and was a well-deserved third place.


Boecherer, Andi 	03:52:45
Wild, Ruedi     	03:54:33
Reitmayr, Paul  	03:57:33
Steger, Thomas  	04:01:26
Birngruber, Christian	04:03:13
Ruttmann, Paul  	04:03:21
Plese, David     	04:06:13
Sapunov, Daniil 	04:07:05
Bader, Martin    	04:07:17
Darby, Thomas    	04:08:13
Cigana, Massimo 	04:10:11
Hoerper, Christian	04:11:44
Schuster, Paul   	04:12:10
Lawicki, Marcin   	04:12:59
Wurm, Gabriel     	04:13:06
Hovda, Allan    	04:16:23
Guhr, Sebastian 	04:16:36
Jilek, David            04:19:06
Najmowicz, Pawel	04:19:27
Simko, Pavel     	04:19:56
Renc, Tomas      	04:21:51
Mlinar, Markus    	04:22:41
Riess, Vincent  	04:23:03
Westover, Richard	04:23:24
Jezko, Ivan     	04:26:14
Molnar, Gergo   	04:34:18
Gr�f, Alexander	        04:36:15
Krupicka, David  	04:55:47
Gruber, Maximilian	04:55:49
Bednar, Petr	        05:01:32
Nemcik, Marek           05:31:11

At first glance it appears that the ones to beat for the pro women are Anja Beranek and Yvonne Van Vlerken, but Susie Cheetham and Laura Phillip were both quite capable of upsetting that apple cart on their best efforts.

In her most recent race Cheetham finished second in Ironman South Africa 2016.


Beranek, Anja
Candrova, Jana
Cheetham, Susie
Chernenko, Anastasia
Dornauer, Lisa-Maria
Finger, Annett
Fürnkranz, Simone
Gehnboeck, Sylvia
Krejcova, Petra
Lassche, Leah
Philipp, Laura
Rudolf, Michaela
Svensk, Sara
Van Vlerken, Yvonne

This was a close race from start to finish for the pro women. Anja Beranek posted the fastest swim of the day with her 27:46 swim but gave up a bit of ground to Yvonne Van Vlerken on the bike course.

However it was Laura Philipp making up a two minute deficit on the swim and more by posting the fastest run of the day and that was enough to give her top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 St. Polten results 2016.

Less than one minute separated the top three pro women at the finish line. Yvonne Van Vlerken edged out Beranek by just five seconds for second place.

Susie Cheetham had one of the fastest run splits of the day but had to settle for fourth place as she had too much time to make up after the bike.


Philipp, Laura   	04:22:33
Van Vlerken, Yvonne	04:23:20
Beranek, Anja    	04:23:25
Cheetham, Susie   	04:32:08
Svensk, Sara      	04:34:31
Lassche, Leah    	04:38:14
Fürnkranz, Simone	04:41:06
Finger, Annett   	04:44:58
Gehnboeck, Sylvia	04:46:23
Rudolf, Michaela	04:47:13
Dornauer, Lisa-Maria	04:49:44
Chernenko, Anastasia	04:58:25
Krejcova, Petra  	04:59:14
Candrova, Jana   	05:05:38

Top age-group finishers in Ironman 70.3 St. Polten results.

FEMALE 18-24

Wild, Theresa   	05:01:33
Exenberger, Sabrina	05:13:21
Pauer, Stefanie 	05:40:30

MALE 18-24

Beuchert, Julian	04:13:49
Scheuring, Mark 	04:20:59
Lienhart, Florian	04:23:07
Trunk, Christian	04:25:52
Bräutigam, Tim          04:27:19

FEMALE 25-29

Hafner, Mojca    	05:02:22
Janssen, Elien    	05:07:15
Weiss, Sandra     	05:10:23
Meier, Reona     	05:15:15
Simola, Anni    	05:15:32

MALE 25-29

Bruns, Jan      	04:12:54
Mock, Philipp    	04:13:57
Petrasek, Pavel 	04:14:50
Hohm, Felix      	04:15:46
Orarback, Jonas	04:19:41

FEMALE 30-34

ERAT, Lucia     	04:35:22
Desroches, Danielle	04:40:54
Falk, Anne      	04:45:59
Onaran, pek	        04:56:24
Sommer, Eva	        05:22:00

MALE 30-34

Winke, Benjamin 	04:20:36
Nagele, Christian	04:21:52
Merva, Milan     	04:22:54
Muellner, Peter    	04:23:33
Hammerl, Mirco    	04:23:49

FEMALE 35-39

Brassay, Reka     	04:40:40
Laverty, Mary     	04:53:27
Koivula, Venla     	04:56:37
Zeltner, Tamara     	05:00:55
Fullana, Tere     	05:08:31

MALE 35-39

Doronin, Victor	04:16:12
Muhlbauer, Hans	04:19:11
Schinkel, Christian	04:25:21
Gehrer, Andreas	04:29:00
Kathan, Robert	04:31:29

FEMALE 40-44

Priglinger, Johanna	05:13:00
Nowak, Sylvia    	05:15:40
Vernik, Inbal     	05:18:58
Sestan, Valentina	05:19:15
Ekström, Maria   	05:19:35

MALE 40-44

lepschy, mario          04:25:32
Radi, Massimiliano	04:27:08
Hirner, Christian	04:27:35
Stoimaier, Christian	04:28:42
Christen, Pirmin	04:30:46

FEMALE 45-49

Levi, Sigalit     	04:46:29
Lemelin, Pascale	04:47:52
Werner, Katja    	05:14:28
Birgit   	        05:19:05
Teufl, Ulrike	        05:29:17

MALE 45-49

Niederau, Dirk   	04:14:35
Erat, Pablo     	04:23:02
Frühwirth, Alexander	04:29:09
VECCHIATO, Andrea	04:29:46
De faveri, Gianpietro	04:32:34

FEMALE 50-54

ZANDER, Iris     	05:28:14
Orepic, Durdica  	05:46:13
Mielke, Ellen           06:03:44
Czerny, Susanna	        06:04:10
Ziegler, Sabine 	06:09:59

MALE 50-54

Bernhard, Anton 	04:29:54
Schrenk, Harald 	04:36:18
Melmer, Dietmar  	04:36:32
Irmler, Jergen          04:39:09
Breuer, Rainer   	04:39:34

FEMALE 55-59

Knodt, Riitta    	05:50:30
Olshansky, Iris   	06:17:20
Husz, Andi      	06:17:41
Hochauer, Maria   	06:23:09
Sieber Brinkschulte, 
Petra           	06:31:49

MALE 55-59

Grafeneder, Franz	04:47:34
Latini, Mandi    	04:54:27
OLivotto, Paolo   	05:19:11
Wessendorf, Peter	05:23:10
Lucke, Andreas   	05:23:36

FEMALE 60-64

Adamcik, Veronika	06:02:10
Greer, Siobhan   	06:49:46

MALE 60-64

Curridori, Valerio	05:08:43
Runer, Klaus     	05:24:41
Kern, Gerhard     	05:26:25
Kampusch, Friedrich	05:30:55
Nahrgang, Roman   	05:32:32

MALE 65-69

Skrlep, Anton    	06:01:06
Aschwer, Hermann	06:01:42
Sobolewski, Kazimierz	06:30:07
Lang, Horst      	06:38:59
bucar, andrej   	06:39:58

MALE 70-74

Schmidtbauer, Peter Hans 07:55:49 

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