Ironman 70.3 Switzerland results 2014

On Sunday June 1 an enthusiastic field of triathletes answered the starting gun on the shores of Lake Zurich and set out to leave their stamp on the Ironman 70.3 Switzerland results 2014.

Ironman 70.3 Switzerland can be a very demanding course for several reasons.

First of all there is often a very good chance that it will be a cold water swim with water temperatures normally hovering around the 60 degree mark.

If you survive the swim you get to take on the 56-mile bike that features a 15% incline called The Beast.

But wait…….you’re not done yet. You still have the half-marathon that includes the 64 steps of the infamous Stairway to Heaven.”

Yessir, you had to be tough to make your mark on the Ironman 70.3 Switzerland results 2014.

As far as the pro men go there were three names that sort of jumped out at you as the probable favorites in this very large and talented field.

Jan Van Berkel, Ronnie Schildknecht, and Bart Aernouts are all exceptional pro triathletes and would likely be considered favorites on their past victories, but there were also several others in the race just as capable of winning on their best effort.

Like most sports there is always new and upcoming talent ready to take a run at the veterans.


Aernouts, Bart
Aigroz, Mike
Bergkvist, Jonas
Bjälkemo, George
Bärtsch, Mauro
Dreitz, Andreas
Fernández-Cortés, Francisco
Frandsen, Jacob
Funk, Christian
Göhner, Michael
Hecht, Mathias
Jais, Christian
Jilek, David
Le Guellec, Ludovic
Neef, Sebastian
Polan, Lukáš
Potrebitsch, Little-Georg
Salvisberg, Andrea
Schifferle, Mike
Schildknecht, Ronnie
Stein, Boris
Svensson, Nils
Third, James
Van Berkel, Jan
Vandermoere, Hanness
Vansteelant, Joerie
Whitfield, Richard
Wild, Ruedi

Jan Van Berkel led a group of five out of the water and the race was on as they made their way into transition and out onto the 56-mile run course.


Van Berkel, Jan................00:22:54
Fernández-Cortés, Francisco....00:22:56
Aigroz, Mike...................00:22:57
Wild, Ruedi....................00:22:57
Potrebitsch, Little-Georg......00:22:59
Schildknecht, Ronnie...........00:23:09
Neef, Sebastian................00:23:12
Dreitz, Andreas................00:24:01
Svensson, Nils.................00:24:03
1Vandermoere, Hanness..........00:24:05

As expected it was Schildknecht Van Berkel among those leading the charge at the front in the early stages of the bike.

Others riding well were Sebastian Neef, Mike Airgroz, Ruedi Wild, and Boris Stein. According to race spotters there was nobody creating a wide gap between themselves and the rest of the field.

Even at the 60k mark there was still a big group of eight within 40 seconds of each other and became obvious it was going to be a runners victory in Switzerland as there were so many strong cyclists and nobody was getting away.

Stein and Van Berkel managed to pick up 40 seconds by the time they reached the second transition but it was still anybody’s race as the run began.

It was Stein who seemed to be just a bit stronger than the others and by the 8k mark he still maintained a lead of about 40 seconds over the other six pros who had reached transition within a minute of each other.

Over the next 10k Stein continued to build on his lead and with just 3k to go he had a lead of over a minute on Wild who was in second. Mike Aigroz was holding down the third and final podium spot and that’s exactly how the race finished.


Boris Stein................03:44:42
Ruedi Wild.................03:45:31
Mike Aigroz................03:46:31
Ronnie Schildknecht........03:47:42
Jan Van Berkel.............03:49:28
Andreas Dreitz.............03:50:26 
Sebastian Neef.............03:51:46 
Bart Aernouts..............03:52:50
Little-George Potrebitsch..03:54:28 
Michael Gohner.............03:54:45

Lately it seems that every time you see Michelle Vesterby’s name on the start list you can expect her to be taking a serious run at the podium.

She is having the finest days of her career and went into the race as a force to be reckoned with.

The pro female field also featured Nicole Woysch and it shaped up early to be a great race for top spot on the podium among the pro women.


Beranek, Anja
Halasz, Anna
Klingler, Nicole
Kühnlein, Angela
Mess, Judith
Mohn, Sabrina
Neuscheler, Evi
Ottosen, Karina
Pooley, Emma
Ryf, Daniela
Schärer, Céline
Spirig, Nicola
Tondeur, Alexandra
Vesterby, Michelle
Woysch, Nicole

It was Celine Scharer leading the way out of the water for the pro women with Daniela Ryf just seven seconds behind her.

Michelle Vesterby was also in the mix just 13 seconds back of he leader and the three had a considerable gap from the rest of the field.


Schärer, Céline..........00:22:54
Ryf, Daniela.............00:23:01
Vesterby, Michelle.......00:23:07
Spirig, Nicola...........00:24:54
Lüdi, Cornelia...........00:27:01
Weber, Simone............00:27:08
Iannuzzi, Marcella.......00:27:12
Heller, Verena...........00:27:30
Tondeur, Alexandra.......00:28:04
Lüthi, Diane............00:29:06

Early on in the bike it was Daniela Ryf getting loose on the front and at 10k she was already two minutes ahead of Sharer and Vesberby and by 20k the lead had grown to almost five minutes.

At the 50k mark the lead for Daniela Ryf had grown to almost eight minutes over Vesterby and Scharer who were riding in second and third just a few seconds apart. Spirig and Emma Pooley were another three minutes back.

by the 65k mark Ryf was over ten minutes ahead and running away with the race. Emma Pooley was having a great race after being far back in the swim and had moved into second ahead of Vesterby with Scharer holding down fourth place.

That’s how they began the run and Ryf was 12 minutes ahead as she left the second transition.

There was no one who was going to catch Daniela Ryf and she is the winner of Ironman 70.3 Switzerland. Emma Pooley took a well-earned second place on the podium and Niclola Spirig outran Michelle Vesterby for the final podium spot.


Ryf, Daniela	        00:23:01 02:16:35 01:17:29 04:00:14
Pooley, Emma	        00:30:34 02:19:47 01:17:01 04:12:01
Spirig, Nicola	        00:24:54 02:32:26 01:20:34 04:21:17
Vesterby, Michelle	00:23:07 02:29:37 01:26:49 04:23:19
Tondeur, Alexandra	00:28:04 02:35:42 01:23:43 04:31:39
Schärer, Céline	        00:22:54 02:33:37 01:36:26 04:36:41
Halasz, Anna	        00:34:14 02:32:51 01:25:31 04:37:23
Klingler, Nicole	00:31:32 02:37:50 01:27:43 04:41:13
Kühnlein, Angela	00:30:36 02:41:17 01:27:19 04:43:38
Ottosen, Karina	        00:29:15 02:49:56 01:31:35 04:55:19
Mohn, Sabrina	        00:32:46 02:46:06 01:34:07 04:57:12

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-24

Zimmermann, Laura	04:38:23
Blanchard, Evanne	04:54:49
Lüdi, Cornelia	        05:01:02
Meier, Reona	        05:14:20
Irina, Raschle	        05:20:54
Holdener, Samira	05:31:33
De Nicola, Federica	06:04:45
Matafora, Marisa	06:40:24
Machado, Jana	        06:43:25
Williams, Phoebe	07:22:54

MALE 18-24

Lewis, Matt	        04:22:28
CADARIO, Anthony	04:23:28
Trabattoni, Giacomo	04:25:48
Altermatt, Sven	        04:26:44
Meili, Sandro	        04:31:14
Mosimann, Jonas	        04:32:39
Bruhin, Silvan	        04:37:03

FEMALE 25-29

Erat, Lucia	        04:45:24
Sherlock, Cushla	05:00:42
Maurer, Melanie	        05:02:11
Albert, Jamie	        05:04:08
Krahn, Yonca	        05:06:42

MALE 25-29

Gut, Fabian	        04:08:22
Mock, Philipp	        04:10:05
Schürch, Martin	        04:10:20
Lowiner, Stephan	04:11:02
Stalder, David	        04:14:17

FEMALE 30-34

Erat, Lucia	        04:45:24
Sherlock, Cushla	05:00:42
Maurer, Melanie	        05:02:11
Albert, Jamie	        05:04:08
Krahn, Yonca	        05:06:42

MALE 30-34

Koutny, Philipp	       04:09:18
Mueller, Urs	       04:11:08
Croes, Peter	       04:11:42
Gubler, Philipp	       04:12:29
Pache, Cedric	       04:13:23

FEMALE 35-39

Haslebacher, Andrea	04:45:17
Hellwig, Esther	        04:51:38
Bollhalder, Maja	05:01:28
Kobs, Anja	        05:04:33
Gadient, Georgina	05:07:05

MALE 35-39

Welti, Martin	        04:10:44
Llaneza, David	        04:14:05
Kulac, Michael	        04:17:31
Eglin, Marco	        04:18:21
Pala, Daniele	        04:20:43

FEMALE 40-44

Iannuzzi, Marcella	04:53:53
Egloff, Barbara	        04:55:30
Tovey, Sian	        05:04:17
Schneider, Brigitte	05:05:01
Bungay, Fran	        05:06:27

MALE 40-44

Petz, Andreas	        04:08:40
Golliard, Christophe	04:14:57
Bertoncello, Fabian	04:15:04
Erat, Pablo	        04:16:21
Gydesen, Jens	        04:21:00

FEMALE 45-49

Alber, Barbara	        04:55:46
Schmiedel, Petra	05:01:32
Zingg, Karin	        05:18:05
Bollinger, Doris	05:19:07
Wickihalter, Gabi	05:19:36

MALE 45-49

Hotz, Marcel	        04:15:51
Stoffel, Richard	04:20:33
De Pury, Renaud	        04:24:48
Braune-Krickau, Wolfi	04:27:17
Hackner, Thomas	        04:27:22

FEMALE 50-54

Kern, Marianne	        04:56:45
DENGLER, JUDIT	        05:21:25
Murer, Yvonne	        05:23:04
Picco, Gabriella	05:26:25
Kuster, Barbara	        05:29:50

MALE 50-54

Dobmeier, Gerhard	04:27:59
Steffen, Urs	        04:28:11
Schawalder, Alexander	04:29:22
Smit, Anton	        04:39:47
Trachsel, Werner	04:39:55

FEMALE 55-59

Gambaro, Irene	        05:25:18
Baeuerle, Ulrike	05:34:14
Torre, Mary	        05:47:42
Fowler, Katharina	06:11:56

MALE 55-59

Schawalder, Reto	04:22:58
Poellinger, Reini	04:39:12
Ledergerber, Thomas	04:49:07
Schneider, Bernhard	04:50:46
Rohrer, Jean-Pierre	04:54:20

FEMALE 60-64

Bronnimann, Hilly       5:43:13

MALE 60-64

Monego, Enrico	         04:43:24
Mallepell, Jürg	         04:48:35
Fecheyr-Lippens, Patrick 05:21:14
Johnson, Tony	         05:27:17
Kaul, Rolf	         05:27:21

MALE 65-69

Zeilstra, Mink	          05:21:09
Ammann, Werner	          05:52:24
Saxer, Peter	          06:29:45

MALE 70-74

Christen, Bruno	        06:17:22
Hartsleben, Hermann	06:48:33

MALE 75-79

Christen, Bruno	        06:17:22
Hartsleben, Hermann	06:48:33

These results originated on Be sure to visit the Ironmanlive site if your results are not listed here.


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