Ironman 70.3 Taupo Results 2016

USA, Canada, Great Britain pros against best of New Zealand and Australia for podium in Ironman 70.3 Taupo results 2016.

For the pro men it was Scott Drew of the USA hoping to find a way onto the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Taupo results 2016 against a stacked field of Australians and New Zealanders.


Franklin, Matt
Allan, Dougal
Brown, Cameron
Cochrane, Simon
Wall, Lindsey
Hall, Jason
Petrie, Alexi
Barber, Zac
Shaw, Olly
Paul, Cameron
Elstob, Sam
McGuigan, Daniel
Djouad-guibert, Alain
Bowstead, Mark
Kerin, Lachlan
Scott, Drew
Phillips, Mike
Currie, Braden
Ambrose, Paul
Rawles, Eddie
Skipworth, Todd

It was a group of five pro men making a bit of a break on the rest of the field as the 1.9k swim was in the books. Braden Curtis of New Zealand led the way with his clocking of 24:04 but he had plenty of company.

The next four to reach the swim finish were within four seconds of the leader.

Mark Bowstead of New Zealand posted the fastest bike split of the day and vaulted into the lead as the 21k run began. Australian Lachlan Kerin and American Scott Drew were right behind him in second and third.


Bowstead, Mark   	00:24:06	02:06:30
Kerin, Lachlan    	00:25:10	02:07:01
Scott, Drew      	00:25:10	02:07:08
Phillips, Mike   	00:25:12	02:07:02
Currie, Braden    	00:24:04	02:09:42
Ambrose, Paul    	00:25:09	02:08:43
Rawles, Eddie     	00:24:06	02:09:45
Skipworth, Todd    	00:24:08	02:10:14
Franklin, Matt    	00:24:07	02:39:04
Allan, Dougal    	00:27:41	02:39:40
Brown, Cameron    	00:26:59	02:40:36
Cochrane, Simon  	00:25:08	02:15:06
Wall, Lindsey    	00:25:13	02:15:15
Paul, Cameron     	00:26:52	02:13:21
Petrie, Alexi    	00:26:06	02:15:15
Hall, Jason      	00:25:15	02:18:32
Elstob, Sam	        00:27:38	02:28:24
McGuigan, Daniel	00:35:11	02:28:50

Mark Bowstead who led coming off the bike dropped out of the race due to injury.

Just past the 10k mark it was Braden Currie taking over the lead for the pro men. It was a tight race. Mike Phillips was right behind him in second and Drew Scott of the USA was just 1:30 back in third place.

Braden Currie won in 2015 and he successfully defends his title as he takes top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Taupo results 2016. Fellow New Zealander Mike Phillips finishes in second.


Currie, Braden   	03:52:45
Phillips, Mike   	03:53:18
Skipworth, Todd	        03:56:57
Rawles, Eddie     	03:57:51
Scott, Drew	        03:58:10
Kerin, Lachlan   	03:59:41
Allan, Dougal      	03:59:53
Brown, Cameron          04:03:14
Ambrose, Paul           04:04:47
Cochrane, Simon         04:06:21
Wall, Lindsey     	04:07:08
Hall, Jason       	04:07:52
Franklin, Matt     	04:12:44
Petrie, Alexi      	04:14:03
Paul, Cameron      	04:15:09
Elstob, Sam      	04:37:17
Djouad-guibert, Alain	04:44:53
McGuigan, Daniel	04:49:40

As the swim got underway for the female pros it appeared that Meredith Kessler of the USA, Laura Siddall of New Zealand, and Canadian Melanie McQuaid would be the early favorites to take the top of the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Taupo results 2016.

However, there were several others in the race who could reach the podium on their best effort and that includes Amelia Watkinson who was second in 2015.


McQuaid, Melanie
Siddall, Laura
Hayes, Tamsyn
Lawrence, Hannah
Furness, Erin
Brent, Elaine
Meo, Pip
Kessler, Meredith
Clarke, Rebecca
Wood, Laura
Watkinson, Amelia
Cleaver, Anna

As expected it was Meredith Kessler at the front of the pack in the swim. She had company as Rebecca Clarke of New Zealand matched her stroke for stroke. They recorded times of 25:36 and 25:37 respectively.

They entered transition one with a one minute lead over third place Laura Wood of New Zealand.

As is customary, Melanie McQuaid of Canada had to count on strong bike split to get back in touch with the leaders. She was three minutes off the pace as she began the 90k bike leg.

Kessler followed up her strong swim with the second fastest bike leg of the day to maintain the lead as the left the bike/run transition. Amelia Watkinson had the fastest bike split and moved into second place ahead of Laura Siddall of Great Britain.

Melanie McQuaid worked her way into fourth after the bike. Both Siddall and McQuaid left too much to do after the swim and would most likely be battling it out for third place. They were both six minutes or more behind the leader.

Much would depend on how strong Amelia Watkinston was on the run. Siddall was within striking distance of second place, but McQuaid over three minutes behind Watkinson.


Kessler, Meredith	00:25:36	02:23:39
Watkinson, Amelia	00:27:56	02:23:34
Siddall, Laura   	00:28:44	02:26:58
McQuaid, Melanie	00:28:44	02:26:58
Hayes, Tamsyn    	00:31:13	02:30:10
Wood, Laura     	00:26:39	02:35:08
Clarke, Rebecca   	00:25:37	02:37:06
Lawrence, Hannah	00:31:13	03:09:17

Meredith Kessler held a sizeable lead for most of the run, but as she reached the 16k mark her lead had been cut down considerably.

Laura Siddall had moved into second and was running well. She was just over two minutes back of the leader. Amelia Watkinson slipped down into third spot.

What a finish to the race for the pro women. Meredith Kessler barely hangs on to win the race by eight seconds over a hard-charging Laura Siddall. Kessler repeats as champion.

As it turned out, the three podium finishers were the same as last year.


Kessler, Meredith	04:22:36
Siddall, Laura   	04:22:44
Watkinson, Amelia	04:28:25
Clarke, Rebecca  	04:42:52
Wood, Laura       	04:45:06
Hayes, Tamsyn      	04:45:12
Lawrence, Hannah	04:45:20
Meo, Pip          	04:52:04
Brent, Elaine            04:53:21
McQuaid, Melanie	04:56:40
Furness, Erin     	05:02:54

Top age-group finishers in Ironman 70.3 Taupo results 2016.

FEMALE 18-24

Swanson, Molly   	05:10:30
Mitchell, Grace      	05:19:38
Treseder, Phoebe	05:39:49
McVerry, Katie    	05:47:18
Watson, Megan    	05:49:02
Haresnape, Billie-Lee	05:49:25
Chisholm, Jess    	05:50:29
Lusby, Jess       	05:52:25

MALE 18-24

Robinson, Jack    	04:25:27
Hirschberg, Bryce	04:40:32
Humby, Robert     	04:42:08
Millett, Maxwell	04:47:33
Thomas, Josh      	04:49:36
Taylor, Ted             04:52:07
Bullen, Liam      	04:54:49
Kettle, Sam	        05:02:56

FEMALE 25-29

Elliott, Rebecca	04:37:58
Wilson, Alison   	04:39:05
Ryan, Taryn       	04:56:15
Davis, Alysha           05:01:12
Kendrick, Emily         05:12:05

MALE 25-29

Robinson, Mike    	04:31:07
Twist, Ryan       	04:34:59
Hyde, Benjamin     	04:39:46
Meech, Sam        	04:42:21
McNeice, Marshall       04:43:54
Matuschka, Brent        04:45:14
Tennent, William        04:45:25
Bennett, Kit    	04:50:51

FEMALE 30-34

Toulmin, Karen    	04:55:09
Lawrence, Matilda	05:01:21
Milner-Olsen, Ngarama	05:01:29
Meyer, Pamela           05:07:55
Grew, Lana         	05:12:23
Coombs, Alice     	05:14:18
Reardon, Cass     	05:15:00
York, Rebecca     	05:15:35

MALE 30-34

Plews, Daniel     	04:09:04
Campbell, Peter     	04:24:34
Ford, Tim	        04:28:01
Goretti, Martino	04:28:32
Kadar, Peter      	04:34:44
Sumner, Matt	        04:36:39
O'brien, Scott    	04:40:40
van Kampen, Michael	04:40:57

FEMALE 35-39

Dewe, Kerri       	05:05:05
Edwards, Nikki    	05:05:55
McDougall, Liz          05:05:57
TawharaWilson,Christina	05:08:24
Mathews, Nikkola	05:15:45
Cox, Kylie              05:17:40
Revie, Janice           05:27:16
Warren, Nikki    	05:32:53

MALE 35-39

Randall, Joshua   	04:23:59
Merrick, Matt     	04:31:04
Corkin, Hayden          04:32:19
Leuchten, Thomas	04:33:48
Clark, Brad       	04:38:41
Blackburn, Leon    	04:41:48
BOUCHER, Arnaud    	04:42:07
Nieper, Craig    	04:45:14

FEMALE 40-44

Sharp, Tanya      	04:54:39
Olsson, Malin     	05:07:14
Sutherland, Nicki	05:11:04
Harvey-Heyward, Gail	05:18:10
Murdoch, Carrie   	05:29:46
Maas, Shan        	05:31:29
Penney, Ange      	05:45:41
Brown, Annalie    	05:52:28

MALE 40-44

Allen, Kevin    	04:39:16
Van hellemond, Glen	04:43:27
Yeates, Shane	        04:44:51
Parris, Hugh      	04:46:55
Scheepers, Andrew	04:46:59
Tucker, Reuben    	04:47:06
Cresswell, Scott	04:47:54
McGrath, Jeff     	04:49:35

FEMALE 45-49

TOKAI, Kaori       	05:03:43
Wade-Fleming, Vicki	05:14:47
Dooley, Dawn      	05:16:21
Sproule, Nicola   	05:29:17
Clark, Gayle    	05:33:33
Tisch, Jo        	05:38:18
Clifford, Soolan	05:45:23
Robotham, Hilary	05:47:20

MALE 45-49

Morris, Jason      	04:30:16
Cowan, Anthony          04:37:09
simonsen, ricky	        04:37:53
McSkimming, Glen	04:41:29
Galt, Dean	        04:41:40
Sanders, Steve          04:43:40
Mattson, David   	04:45:49
Ross, Wayne      	04:50:39

FEMALE 50-54

Houston, Keri     	05:23:53
Hirschberg, Cheryl	05:39:46
Hermann, Jane      	05:40:30
Baldwin, Jane	        05:41:42
Wickham, Liz	        05:42:57
Shean, Zena      	05:59:15
McIntosh, Madeleine	06:02:39
Exeter, Kim             06:13:58

MALE 50-54

Cane, David      	04:43:36
Searle, Robert     	04:45:32
Bond, Mike        	04:46:05
Hill, Paul       	04:48:22
Pennifold, Chris	04:51:16
Burke, Mark        	04:51:54
Brenton-Rule, Tim	04:52:04
Turner, James     	04:52:39

FEMALE 55-59

Searle, Eileen    	05:19:08
McMaster, Sue      	05:40:52
Walker, Gillian   	05:46:08
Hunsche, Ingrid   	05:57:24
Shouksmith, Christine	06:00:13
de Lacey, Emma    	06:18:47
Earl, Vicki       	06:29:04
Reardon, Vicki    	06:34:33

MALE 55-59

Morreau, Philip   	04:54:07
Lockey, Ross     	05:01:12
McLeod, Andrew    	05:12:24
Manson, Tony      	05:12:42
Janssen, Shane          05:15:10
Spice, Roger      	05:15:15
MacDonald, Graeme	05:25:45
Tweed, Malcolm     	05:27:53

FEMALE 60-64

Hann, Lauren      	05:59:03
Clarkson, Jo      	06:23:26
Allison, Heather	06:26:49
Kowalewski, Dianne	06:39:55
Marshall, Mary    	07:26:14
Ruddenklau, Veronica	08:00:47

MALE 60-64

Madsen, Niels	        04:58:47
Wylie, Rob       	05:08:18
Story, Cor        	05:09:35
Fletcher, Alan     	05:36:20
Dallinger, Tony     	05:38:55
Primmer, Evan    	05:39:21
Moriarty, David John	06:01:21
O'Driscoll, Christopher	06:02:10

FEMALE 65-69

Rolston, Shirley Jean  07:05:48

MALE 65-69

Berry, Paul       	05:15:13
Tubb, Robert	        05:48:44
hann, kevin       	06:06:13
McGrath, Brian          06:30:02
Whitaker, Shaan   	06:52:30
gaffaney, Mike   	08:10:49
Robinson, Harold	08:12:59

FEMALE 70-74

Van Zon, Marieke	07:44:34

MALE 70-74

Bragg, Max	        07:10:18
King, Ian               07:13:33
Ramsay, Mike     	07:17:53
Taylor, Peter     	07:18:17
Shadbolt, Douglas	07:28:53
Schmid, Manfred   	07:31:41

MALE 75-79

Boyle, Brian     	06:10:21

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