On Sunday April 6 a large and talented field of pro triathletes fought it out for top honors in the Ironman 70.3 Texas results 2014

The course featured a 1.2-mile saltwater swim that began at Moody Gardens and finished beside the Colonel Paddlewheel boat, an out-and-back 66-mile bike course along the Texas Gulf Coast, and a 13.1-mile run through Moody Gardens to the finish line beside the Discovery Pyramid.

The three main threats in the race for the pro males appeared to be Richie Cunningham, Chris McDonald, and Jozsef Major.


Richie Cunningham
Chris McDonald
Brandon Marsh
Jozsef Major
Jeff Symonds
Brent McMahon
Kirill Kotsegarov
Leon Griffin
Callum Millward
Chad Holderbaum
Jeremy Howard
Gregory Farrell
Victor Debil-Caux
Mikolaj Luft
Todd Teren
Jonathan Tryoen
George Bjalkemo
Matt Hanson
Lionel Sanders
Weslie Anderson
Clay Emge
Gudmund Snilstveit
Steve Rosinski
Edward Aviles
Christian Nilsson
Peter Kotland
Hannes Cool
Brent Poulsen
Mark Saroni
Cody Beals
Joe Thorne
James Seear

It was Brandon Marsh and Brent McMahon leading the way out of the water.An impressive swim time of 23:46 gave them a good lead to begin the bike leg.


Brandon Marsh 	     00:23:46
Brent McMahon 	     00:23:46
Richie Cunningham    00:24:46
Leon Griffin 	     00:24:51
Jeff Symonds 	     00:24:52
Callum Millward      00:24:54
Chris McDonald 	     00:26:04
Kirill Kotsegarov    00:27:33
Chad Holderbaum      00:27:32
Jozsef Major 	     00:27:45

It was Brent McMahon who surged to the front and was in the lead by just about a minute by the end of the first bike split at 28 miles.

Brandon Marsh was in second place and Leon Griffin and Jeff Symonds were riding close together 90 seconds back of the leader.

It was Brandon Marsh hanging on to lead the pro men into transition two and at the two mile mark of the run he had a 90 second lead over Brandon Marsh.

Richie Cunningham, Leon Griffin, and Chris McDonald were running together in third, fourth and fifth place and they were almost three minutes behind the leader.

Richie Cunningham began to close on Marsh and at the seven mile mark was just twenty seconds back. Leon Griffin was a clear third less than a minute behind Marsh.

Marsh was hanging tough and was clinging to a six second lead as the final mile approached.

It was Richie Cunningham who had the most left and he is the winner of Ironman 70.3 Texas 2014.


Richie Cunningham  00:24:46 02:07:52 01:12:37 03:46:11
Brandon Marsh      00:23:46 02:07:02 01:14:32 03:46:26
Leon Griffin       00:24:51 02:07:39 01:15:15 03:48:42
Chris McDonald     00:26:04 02:06:13 01:15:44 03:49:01
Cody Beals         00:27:35 02:06:23 01:15:44 03:50:41
Kirill Kotsegarov  00:27:33 02:06:27 01:15:47 03:50:53
Callum Millward    00:24:54 02:10:31 01:14:34 03:51:06
Matt Hanson        00:27:37 02:11:33 01:13:32 03:53:42

What a strong field for the pro women!

Emma Kate Lidbury, Kelly Williamson, and Amy Marsh and a few others all had a chance at topping the Ironman 70.3 Texas results 2014


Emma Kate Lidbury
Kelly  Williamson
Amy  Marsh
Rachel Joyce
Sarah Piampiano
Sofie Goos
Jennifer Lentzke
Corrie Kristick
Leslie Lamacchia
Kristyn Tobey
Kaitlin Anelauskas
Amanda Kourtz
Kathy Rakel
Natasha Van Der Merwe
Olesya Prystayko
Sierra Snyder
Morgan 	Chaffin
Jessica Meyers
Ruth Brennan Morrey
Ali Black

To nobody’s surprise it was Amy Marsh leading the way out of the water with a very fast swim time of 26:16.

There was a pretty good chase pack of five about a minute behind her.


Amy Marsh          00:26:16
Emma Kate Lidbury  00:27:11
Rachel Joyce       00:27:15
Kaitlin Anelauskas 00:27:16
Sofie Goos         00:27:18
Sierra Snyder 	   00:27:43
Kelly Williamson   00:28:09
Corrie Kristick    00:29:43	
Kathy Rakel 	   00:29:44	
Sarah Piampiano    00:31:04
Jessica Meyers     00:31:06
Olesya Prystayko   00:31:09

As expected it was Amy Marsh and Emma Kate Lidbury fighting out for the lead as they reached the halfway point of the bike.

Sofie Goos was just under two minutes back in third.

It was Amy Marsh taking the lead into the final transition with a lead of over a minute on Emma Kate Lidbury.

Sara Piampiano had a great bike leg and made up a lot of ground and moved into third.


2:41:15  Amy Marsh USA
2:42:57  Emma Kate Lidbury GBR
2:44:46  Sarah Piampiano USA
2:45:46  Sofie Goos BEL
2:53:15  Corrie Kristick USA
2:53:22  Jessica Meyers USA
2:54:08  Kathy Rakel USA
2:54:09  Ruth Brennan Morrey USA
2:54:16  Sierra Snyder USA
2:54:32  Olesya Prystayko UKR

Wow! A great charge by Sofie Goos of Belgium on the run course and at the 7.3 mile mark she holds a two minute lead over Emma Kate Lidbury who was running in second.

With a mile left to run Goos left the field behind and had a four minute lead. The imploding behind her and Ruth Brennan Morrey was running in second.

Sophie Goos of Belgium is the winner of Ironman 70.3 Texas 2014.


Sofie Goos        00:27:18 02:18:28 01:19:19 04:06:23
Emma Kate Lidbury 00:27:11 02:15:46 01:26:48 04:11:05
Sarah Piampiano   00:31:04 02:13:42 01:26:07 04:11:57
Jessica Meyers 	  00:31:06 02:22:16 01:24:24 04:18:54
Kaitlin Anelauskas00:27:16 02:25:44 01:24:29 04:21:25
Corrie Kristick   00:29:43 02:23:32 01:31:00 04:25:23
Olesya Prystayko  00:31:09 02:25:44 01:30:03 04:25:52
Sierra Snyder 	  00:27:43 02:24:43 01:32:25 04:27:52
NatashaVanDerMerwe00:31:46 02:21:16 01:32:52 04:28:58
Amanda Kourtz     00:37:49 02:21:58 01:27:11 04:31:09
Kathy Rakel       00:29:44 02:22:36 01:37:05 04:32:33
Leslie Lamacchia  00:35:29 02:26:41 01:29:20 04:34:29
Ali Black 	  00:34:51 02:22:36 01:35:02 04:35:58
Jennifer Lentzke  00:35:35 02:25:01 01:32:33 04:37:45
Kristyn Tobey     00:37:34 02:27:12 01:32:10 04:40:09
Morgan Chaffin    00:31:54 02:22:56 01:43:39 04:42:15
Kelly Williamson 	       DNF
Amy Marsh 	               DNF
Rachel 	Joyce 	               DNF
Ruth Brennan Morrey 	       DQ

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-24

Valerie Snider     04:58:22
Lydia Collins      05:12:16
Macy Weber 	   05:22:57
Morgan Fox 	   05:29:51
Ali Hall 	   05:33:58

MALE 18-24

Sebastian Haynes   04:25:39
Blake Esch 	   04:46:15
Zach Smith 	   04:46:16
Juan Contreras 	   04:47:07
Luis Escalante 	   04:48:03

FEMALE 25-29

Diane Lee          04:36:32
Kimberly Shenk     04:37:04
Samantha Mazer 	   04:40:57
Caitlin Glenn 	   04:42:37
Kelly Hooper 	   04:46:07

MALE 25-29

Brad Williams 	   04:05:20
Johnathan Le Jeune 04:07:09
Ryan Snapp 	   04:16:17
Aaron Gray 	   04:18:14
Buddy Lightfoot    04:19:59

FEMALE 30-34

Meredith Gardner   04:34:39
April Hince        04:42:34
Claudia Smith      04:49:49
Heather Steinbuch  04:51:31 

MALE 30-34

Reilly Smith      04:00:53
Botond Racz 	  04:03:21
Peter Shenk       04:06:18
Eric Hinman 	  04:08:06
Jeff Scarella 	  04:12:08

FEMALE 35-39

Carly Johnson 	   04:39:08
Sarah Bay          04:44:32
Amy Parent 	   04:48:23
Alison Miller 	   04:50:54
Michelle Golovine  04:57:19

MALE 35-39

Patrick Dougherty  04:08:48
Jesus Bronchalo    04:09:14
Jeff Fejfar        04:10:29
Michael Boehmer    04:11:49

FEMALE 40-44

Janine Willis 	   04:25:38
Amy McGrath 	   04:32:12
Nusha Pelicano 	   04:44:56
Dawn English 	   04:54:53

MALE 40-44

Brian Miller 	   04:16:29
Cort Prois 	   04:17:57
Arthur Mathisen    04:19:02
Dave Mirra 	   04:23:57
Todd Burns 	   04:27:03

FEMALE 45-49

Karen Ponette 	   04:50:25
Mary Guertin 	   05:01:31
Sue Aquila 	   05:02:05
Angela Galindo 	   05:06:20
Jody Dushay 	   05:08:30

MALE 45-49

Rich Burke 	   04:06:18
Sean Lewis 	   04:13:04
Bently Harper 	   04:25:00
David Ciaverella   04:27:51
Eric Abecassis 	   04:30:34

FEMALE 50-54

Lauren Smith 	   04:45:03
Shelley Thomson    04:49:56
Traci Winterbottom 04:57:47
Jenny Lorenz 	   05:02:49
Nancy Dasso 	   05:04:08

MALE 50-54

Alex Begg 	   04:14:03
Paul Gompers 	   04:16:54
Dale Londos 	   04:26:28
Keith Hertel 	   04:28:53
Doug Guertin       04:33:22

FEMALE 55-59

Stephanie Bassin   05:15:16
Jitka Newald 	   05:48:07
Lisa Canedy 	   05:51:40
Barbara Tardiff    05:53:10
Maria Elena 	   06:04:39

MALE 55-59

Dana Lyons         04:34:46
Daniel Lang 	   04:57:50
Pedro Scordo 	   04:58:36
Danny Faulkner 	   05:00:31
Terry Gaunt 	   05:03:00

FEMALE 60-64

Nicole Lafleur 	   06:02:20
Linda Honneus 	   06:03:44
Teresa Woodhouse   06:30:56
Teresa Anderson    07:04:57
Ellen Chu 	   07:22:24
Cathy Beavers 	   07:24:26
Barbara Smith 	   07:40:12
Nancy Flynn 	   08:21:38
Marilyn Elias 	   08:27:05

MALE 60-64

R. Keith McCormick 04:54:02
Emil Raschle       04:59:40
Scott Boylan 	   05:10:19
David Park 	   05:14:30
Bill Horn 	   05:32:37

FEMALE 65-69

 Gini Fellows 	   07:21:23
Diane Wagner 	   07:35:55

MALE 65-69

Thomas Waldrop 	   05:12:15
David Lowe 	   05:21:31
Graham Lloyd 	   05:44:02
Charlie Woodhouse  05:54:20
Ruben Solis 	   06:31:55

FEMALE 70-74

 Chris Gause 	   07:40:04

MALE 70-74

Rodger Bivens 	   07:10:12
Leonard Kershaw    07:15:54

MALE 80-84

Hunter Temple 	   07:24:01


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