It was a hard fought battle for top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Texas results 2016.

As with most years this race attracted many of the world’s best pro triathletes who battled it out for top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Texas results 2016.

ironman 70.3 texas results 2016

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Anderson, Wes
Brady, Patrick
Bretscher, Daniel
Cunningham, Richie
Curbeau, Matthew
De Kanel, Rod
Delsaut, Trevor
Doree, Guillaume
Dreitz, Andreas
Fast, Andrew
Fecik, Jonathan
Gerlach, Thomas
Giardini, Davide
Gomes, Pedro
Gray, Aaron
Hadley, James
Hipple, Tripp
Holmes, Sam
Howard, Jeremy
Jolicoeur Desroches, Antoine
Jurkiewicz, Jeremy
Kastelein, Nicholas
Kotar, Keith
Kotland, Peter
Kotsegarov, Kirill
Kovacic, Jaroslav
Limkemann, Eric
Maclean, Doug
McDonald, Chris
McMahon, Brent
Mendez Cruz, Mauricio
Metzler, Justin
Mitchell, Jeremiah
Neyedli, Scott
O'Connor, Adam
O'Meara, Adam
Peterson, Kennett
Pozzetta, Lucas
Rakita, Braden
Sanders, Lionel
Shearon, Jonathan
Siqueira De Oliveira, Henrique
Sketako, Denis
Starykowicz, Andrew
Tejada, Raul
Terwoord, Josh
Tigert, Dan
Tutukin, Ivan
Wade, Robert
Weiss, Michael
Williams, Brad
Zawaski, Steven

It was Canadian Antoine Jolicoeur Dedroches coming out of the water first with an excellent swim time of 23:28. However he had plenty of company as no less than seven other male pros were within eight seconds of him as he entered the swim/bike transition.

Andrew Starykowicz posted the third fastest bike split of the day, but combined with his excellent swim split of 23:50 it gave him the edge going into the run.

Lionel Sanders was fastest of all on the bike with his clocking of 1:58:09, Michael Weiss was second fastest with a 158:40, and Starykowicz posted a 1:58:44.

[bctt tweet=”Lionel Sanders of Canada outpaces strong field to win Ironman 70.3 Texas.
via Ironstruck”]

Sanders took the lead on the run course and maintained his lead heading into the second half of the 13.1-mile run. He was leading Starykowicz by 2:08 and Driez by 3:34 with about half the run to go.

By mile nine Sanders had a lead of 2:48 on Driez who had passed Starykowicz to take over second place.

Lionel of Canada hangs on to take stop spot on the podium with a excellent finish time of 3:40:30.


Sanders, Lionel 	03:40:30
Dreitz, Andreas 	03:43:46
Weiss, Michael   	03:45:32
Starykowicz, Andrew	03:46:06
Mendez Cruz, Mauricio	03:47:49
Cunningham, Richie	03:49:23
Kastelein, Nicholas	03:50:29
Jurkiewicz, Jeremy	03:51:03
Tejada, Raul    	03:51:14
Limkemann, Eric 	03:52:21
Hadley, James    	03:52:55
McDonald, Chris    	03:53:23
Kovacic, Jaroslav	03:54:14
Gerlach, Thomas  	03:55:13
Kotsegarov, Kirill	03:55:39
Shearon, Jonathan	03:56:35
Wade, Robert     	03:57:58
O'Meara, Adam    	03:58:13
Gomes, Pedro    	03:59:43
Jolicoeur Desroches, 
Antoine   	        03:59:49
Hipple, Tripp   	04:00:20
Metzler, Justin   	04:01:37
Holmes, Sam      	04:02:31
Gray, Aaron      	04:02:52
Pozzetta, Lucas         04:03:52
Brady, Patrick   	04:03:59
Terwoord, Josh    	04:05:13
O'Connor, Adam	        04:06:27
Tutukin, Ivan    	04:06:29
Sketako, Denis    	04:08:27
Williams, Brad    	04:11:47
Siqueira De Oliveira, 
Henrique        	04:15:05
Maclean, Doug    	04:15:36
Kotar, Keith      	04:19:07
Fast, Andrew    	04:19:10
Anderson, Wes           04:20:28
Howard, Jeremy   	04:20:40
Fecik, Jonathan   	04:21:19
Curbeau, Matthew	04:25:06
Kotland, Peter   	04:28:55
Zawaski, Steven   	04:36:27
Mitchell, Jeremiah	04:38:08


Anelauskas, Kaitlin
Barnett, Lauren
Baugher, Liz
Bay, Sarah
Blakemore, Katy
Brown, Christen
Bugdol, Ewa
Casey, Terry
Chong, Jessica
Ferreira, Amber
Fillnow, Kelly
Frederiksen, Helle
Hachmeister, Ericka
Harari, Lotty
Haskins, Sarah
Hill, Alycia
Huse, Sue
Javens, Amy
Jones Meyers, Jessica
Keat, Rebekah
Kristick, Corrie
Leiggi, Heather
Lidbury, Emma-Kate
Luse, Nickie
Lyles, Liz
Miller, Leslie
Philipp, Laura
Pomeroy, Robin
Robertson, Jodie
Rouleau, Isabelle
Seymour, Jeanni
Smith, Lesley
Standifer, Caitlin
Stevens, Amanda
Thibodeau, Karen
Williamson, Kelly

For the pro women Sarah Haskins of the USA was fastest of all in the swim by over 30 seconds. Jeanni Seymour was second and Katy Blakemore third. Kaitlin Anelauskas was in fourth, but only one second behind Blakemore.

Nearing the three mile mark on the run course Haskins maintained her lead, but Jeanni Seymour was applying some pressure from second place. Liz Lyles and Laura Phillip were in the mix as well in a battle for third and fourth.

Nearing the nine mile mark it was still Haskins hanging on but it was a gap of only just under 30 seconds to Jeanni Seymour.

There was no catching Sarah Haskins and she takes top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Texas results 2016 with a winning time of 4:12:46.


Haskins, Sarah   	04:12:46
Seymour, Jeanni   	04:13:54
Robertson, Jodie	04:14:36
Philipp, Laura   	04:15:30
Lyles, Liz      	04:17:27
Leiggi, Heather   	04:20:06
Smith, Lesley    	04:20:26
Jones Meyers, Jessica	04:21:28
Pomeroy, Robin   	04:23:02
Ferreira, Amber   	04:23:59
Huse, Sue       	04:24:02
Blakemore, Katy  	04:25:44
Thibodeau, Karen	04:27:21
Bugdol, Ewa      	04:27:26
Fillnow, Kelly   	04:28:29
Anelauskas, Kaitlin	04:31:41
Javens, Amy             04:35:17
Miller, Leslie  	04:35:17
Hill, Alycia    	04:36:03
Rouleau, Isabelle	04:38:05
Luse, Nickie    	04:38:16
Brown, Christen  	04:38:42
Casey, Terry    	04:43:16
Baugher, Liz	        04:47:56

To age-group finishers in Ironman 70.3 Texas results 2016.

FEMALE 18-24

Ellis, Jourdan   	04:56:51
Hernandez, Mayrena	06:00:52
Fernandez, Cristina	06:05:44
Bourgeois, Olivia	06:09:49
Carver, Victoria	06:13:27

MALE 18-24

Gomez, Pablo     	04:27:12
Lemmons, Phillip	04:45:04
Anders, Eric	        04:48:50
Hanson, Troy     	05:11:15
Guerrero, Paolo   	05:16:14

FEMALE 25-29

Tiner, Chelsea    	04:31:39
Smith, Kearci           04:39:17
Van Breda, Keelyn	04:44:37
Benson, Heidi    	04:45:28
Olson, Rachel    	04:47:31

MALE 25-29

Keily, Andrew    	04:07:06
Snapp, Ryan             04:09:48
Collins, Wyatt          04:15:38
Arnosky, Justin 	04:20:08
Stoufflet, Brad 	04:20:21

FEMALE 30-34

Vsetecka, Danielle	04:34:56
O'Mara, Kelly   	04:43:12
Nyitray, Elizabeth	04:51:33
Koop, Haley     	04:54:52
Gardner, Meredith	05:00:51

MALE 30-34

Emge, Clay      	04:09:44
Melo, Breno      	04:11:19
Foster, Reid     	04:15:38
Simmons, Trent    	04:16:08
Kloosterman, Michael	04:19:34

FEMALE 35-39

Holmes, Amari    	04:56:06
Looney, Kate     	04:58:10
Braybrook, Kate   	04:58:40
Sullivan, Susan   	04:59:43
Golovine, Michelle	05:05:33

MALE 35-39

Ferreira Da Silva 
Neto, Antonio   	04:07:17
Silva, Rafael     	04:11:52
Scarella, Jeff    	04:17:32
Jackson, Austin   	04:20:35
Frank, David	        04:20:36

FEMALE 40-44

Finley, Margaret	04:44:19
Parent, Amy      	04:56:39
Coombe, Joanne    	04:57:47
Henn, Brannen     	05:00:11
English, Dawn    	05:03:07

MALE 40-44

Hola, Tim        	04:12:22
Hockey, Andy      	04:18:00
Prois, Cort      	04:22:40
Engle, Matthew	        04:29:06
Deming, Dan     	05:07:09

FEMALE 45-49

Hassel, Diana    	04:52:30
Pelicano, Nusha   	04:54:45
Ruthven, Missy   	04:58:53
Rulon, Jennifer   	05:09:19
Orgill, Michelle	05:09:44

MALE 45-49

Cart, Kevin     	04:27:29
Von Allmen, Konrad	04:27:33
Read, Jack      	04:34:49
Wallis, Michael   	04:37:39
Morrow, Matt     	04:41:53

FEMALE 50-54

Smith, Lauren    	04:57:42
Luttmer, Kelly    	05:13:30
Grady, Kathy     	05:18:55
Carr, Cynthia	        05:24:34
Seesholtz, Holly	05:39:11

MALE 50-54

Bonsell, Shawn   	04:22:09
Pringle, Alexander	04:35:34
Thompson, Jimmy  	04:41:06
Simmons, Keith   	04:47:56
Clark, Carl     	04:55:24

FEMALE 55-59

Pringle, Beth           05:23:28
McDonald, Mary  	05:39:31
Bassin, Stephanie	05:46:39
Craig, Cary       	05:48:31
Newald, Jitka    	05:51:18

MALE 55-59

Roberts, Wyman    	05:05:20
Kilinski, Robert	05:12:20
Neal, Darrel    	05:16:07
Orgill, Lawrence	05:17:58
Brown, Garrett   	05:19:50

FEMALE 60-64

Tibbetts, Cathy  	05:58:18
Weatherby, Karen	06:42:37
Beavers, Cathy   	07:18:06
Mauk, Eileen    	07:58:42
Cauley, Stephanie	08:07:47
Mooney, Joan    	08:28:14

MALE 60-64

Cook, Bruce      	05:09:49
Baum, Jack       	05:10:10
Boylan, Scott     	05:11:42
Preston, Dave     	05:15:09
Thompson, Larry   	05:20:54
Stein, Thom      	05:39:08
Fristik, John     	05:48:45
Lopez, Reyes    	05:50:18
Arnier, Jeffery  	05:52:10
Marchani, Carlos	05:52:21

MALE 65-69

Marashi, Fred           05:51:56
Lloyd, Graham    	05:56:52
Park, David     	06:04:55
Takacs, John     	06:34:26
Caballero, Santiago	07:01:38
Kaplan, Mark     	07:07:01
Burnett, Lloyd	        07:22:22
Thauwald, Pete   	07:57:31
Young, Dennis    	08:17:21
Salvador, Pio Jr.	08:51:54

FEMALE 70-74

Gruenfeld, Cherie       06:11:10

MALE 70-74

Struble, Alan    	06:23:50
Hola, Ken        	06:51:23
Snider, Robert   	07:29:45

MORE RACE RESULTS from Ironstruck.

Visit for complete race results.

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