Ironman 70.3 U.K. race results 2012

Chris McCormack has pegged Ironman 70.3 U.K. as one of the toughest 70.3 races in the world. The Sunday June 17, 2012 seventh edition of the race will be challenged by over 2000 athletes including four past male winners of the event.


There are several reasons why this is considered one of the toughest 70.3 races in the world. First of all the weather always seems to play a big role in the race. For instance this year temperatures of ten degrees Celsius are expected on race morning.

If the sun does happen to come out at least it will not be shining into the eyes of the swimmers out on the 1.2 mile swim course. The swim had been changed to clockwise from the anti-clockwise direction of past years so swimmers are not doing most of the one-lap swim with the sun glaring into their eyes.
2012 race results IM 70.3 U.K.
It’s bad enough that the water will most likely be very cold on race morning.

It will not get any easier out on the 56-mile two-lap bike course. In all there is over 4000 feet of climbing and once the run leg is reached there is more of the same with another 1323 feet of climbing to be done over the three loops of the course.

A great battle is expected between the pro men for top spot on the podium as four past champions are in the race.

Chris McCormack might seem like the logical pre-race favorite, but he just raced in Cairns and he may not be full recovered for a top effort in Ironman 70.3 U.K. Also he was having some passport problems that could keep him out of the race.

There will be a stiff challenge coming from Paul Amey, Fraser Cartmell, and Phillip Graves. Personally I am going with Phillip to win this one…….on a hunch. Hope I don’t jinx him.


Amey, Paul
Annovazzi, Matteo
Cain, Martin
Cartmell, Fraser
Elgezabal, Mikel
Ellis, Matt
Graves, Philip
Halksworth, Daniel
Hawkins, Paul
Hotchkiss, Jonathan
Howard, Ben
Kyllonen, Teemu
Lassonde, Cedric
McCormack, Chris
McCrystal, Bryan
Skipper, Joe
Thomschke, Markus
Threlfall, Mark
Van Beijnum, Kamil
Wegscheider, Erich
Wiltshire, Harry

The race for top spot among the pro women seems to be a bit more clear cut. It’s hard to see Emma-Kate Lidbury getting beat here. If she is beaten out for the win it will most likely be Lucy Gossage or perhaps Eimar Mullan who could take command out on the bike course and never be caught.


Abraham, Corinne
Barnard, Natalie
Braendli, Simone
Fowler, Bethan
Gossage, Lucy
Hignett, Susie
Hufe, Mareen
Kirchler, Irina
Lawrence, Holly
Lidbury, Emma-Kate
Mullan, Eimear


A expected it was Phillip Graves and Fraser Cartmell who were in the lead pack coming out of the water, however Chris McCormack was nowhere to be seen and indeed was unable to start the race as was thought might happen because of his passport issues.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was that Paul Amey fell off the pace and was almost two minutes behind after the swim.

Phillip Graves took the lead in the bike and held on to win. file image

Phillip Graves stormed to the front on the bike course and took a large lead of over five minutes as he headed out on the run course. Paul Amey fell further back and was well off the pace leaving the bike/run transition.


Graves, Philip		00:22:33	02:29:36
Cartmell, Fraser	00:22:25	02:35:43
Skipper, Joe		00:25:13	02:32:20
Threlfall, Mark		00:22:24	02:36:24
Thomschke, Markus	00:24:28	02:33:37

For the women it was Holly Lawrence who had a slight edge coming out of the water with Simone Braendli and Emma-Kate Lidbury were right behind her.

However it was Eimear Mullan who used her superior biking to create a large gap between herself and the rest of the pro female field. This was not unexpected. The question is whether or not she can hold of the challenges that are sure to come out on the run course.

winner for the pro women Eimear Mullan-file image

Phillip Graves was just too tough today and hangs on to win Ironman 70.3 U.k. with a finish time of 04:19:45. The time is a great indication of just how tough the course is.

Excellent efforts were put in by Markus Thomschke and Mark Threlfall who rounded out the podium.
Fraser Cartmell slipped back into fourth spot and Paul Amey was sixth.


Graves, Philip		00:22:33	02:29:36	01:23:45	04:19:45
Thomschke, Markus	00:24:28	02:33:37	01:18:27	04:21:04
Threlfall, Mark		00:22:24	02:36:24	01:21:22	04:23:51
Cartmell, Fraser	00:22:25	02:35:43	01:22:58	04:24:30
Skipper, Joe		00:25:13	02:32:20	01:25:33	04:27:06
Amey, Paul		00:24:01	02:41:39	01:16:46	04:27:20
Howard, Ben		00:24:04	02:35:00	01:26:09	04:28:47
Hawkins, Paul		00:24:16	02:34:33	01:32:38	04:35:46
Wiltshire, Harry	00:22:22	02:42:33	01:27:32	04:36:09
Cain, Martin		00:26:14	02:43:08	01:23:02	04:36:56

Eimear Mullan is the first across the finish line for the pro women as she used her big lead off the bike to her advantage. Her winning time is 04:53:33.

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