Ironman 70.3 Victoria results 2014

Although this race has been in existence for 19 years the Ironman 70.3 Victoria results 2014 is the first time the results will be posted officially as a member of the WTC.

That means prize money and Kona Ranking Points for the pros and a chance for age-group athletes to win a slot in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships set to take place in Mont-Tremblant in the Fall of 2014.

Triathletes love this course that features a single loop swim, a 90k bike through the stunning Saanich Peninsula and a trail run around Elk Lake.


Andrew Russell
Stephen Kilshaw
Josh Seifarth
Brendan Naef
Anthony Toth
Matt Lieto
Nathan Dressel 

A group of three pro men led the way out of the water. Andrew Russel, Josh Seifarth, and Matt Lieto were just seconds apart as they made their way into the first transition.

Matt Lieto posted the fastest bike time by over two minutes, but nobody could match the 01:16:33 run split of Andrew Russell.

It was more than enough to give him a comfortable win by over three minutes and he takes top spot in the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Victoria results 2014.


Andrew Russell 	03:58:25
Matt Lieto 	04:01:40
Stephen Kilshaw 04:01:52
Anthony Toth 	04:12:49
Nathan Dressel 	04:15:46
Brendan Naef 	04:19:11
Josh Seifarth 	04:24:08


Karen Thibodeau
Mackenzie Madison
Christine Fletcher
Janet Neilsen 

What a swim by Karen Thibodeau for the pro women. She had a three minute lead as she started out on the 90k bike course.

Madison McKenzie closed ground and caught up to Thibodeau on the strength of her 02:30:19 bike split, but Thibodeau outran her and claimed the victory by almost three minutes.


Karen Thibodeau   04:30:36
Mackenzie Madison 04:34:16
Janet Neilsen 	  04:53:07

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.(unofficial)

FEMALE 18-24

Kimberley Lubinich   06:08:14
Olivia Arguinchona   06:27:45
Lindsey Von bloedau  06:32:49
Anna Phillips 	     07:33:15

MALE 18-24

Dylan Zrobek 	     04:31:20
Jamie Woodbury 	     04:36:23
Trevor Marc 	     04:40:59

FEMALE 25-29

Fawn Whiting 	     04:32:32
Cheryl Orlovsky      04:34:40
Emma Bedard 	     04:40:35

MALE 25-29

Sean Hunter 	     04:27:22
Colin Wu 	     04:28:00
Bruce Deakyne 	     04:30:41

FEMALE 30-34

Julie Vieselmeyer    04:51:01
Lindsey Chamberlain  04:58:28
Steph 	Corker 	     05:06:40

MALE 30-34

Dylan Gleeson 	     04:09:58
Relu Harau 	     04:13:48
Ryan Smiley 	     04:21:03

FEMALE 35-39

Amy VanTassel 	     04:49:25
Claire Young 	     04:59:39
Anna Johnston 	     05:11:16

MALE 35-39

Justin 	Kerr 	     04:19:14
Richard MacDonald    04:25:36
Nathan Murray 	     04:27:16

FEMALE 40-44

Shannon Titzel 	     05:09:52
Leigh Ann Vanderlinde05:12:07
Monique Simone Moore 05:15:02

MALE 40-44

Joel Lutz 	     04:28:00
James Young 	     04:31:43
Jeffrey Oram 	     04:36:17

FEMALE 45-49

Rosemary Allan 	     05:14:00
Charlene Waldner     05:15:37
Diane Miller 	     05:25:31

MALE 45-49

Jason Sandquist      04:14:39
Calvin Zaryski 	     04:18:43
Barry Berg 	     04:35:24
Charles Nelson 	     04:35:45

FEMALE 50-54

Sandra Foweraker     05:03:13
Shelley Thomson      05:03:54
Dianne Kaltenegger   05:10:50

MALE 50-54

Robert Hasegawa      04:28:45
Scott roberts 	     04:41:20
Dan Smith 	     04:42:40
Frank O'Brien 	     04:42:54

FEMALE 55-59

Deborah taylor 	     05:32:47
Laura Leno 	     05:37:39
Kim Griffiths 	     05:49:45

MALE 55-59

Paul Weevers 	     05:09:30
Marc Fontaine 	     05:11:19
Mark Oneill 	     05:14:03
Anthony Tomic 	     05:19:22

FEMALE 60-64

Ann Hayes 	     05:52:00
Beatrice Van Horne   06:32:59
Ruby Ferguson 	     06:58:30
Fern Esau 	     07:38:07
Arlene Vaskevitch    08:09:42

MALE 60-64

Jim Stewart 	     05:00:26
Gord Wyper 	     05:42:46
Robert Andrews 	     05:43:52
George Tiller 	     05:54:36

MALE 65-69

Garth Fuller 	     06:24:49
Derek Duvall 	     06:25:25
Jim Ramsey 	     06:46:19
Helmut Mark 	     07:06:05

MALE 70-74

Paul Allingham 	     06:53:35


These results originated on Be sure to visit the Ironmanlive site if your results are not listed here.

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