Top Great Britain pros featured in inaugural Ironman 70.3 Weymouth Results 2016.

Although a full Ironman and 70.3 will be taking place only the Ironman 70.3 Weymouth Results 2016 will feature pro athletes. The full Ironman will be for age-group athletes only.

As the gun sounded to begin the race male pro favorites for the podium appeared to be Mark Threfall and Harry Wiltshire. However there were several others in the race capable of claiming a spot on the podium on their best effort.


Cavelier, Sacha
Cottle, David
Hancock, Tim
Hayes, Stuart
Hovgaard, Esben
Jarrige, Yvan
Lassonde, Cedric
Leeman, Matthew
Liebelt, Markus
Metzler, Justin
Norris, Colin
Pochon, Cyril
Simon, Oliver
Threlfall, Mark
Twigg, Craig
Walker, Chris
Williams, Brad
Wiltshire, Harry

It was Mark Threfall recording the fastest time with his swim split of 23:33. However Harry Wiltshire was just two seconds behind him. Stuart Hayes was just five seconds behind the the leader and the race began in earnest.

Mark Threfall posted one of the fastest bike splits of the day and that put him in a battle for the lead as the run began. Harry Wiltshire and Stuart Hayes were still right there with him.

However it was Harry Wiltshire who had a run time of 1:18::03 to take the victory by about a minute over Stuart Hayes. The fastest run split of the day belonged to Yvan Jarrige of France and it helped him edge out Mark Threlfall for the final spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Weymouth Results 2016.


Wiltshire, Harry	04:10:41
Hayes, Stuart     	04:11:43
Jarrige, Yvan     	04:12:12
Threlfall, Mark	        04:12:53
Liebelt, Markus   	04:15:05
Metzler, Justin   	04:15:32
Lassonde, Cedric	04:21:12
Norris, Colin     	04:21:25
Hovgaard, Esben  	04:22:54
Williams, Brad   	04:30:28
Twigg, Craig      	04:35:44
Hancock, Tim    	04:39:49
Pochon, Cyril     	04:40:14
Cavelier, Sacha   	04:49:10

The field for the female pros only contained five competitors.


Drewett, Hannah
Olle Gatell, Dolca
Pallant, Emma
Richards, Suzie
Seymour, Natalie

Hannah Drewett led the way for the pro women in the swim with a clocking of 25:02. She was the only pro female to make it in under the 26 minute mark.

Dolca Olle Gatell of Spain and Emma Pallant of Great Britain finished in a virtual tie for second place with official times of 26:52 and 26:53.

However it was Natalie Seymour putting down the fastest bike split of the day and working her way into second place.

Emma Pallant was strong in the swim and bike and fastest of all on the run course. That enabled her to cross the finish line first in the Ironman 70.3 Weymouth Results 2016.


Pallant, Emma      	04:40:16
Seymour, Natalie	04:44:49
Drewett, Hannah   	05:01:11
Richards, Suzie   	05:03:22
Olle Gatell, Dolca	05:06:59

Top age-group finishers in the Ironman 70.3 Weymouth Results 2016.

FEMALE 18-24

Wright, Joanna   	05:23:50
Puckett, Joanna  	05:54:30
Green, Ellie     	05:57:23
Hinds, Charlotte	06:14:10
Hill, Olivia     	06:21:39
Jones, Sarah    	06:27:00
Tuffin, Georgina	07:06:29
RobinsonGrace-Elizabeth	07:10:53
Channing, Abigail	07:48:00
Ward, Jennifer    	07:59:22
Tew, Jessica     	08:15:15

MALE 18-24

Edney, Harry     	04:36:34
Hunt, James       	04:46:53
Voss, Luke      	04:49:51
Teenan, Oliver    	04:53:54
Humez, Jérémy      	04:55:57
Mccloskey, Arran Rory	05:04:27
Wren, Alfie      	05:12:25
Mole, Edward      	05:12:25
Wyatt, Joseph    	05:16:48
Fisher, Dan     	05:22:39

FEMALE 25-29

Roe, Lauren      	05:23:09
Grosvenor, Tara         05:27:55
Beverly, Anair   	05:30:36
Upham, Kerri-Ann	05:32:16
Raffan, Sara      	05:51:43
Brown, Laura      	05:54:32
Mayer, Heather   	05:56:32
Bennett, Lara    	06:02:32
Turner, Jane     	06:04:11
Pollard, Kimberley	06:04:39

MALE 25-29

Ebbage, Richard   	04:23:38
Drake, Robert     	04:34:40
Proctor, Sam      	04:36:14
Smith, Harry      	04:40:05
Hall, Benjamin    	04:40:21
Bradshaw, Daniel	04:41:40
Carter, Matthew    	04:49:59
Bennett, Adam     	04:59:13
Laming, Niall     	04:59:58
Carter, Tom     	05:01:11

FEMALE 30-34

Hallam, Rachel     	04:52:40
Wood, Claire     	05:11:14
Grundon, Holly   	05:15:11
Griffiths, Lindsay	05:17:42
Robinson, Suzy   	05:24:26
King, Camilla    	05:25:12
Royles, Gemma    	05:25:53
Green, Joanne    	05:33:41
King, Hayley    	05:34:04

MALE 30-34

Stansfield, Sion	04:41:46
Sims, Dan        	04:42:36
Simpson, Ross     	04:45:11
Eacott, James    	04:46:11
Pikett, Luke            04:50:31
Zechmann, Gunther	04:50:43
Newton, Nathan   	04:51:21
Pollitt, Bradley	04:51:21
Ducker, Martin    	04:57:34
Wallis, Tim      	05:02:16

FEMALE 35-39

Rutherfoord, Paula	05:03:55
Mitka, Ewa      	05:12:54
Watson, Anna-Marie	05:15:22
Young, Nathalie  	05:21:37
George, Kate     	05:22:22
Lutsch, Christine	05:28:33
Lake, Samantha   	05:38:30
Jones, Andrea    	05:40:21
Batchelor, Phillippa	05:40:22
Booth, Kirstie    	05:47:21

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MALE 35-39

Standidge, Chris	04:28:25
Shephard, Richard	04:31:03
Pennington, Charles	04:35:23
Ryman, Paul     	04:37:10
Munday, Richard   	04:41:59
Brooks, Donald    	04:43:26
Dudden, Tom      	04:44:16
Gaskin, Nigel    	04:46:48
Williams, Tom    	04:50:28
Mills, Jonathan	        04:50:29

FEMALE 40-44

Muston, Jenni     	05:15:51
Frank, Monika	        05:25:36
Hawkins, Suzy    	05:30:20
Hall, Rachel     	05:36:21
Hagger, Jude    	05:48:48
Sutcliffe, Claire	05:49:28
Sanger, Samantha	06:01:44
Gustafson, Christina	06:03:53
Miller, Karen     	06:04:11
Chilvers, Julie  	06:06:53

MALE 40-44

Kennedy-Burn, Clive	04:23:56
Kirkham, Dean     	04:49:39
Cole, Dan       	04:50:44
Mullett, Geoffrey	04:53:07
Vidal, Cyril     	05:01:23
Penny, Keith	        05:01:28
Julier, Mark     	05:02:42
Hoskins, Scott   	05:06:51
Bridgman, Alastair	05:07:14
Repper, James    	05:07:35

FEMALE 45-49

Watkins, Karen   	05:22:04
Johnson, Alexandra	05:59:02
Bagnall, Alison   	06:02:09
Oelofse, Tessa   	06:03:33
Baker, Rachel    	06:08:22
Cartiaux, Muriel	06:18:18
Conway, Fiona    	06:19:14
Garratt, Nicky   	06:27:19
Crowe, Emma      	06:28:22
Williams, Justine	06:30:04

MALE 45-49

Whittlestone, Scott	04:39:55
Ashwanden, Charles	04:49:11
Chatfield, Jamie	04:52:12
Thursting, Wayne	04:55:21
Clash, Russell   	04:58:11
Bromley, Carl    	05:02:28
Tye, Chris	        05:03:00
De Jaeger, Luc          05:03:33
Liekens, Peter   	05:05:46
Jane, Gary	        05:14:47

FEMALE 50-54

Hille, Claudia   	05:22:28
Kerswell, Sarah   	05:29:05
Hooper, Rachel   	06:05:03
Hacon, Gweneth	        06:06:07
Middleton, Julie	06:09:56
Gigg, Serena     	06:33:34
French, Dawn     	06:34:18
Cox, Christina   	06:40:17
Elliott, Donna   	06:53:12
Bridgen, Melanie	07:07:07
Whitely, Nicky   	07:08:37

MALE 50-54

Newey, Richard   	04:51:55
Carr, Adrian     	05:00:58
Rogers, Martin    	05:03:24
Mccloskey, Kevin	05:05:47
Wright, Innes    	05:08:35
Monteiro, Martin	05:16:09
Biles, Roger    	05:16:34
Taylor, Simon    	05:16:34
Murphy, Mike    	05:18:55
Macvicker, Simon	05:20:10

FEMALE 55-59

Fry, Charlotte   	05:46:25
Kumleben, Sue     	05:59:17
Hickman, Sue     	06:52:57

MALE 55-59

James, Kev       	05:33:41
Parfitt, Stephen	05:42:56
Farwell, Peter   	05:46:20
Lane, David      	05:51:41
Willis, Simon    	05:52:28
Wilks, Richard   	05:53:13
Bowditch, Kenneth	05:56:45
Pasint Magyar, David	06:02:37
Hiscott, Keith   	06:14:20
Imeson, Ian      	06:14:39

MALE 60-64

Skivington, Michael	05:38:32
Grimes, Jeff     	06:32:18
Hoare, Tony     	06:34:19
Blasby, Steve           06:41:02
Poole, Alan      	06:56:08
Martin, Graham    	07:16:14
Canning, Daniel  	07:18:19
Titmus, Nigel    	08:34:28

MALE 65-69

Brown, Steve      	06:06:00
Ransom, David    	06:17:26

FEMALE 70-74

Ashmore, Linda          06:38:18

MALE 70-74

Gillott, Peter          08:02:52

MORE RACE RESULTS from Ironstruck.

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