Ironman Arizona Results 2011


Just who will come out on top of the Ironman Arizona results 2011 in Tempe? The race will have center-stage in the world of triathlon as it is the only Ironman race(70.3 or full ironman) race of the weekend.


The swim is a single-loop, deep water start and will take place in Tempe Town Lake. The course is rectangular in configuration and water temperatures for the wetsuit swim are normally in the mid-60’s F.

Most likely there will be some blistering fast times as both the bike and run course are relatively flat.

The 112 mile bike course consists of three loops in and around the Tempe area with the athletes returning to Tempe Beach Park to start the second and third loops.

The 26.2 mile run course is also flat with a few small hills and will take the runners through around Tempe Town Lake where the race started and through Papago Park. It can be extremely hot and it may play a major factor in the race as there is very little shade on the run course.


There is an exceptional field of pros entered in Ironman Arizona 2011 and many of them were in the recent World Ironman Championships in Kona.

On the women’s side it’s pretty hard to go against Leanda Cave as she comes off a spectacular third place finish in Kona. She is an amazing runner and does not have to be in the lead coming off the bike.

Kessler had strong podium finishes in both Ironman Canada and Wisconsin this year and could very well be in the mix for a podium spot in Tempe.

I feel the biggest threat to Leanda Cave will be Amanda Stevens as she is also a very strong runner and may find herself in a duel with Leanda in the late stages of the run.

ironman arizona results 2011 finish medal

Great achievement to earn one of these


Bromme, Uli
Calkins, Kathleen
Cave, Leanda
Collonge, Jeanne
Corbin, Linsey
Csomor, Erika
Danais, Marie
Dietrich, Susan
Donavan, Jessie
Essmuller, Rebekka
Ferreira, Amber
Garcia, Whitney
Gregory, Caroline
Gross, Sara
Kessler, Meredith
Liljeblad, Kelly
Phelan, Donna
Ribes, Lisa
Rohrbach, Regula
Smith, Jessica
Spitler, Erin
Stevens, Amanda
Vesterby, Michelle
Weerd, Mirjam
Wernick, Charisa
Williamson, Kelly

For the pro men a top choice for the win appeared at first glance to be Jordan Rapp, but apparently he did not start the race. I was at the Ironman Canada 2011 finish line when he came in for the win and he looked great in victory.

However Jordan decided to fore-go Ironman Hawaii and one wonders if he sustained an injury as a result of his great effort in Ironman Canada. For whatever reason, he did not make it to Ironman Arizona either.

If there is to be an upset winner it just might be Tim O’Donell who came up sick on Ironman Hawaii race day and was forced to withdraw from the race. It all depends on his fitness level.

Next to Kona this race appears to have one of the strongest pro men fields of the year. There are most likely another 5 or 6 pro men who could well steal a podium spot on Sunday.

Paul Amey, Fraser Cartmel, Eneko Llanos, Michael Weiss, and Viktor Zyemtsev are all quite capable of being on the podium with their best possible performance.


Abel, Torsten
Albano, Ivan
Amey, Paul
Baradoy, Leif
Bastie, Christophe
Berger, Dominik
Botelho, Raymond
Boudreaux, Chris
Cartmel, Fraser
Dahlz, John
Elliot, Lewis
Gerlach, Thomas
Gomes, Pedro
Harju, Dave
Jaberg, Patrick
Jensen, Martin
Johnston, Chad
Jurkiewicz, Jeremy
Kelly, Ryan
Kienle, Sebastian
Kriegl, Flo
Kunz, Erich
Llanos, Eneko
MacAsieb, Arland
MacLean, Douglas
Marr, Tim
Milam, Jared
Nemcik, Marek
Neyedli, Scott
Nitschke, Christian
O'Donnell, Tim
Paoli, Stefano
Paul, Jeff
Pawlaczyk, Kyle
Piggin, Olly
Poulat, Stephane
Powell, Andrew
Raphael, Jan
Rapp, Jordan
Rau, Ryan
Russell, Matthew
Sanson, Benjamin
Schifferle, Mike
Schmid, Stefan
Schmidt, Christof
Sickl, Heinrich
Simon, Oliver
Snilstveit, Gudmund
Taddonio, Kevin
Toth, Anthony
Umphenour, Joe
Vallant, Rene
Vondracek, Jesse
Waninger, Nick
Ward Munoz, Nicholas Peter
Weiss, Michael
Wichert, Chris
Wurtele, Trevor
Zyemtsev, Viktor


The eighth edition of Ironman Arizona is just about set to go and there are a few interesting stats to make note of. Almost 3000 athletes have registered for the race here in Tempe. Allowing for the usual pre-race attrition that probably means around 2700 will start.

As is true with every single Ironman race in the world, there is a huge contingent of first time ironmen in the field. There are an incredible 1042 iron virgins in the 2011 version of Ironman Arizona.

There are over twice as many men as there women in the race with just over 800 women and over 2100 men.

The water temperature is 62 degrees with air temperatures of around 72 expected later in the day. The good news is that some cloud cover is expected and the winds will be light. If the runners are protected from the sun by cloud cover out on the marathon course we could be in for some very fast times.

The race is on!

Early indications at about the 15 minute mark show American John Dahlz leading the race and for the women it is main contenders Amanda Stevens, Leanda Cave, Meredith Kessler, and Kelly Williamson bunched at the front.


1 46:56 63 John Dahlz San Francisco CA USA
2 46:59 0:03 50 Stephane Poulat Anglet FRA
3 47:01 0:05 46 Benjamin Sanson Boraeaux FRA
4 47:03 0:07 57 Joe Umphenou Colorado Spring CO USA
5 47:06 0:10 67 Jeremy Jurkiewi Nice FRA

As sometimes happens, the main players in today’s race are off the pace at the start as the strongest swimmers take center stage. Usually in the bike leg there is a dramatic shift as the serious podium contenders power their way to the front.


1 48:43 73 Amanda Stevens
2 51:45 3:03 79 Kelly Williams Austin TX USA
3 51:46 3:04 72 Meredith Kessler San Francisco CA USA
4 52:08 3:25 71 Leanda Cave Tucson AZ GBR
5 53:52 5:09 101 Michelle Vesterby Odense DEN

For the women the exact opposite is true today. The four top contenders for a podium spot are all at the front. Should be a great race that will ultimately be decided on the marathon course as there are some strong runners in the race today.

**something that may or may not be a factor later in the race. Leanda Cave crashed on her bike as she was leaving the swim/bike transition.

Here is a look at some of the first age-group athletes to finish the swim:


1 48:24 1178 Andy Gardner Kingwood TX USA
2 48:36 0:12 1010 Wesley Johnson
3 48:41 0:18 1021 Fredrik Seistrup Odense DNK
4 52:29 4:06 1843 Alexander McCrohan Tucson AZ USA
5 53:41 5:17 1220 Scott Bowe West Allis WI USA
6 53:45 5:21 2634 Sacha Marcroft Thousand Oaks CA USA
7 53:47 5:24 1043 Scott Halasz Austin TX USA
8 54:08 5:44 1487 Jon Walker Olympia WA USA
9 54:10 5:46 2754 Peter Dehling Weiden DEU
10 54:10 5:47 1432 Seton Claggett Tucson AZ USA


1 54:19 213 Christina Jackson Oceanside CA USA
2 55:43 1:24 168 Katey Dorweile Denver CO USA
3 56:40 2:21 403 Sandra Fantini Valbonne FRA
4 57:03 2:45 258 Jennifer Wilson Chicago IL USA
5 57:28 3:09 275 Sandra Lopez Castle Rock CO USA
6 59:00 4:41 298 Alysia Lovgren Durham NC USA
7 59:01 4:42 217 Bridget Mahle Woodstock GA USA
8 59:46 5:27 309 Elizabeth Thiel Dupont WA USA
9 59:51 5:32 233 Jennifer Eberle Los Angeles CA USA
10 59:52 5:34 566 Shana Murray Minneapolis MI USA

**The Leanda Cave bike crash could be huge in this race as she is over 8 minutes off the pace early on in the bike. There is no word on her injuries. She is an amazing runner, but it remains to be seen how far back she is once she reaches the bike/run transition.


Amanda Stevens 
* Meredith Kessler  2:01
* Kelly Williamson  3:04
* Michelle Vesterby 4:10
* Sara Gross        5:00
* Mirjam Weerd      6:01
* Rebekka Essmuller 7:11
* Erika Csomor      7:12
* Jessica Smith     8:02
* Leanda Cave       8:15

The men are much more tightly bunched together.


* Benjamin Sanson is in the lead, followed by:
* Stephane Poulat   0:08
* John Dahlz        0:07
* Jeremy Jurkiewicz 0:10
* Joe Umphenour     0:17
* Tim O'Donnell     1:25
* Eneko Llanos      1:33
* Fraser Cartmell   1:38
* Paul Amey         1:39
* Tim Marr          1:45

No sign of a few of the top podium contenders just yet, but it’s early in the race.

Good news on the Leanda Cave front. She has made up a few minutes and is just six minutes back of the leader Amanda Stevens.

All she really has to do is stay within 10-12 minutes of the leaders coming off the bike. If she’s not injured she might just begin to mow then all down in the run.


* Eneko Llanos is the leader
* Benjamin Sanson    0:04
* Stephane Poulat    0:10
* Paul Amey          0:10
* Tim O'Donnell      0:13
* Fraser Cartmell    0:14
* Sebastian Kienle   0:14
* Joe Umphenour      0:15
* Jeremy Jurkiewicz  2:06
* John Dahlz         2:23


Amanda Stevens is the current leader.
* Meredith Kessler   1:50
* Leanda Cave        2:00
* Linsey Corbin      2:10
* Michelle Vesterby  2:22
* Erika Csomor       2:42
* Mirjam Weerd       4:30
* Kelly Williamson   6:21
* Kathleen Calkins   6:26
* Regula Rohrbach    7:45

At mile 90 Eneko Llanos continues to lead the way for the men. Llanos is followed closely by at least four others who are within 2 minutes of him. His pursuers include Paul Amey, Martin Jansen, Tim O’Donnell, Fraser Cartmell, and an unidentified cyclist.


* Amanda Stevens     leading
* Leanda Cave        3:50
* Meredith Kessler   2:53
* Linsey Corbin      2:55
* Michelle Vesterby  2:57
* Mirjam Weerd       6:46
* Kelly Williamson   7:30
* Erika Csomor       7:41

A bit of a surprise that Kelly is falling off the pace, however the race seems to be setting up perfectly for Leanda Cave who might well crush this field and win by double digits if she has one of her spectacular runs.

The men are less than 8 miles from the finish of the bike and Eneko Llanos still maintains a one minute lead. There are several podium favorites are right behind him. Paul Amey, Timothy O’Donnell, and Fraser Cartmell will all be right behind him as they reach the transition area.

In just the first mile of the run Tim O’Donnell has surged into second place ahead of Martin Jensen and has Eneko Llanos in his sights.

At the five mile mark of the run Eneko Llanos hangs on to a 49 second lead over Paul Amey. Stephane Poulat is in third at 1:50 and after an early push Tim O’Donnell has fallen off the pace and is 3:06 behind the leader.

At the eight mile mark Paul Amey is closing on the leader and is just 20 seconds behind. By the 12 mile mark, Paul Amey is in the lead with Eneko just 16 seconds behind.

leanda Cave is beginning to assert herself out on the run course and has a lead of 3:28 over Linsey Corbin at the 12-mile mark.

1 7:04:02  Leanda Cave is the leader
2 7:07:30 3:28  Linsey Corbin 
3 7:07:34 3:33  Meredith Kessler 
4 7:09:31 5:30  Amanda Stevens
5 7:11:32 7:31  Michelle Vesterby 
6 7:15:10 11:09 Kelly Williams

The race for top spot in Ironman Arizona 2011 may come down to the few miles or perhaps the last few hundred meters if nobody makes a big move.

Amey and Llanos are in the last 5 miles of the marathon and are running together.

It’s Eneko Llanos who is the first to make a move with two miles to go and appeared to be on his way to victory. However a gutsy effort Paul Ames enabled him to catch up to Llanos once again. What an amazing finish this is turning out to be.

Eneko Llanos takes top spot in the Ironman Arizona results 2011 with a time of 7:59:38. He is only the second triathlete to break the 8-hour mark in a North American ironman race.

Paul Amey finishes in second with a time of 8:01:29 and Viktor Zyemtsev is third after running a 2:24:55 marathon.


Llanos, Eneko	00:48:47 04:20:54 02:46:09 07:59:38
Amey, Paul      00:48:47 04:22:37 02:45:55 08:01:29
Zyemtsev,Viktor 00:52:17 04:35:02 02:43:30 08:14:36
Abel, Torsten   00:49:59 04:33:50 02:48:14 08:16:44
Poulat, Stephane00:46:59 04:24:27 03:03:38 08:18:55
Kienle,Sebastian00:53:45 04:26:38 02:55:19 08:19:29
JurkiewiczJeremy00:47:06 04:34:58 02:53:29 08:19:38
Weiss, Michael	00:54:04 04:24:05 02:59:02 08:21:36
Wurtele, Trevor	00:54:59 04:31:22 02:51:32 08:22:21
BastieChristophe00:55:12 04:25:59 03:01:02 08:26:10

For the women, Leanda Cave seems to have the race well in hand at the 18-mile mark.

* Leanda Cave        leading
* Linsey Corbin      3:35
* Meredith Kessler   3:52
* Amanda Stevens     6:48
* Michelle Vesterby  8:19


* Leanda Cave is the leader
* Linsey Corbin      3:31
* Meredith Kessler   3:56
* Amanda Stevens     6:26
* Michelle Vesterby  8:19

At mile 20 Leanda has stretched the lead to over 5 minutes and is showing her superior running ability.

Leanda Cave is the official pro women’s winner and takes to spot on the podium in the Ironman Arizona results 2011.


1 8:49:00         Leanda Cave Tucson AZ GBR
2 8:54:33 5:34    Linsey Corbin Missoula MT USA
3 9:00:14 11:15   Meredith Kessler San Francisco CA USA
4 9:09:39 20:39   Amanda Stevens
5 9:11:23 22:23   Michelle Vesterby Odense DEN
6 9:12:18 23:19   Kelly Williams Austin TX USA
7 9:12:40 23:41   Kathleen Calkins Goold River CA USA
8 9:18:03 29:04   Sara Gross Victoria BC CAN
9 9:19:47 30:48   Susan Dietrich Messel DEU
10 9:22:37 33:37  Charisa Wernick Carlsbad CA USA 

This is Leanda Cave’s first Ironman victory. It will most certainly not be her last if this race and her effort in Hawaii 2011 are any indication of what she is capable of.

TOP TEN AGE GROUP MEN in Ironman Arizona results 2011
1 9:00:01 1220 Scott Bowe West Allis WI USA
2 9:02:11 2:11 1253 Sean Schnur Houston TX USA
3 9:02:27 2:26 1346 Owen Lisa North Yarmouth ME USA
4 9:04:44 4:44 1065 Joshua Terwoord Flagstaff AZ USA
5 9:06:12 6:12 1178 Andy Gardner Kingwood TX USA
6 9:12:16 12:16 955 Gregory Farrell Point Cook VI AUS
7 9:14:38 14:38 1044 Ryan Harwell Prairie Village KS USA
8 9:14:56 14:55 1432 Seton Claggett Tucson AZ USA
9 9:15:22 15:22 1229 Jeremy Davis Carbondale IL USA
10 9:15:41 15:41 1531 Warren McAndrew Edmonds WA USA

TOP TEN AGE GROUP WOMEN in Ironman Arizona results 2011

1 9:52:31 213 Christina Jackson Oceanside CA USA
2 10:02:31 10:01 403 Sandra Fantini Valbonne FRA
3 10:03:00 10:29 388 Marie Repec Gibraltar MI USA
4 10:08:20 15:50 516 Rachelle Jorgense Eugene OR USA
5 10:08:28 15:57 309 Elizabeth Thiel Dupont WA USA
6 10:11:35 19:05 450 Lauren Henzler Allison Park PA USA
7 10:14:23 21:52 244 Nicole Luse Dayton OH USA
8 10:19:45 27:14 725 Mimi Winsberg
9 10:27:58 35:27 236 Kendra Goffredo Washington DC USA
10 10:29:57 37:26 663 Karen Monks Concord MA USA






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