Ironman Augusta 70.3 results 2011


The Ironman Augusta 70.3 results 2011 would be one of only two races taking place in the triathlon world on September 25, 2011.

In just it’s third year the Augusta 70.3 has become one of the biggest 70.3 events in the world.

3,300 athletes will be taking part in the 2011 version and if that’s not a record it must be very close to it.

The event has been so successful that a three-year extension will ensure that Augusta will be hosting this race until at least 2014.


The Savannah River swim begins at the Riverfront Marina will be point-to-point and will feature wave starts that will leave every 4 minutes.

The swim ends at the Augusta Rowing Complex.

The single-loop bike course will cross the state line into South Carolina before returning home. The course is hilly and should ensure a level playing field as opposed to a flat, fast course that would favor the front-running speedsters.

Ironman Augusta 70.3 results 2011

ironman augusta 70.3 finishers medal

The run course is a two-loop, spectator friendly course that will wind it’s way through downtown and residential Augusta.

The pro men and women will be competing for $15,000 and 500 Pro Ranking points to go towards qualifying for the 2012 Ironman and Ironman 70.3 World Championship races.

Top Age-group athletes in the Ironman Augusta 70.3 results 2011 will be after the 40 spots available for the Marine Corps Ironman World Championship 70.3. They will be held at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada, on September 9, 2012.


Heather Jackson will be one of the main contenders on the women’s side coming off her strong fourth place finish in the Marine Corp 70.3 2011 RACE RESULTS

Heather most likely won’t be leading the race at the swim/bike transition but will put the pedal to the metal in the bike and could well have the lead heading out onto the run course.

With the strong running ability she showed in the Lake Las Vegas race she might be hard to catch, but might depend on how hard she goes out on the bike. If she over-extends herself she could be caught out on the run course.

American Amanda Lovato and Emma-Kate Lidbury are also serious podium threats.

Amanda and her husband were both winners of Ironman Muskoka 70.3 2011.


Heather Jackson
Tamara Kozulina
Caroline Smith
Magali Tisseyre
Emma-Kate Lidbury
Natasha Yaremczuk
Svetlana Blazevic
Amy Kloner
Cindy Lewis
Amanda Lovato

In the men’s race Ukrainians Max Kriat and Viktor Zyemtsev could well be the biggest threats to compete for top spot in the Ironman Augusta 70.3 results 2011.

Kriat didn’t have a great race in the Marine Corp 70.3 with a 23rd place finish and will want to do well here. On the other hand Zyemtsez just seems to be rounding into form after being injured for much of the year.

Australian Tim Berkel will be also entered in Augusta. Tim finished seventh in Las Vegas only three weeks after winning a full-distance race in Copenhagen.

Earlier in the year, Berkel won Ironman 70.3 Busselton and came away with second place finishes at Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie and Racine.

Tim Berkel may be in the best form of all and is most likely the one Zyemtsev will have to beat for the top of the podium in the Ironman Augusta 70.3 results 2011. This should be a highly competitive race.


Maxim Kriat
Viktor Zyemtsev
Chris Legh
Nick Waninger
Tony White
Tim Berkel
Shanon Stallard
Jared Milam
Andrew Hodges
Justin Park
Bojan Maric
Grant Burwash
Stephen Dyke
Jeff Tarkowski
Rich Allem
Ryan Bates
Kyle Leto
James Duff
Jimi Minnema
Ryan Rau
Damon Barnett
Stanislav Krylov
Callum Millward
Jose Jeuland


From the moment the gun went off Kyle Leto was a man on a mission and when he came out of the water with the lead with a great 19 minute swim and then proceeded to blast through the bike course in 2:06:40 he looked like he would never be caught.

The trouble is that the run can be a great equalizer. Kyle’s 1:27:21 run time was no match for Viktor Zyemtsev who went in 1:13:20 and took top spot on the podium in the Ironman Augusta 70.3 results 2011.

Zyemtsev just managed to hold off fellow Ukrainian Maxim Kriat.


Zyemtsev, Viktor..00:20:15..02:10:40..01:13:20..03:47:15
Kriat, Maxim......00:20:20..02:10:32..01:15:44..03:49:34
Berkel, Tim.......00:20:19..02:10:19..01:18:00..03:51:54
Krylov, Stanislav.00:19:34..02:11:12..01:21:32..03:55:28
Leto, Kyle........00:19:00..02:06:40..01:27:21..03:56:17
Waninger, Nick....00:20:19..02:19:20..01:15:21..03:58:05
Jeuland, Jose.....00:20:22..02:16:04..01:22:06..04:02:05
Burwash, Grant....00:20:32..02:15:48..01:23:08..04:02:41
Stallard, Shanon..00:22:44..02:17:11..01:23:52..04:07:15
Minnema, Jimi.....00:23:10..02:16:24..01:26:24..04:09:59

On the pro women side Emma-Kate Lidbury came out of the water in a virtual tie with Svetlana Blazevic.

As expected, Heather Jackson was far back in the swim, but had the strongest bike leg with a time of 2:22:58.

The great bike helped her close in on Emma-Kate, but her run let her down and Heather`s time of 1:37:51 was no match for Emma-Kate`s great run time of 1:27:49.


Lidbury, Emma-Kate...00:21:54..02:26:14..01:27:49..04:19:31
Lovato, Amanda.......00:23:56..02:29:47..01:28:36..04:25:54
Jackson, Heather.....00:24:07..02:22:58..01:37:51..04:28:30
Kozulina, Tamara.....00:24:59..02:29:31..01:31:51..04:29:57
Kloner, Amy..........00:24:56..02:30:05..01:31:20..04:30:12
Smith, Caroline......00:23:57..02:32:52..01:34:19..04:35:13
Blazevic, Svetlana...00:21:51..02:38:37..01:36:01..04:40:22

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