Ironman Australia results 2012

The available spots for Ironman Australia were taken in record time and almost 1600 athletes were expected at the swim start.

The field for the pro men is quite small but very talented. Paul Ambrose would appear to be the pre-race favorite, but Leon Griffin, Jason Shortis, and Tim Berkel are all quite capable of winning this race.


2012 Ironman Australia results

1600 athletes were on hand for Ironman Australia 2012

SHORTIS, Jason 	
DMITRIEFF, Chris 	 	

The same could be said for the pro women although Hillary Biscay would appear to be the favorite either of the other two pro women could come up to challenge her for the win.


BISCAY, Hillary 
MITCHELL, Michelle 	 
WARD, Nicole


Paul Ambrose made a statement in the swim as he finished over 2 minutes ahead of Tim Berkel who finished second and was 2:31 behind heading into transition.


Ironman Australia results 2012

Age-group athletes heading to transition- image by IronmanLive

AMBROSE, Paul........0:46:18 	
BERKEL, Tim..........00:48:49 
GRIFFIN, Leon........00:48:53 
SHORTIS, Jason.... ..00:50:28 
DMITRIEFF, Chris.....00:51:46 
BROWN, Dan...........00:56:46

Hillary Biscay lead the swim for the pro women by over one minute and was first out on the bike course.

ironman australia results 2012

Michelle Mitchell


BISCAY, Hillary........00:50:4O	
MITCHELL, Michelle.....00:51:48 
WARD, Nicole...........00:51:50


At about the 50k mark of the bike Paul Ambrose held a lead of just over five minutes on Tim Berkel and Leon Griffen. Jason Shortis was another 30 seconds behind in fourth place.

Hillary Biscay held her lead on the bike and it was Nicole Ward and Michelle Mitchell battling it out behind her.

Just past the half-way mark on the bike Paul Ambrose pushes the pace and extends his over Tim Berkel to seven minutes. Leon Griffin is struggling in third and is four minutes back of

All three pro women have come together on the course and it’s Nicole Ward who is trying to create a gap from the other two.

Paul Ambrose maintains a seven minute lead over the rest of the field as he gets closer to the bike/run transition area.

Paul Ambrose leads the race with a swim of 46:18 and a bike of 4:31:25. Tim Berkel is second with a swim of 48:49 and a bike of 4:42:04. Leon Griffin is third with a swim of 48:53 and a bike of 4:48:26

Paul Ambrose was first off the bike and Tim Berkel arrived into the transition area 12 minutes behind Ambrose.

Paul Ambose had an amazing race and hung on to an eight minute lead through-out most of the marathon and is the winner of Ironman Australia 2012.

Unofficially it is a new course record for Paul Ambrose.

Ironman Australia results 2012

Paul Ambrose wins with an amazing 8:17:35 finish time

Tim Berkel finishes in second place and Jason Shortis was third.

For the pro women Hilary Biscay was the one who finished first on the bike some 15 seconds ahead of Nicole Ward and another 60 back to Michelle Mitchell. So going into the marathon it was still anybody’s race as far as the women were concerned.

Late in the marathon it is Michelle Mitchell who has taken over the lead from Nicole Ward and currently Hilary Biscay is in third spot.

Michelle Mitchell is the first pro woman to cross the finish line in a time of 9:35.

Nicole Ward is second and Hilary Biscay finishes in third place.

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