Ironman Austria Results 2016

Top European pros race for podium in Ironman Austria Results 2016

The winners of Ironman Austria 2015 were Marino Vanhoenacker and Eva Wutti. They posted times of 7:48:45 and 8:45:37 respectively.

Vanhoenacker returned to defend his title but Wutti did not so a new Ironman Austria female champion would be crowned in 2016.

When the gun sounded to begin the 3.8km swim in Lake Worthersee it was a pretty difficult task to pick the male pro podium favorites in the Ironman Austria results 2016. There were probably a dozen pro men capable of winning a spot on the podium on their best effort.

Michael Weiss returned after finishing second behind Vanhoenacker in 2015. David Plese returned to Ironman Austria as well after finishing fourth in the same race.

However there were new podium threats this year as well. Bart Aernouts, Michael Weiss, and Viktor Zyemtsev were just a few of the other male pros capable of challenging for a top placing in the Ironman Austria results 2016.


Abad De Agueda, Santiago
Aernouts, Bart
Birngruber, Christian
Borghs, Bart
Capdevila, Joan
Chase, Nicholas
Costes, Anthony
De Oliveira, Reinaldo
Degasperi, Alessandro
Fuchs, Andreas
Garces, Albert
Gili, Oriol
Gruber, Maximilian
Jalovecky, Michal
Jezko, Ivan
Jilek, David
Kleinl, Martin
Kralj, Alen
Krupicka, David
Laitinen, Juha
Lampret, Freddy
Le Guellec, Ludovic
Louys, Michael
Mlinar, Markus
Modic, Matic
Molnar, Gergo
Nemcik, Marek
Plese, David
Reitmayr, Paul
Riess, Vincent
Ruttmann, Paul
Schlagbauer, Christoph
Simko, Pavel
Simon, Oliver
Sketako, Denis
Sokk, Harri
Svoboda, Josef
Torrades, Xavier
Trettin, Stephan
Vanhoenacker, Marino
Vila Aguilar, Lluis
Vinhal, Thiago
Weiss, Michael
Zyemtsev, Viktor

Thiago Vinhal of Brazil was the first one out of the water for the pro men. Anthony Costes of France was just two seconds behind him and defending champion Marino Vanhoenacker was in third place four seconds behind the leader. Just 15 seconds separated the top eight pro men in the swim.


Vinhal, Thiago   	00:52:34
Costes, Anthony  	00:52:36
Vanhoenacker, Marino	00:52:38
Degasperi, Alessandro	00:52:39
Reitmayr, Paul   	00:52:42
Torrades, Xavier	00:52:44
Molnar, Gergo   	00:52:45
Zyemtsev, Viktor	00:52:49

Marino Vanhoenacker posted the fastest bike split of the day with his very fast clocking of 4:19:56. However his finish time would be nowhere near 2015 where he had swim and bike splits of 00:46:40 and 04:11:47.

Marino Vanhoenacker crosses the finish line first in the Ironman Austria results 2016 and wins the race for the eight time. His winning time was 8:04:18.


Vanhoenacker, Marino	08:04:18
Zyemtsev, Viktor	08:09:54
Degasperi, Alessandro	08:13:53
Weiss, Michael   	08:14:45
Plese, David     	08:15:10
Aernouts, Bart    	08:16:32
Reitmayr, Paul    	08:19:52
Sketako, Denis    	08:24:23
Modic, Matic     	08:29:39
Simko, Pavel     	08:38:14
Borghs, Bart    	08:52:00
Vinhal, Thiago    	08:54:21
Vila Aguilar, Lluis	08:58:18
Louys, Michael   	09:02:02
Schlagbauer, Christoph	09:05:40
Sokk, Harri      	09:06:39
Capdevila, Joan    	09:07:15
Jilek, David     	09:07:53
Torrades, Xavier	09:09:41
Chase, Nicholas  	09:13:19
Riess, Vincent  	09:19:03
Laitinen, Juha   	09:19:05
Molnar, Gergo    	09:21:31
Gili, Oriol     	09:29:04
Le Guellec, Ludovic	09:54:29
De Oliveira, Reinaldo	10:05:05
Gruber, Maximilian	10:13:22
Mlinar, Markus   	10:27:56
Krupicka, David   	10:28:58
Jalovecky, Michal	10:30:45
Svoboda, Josef   	10:44:12
Nemcik, Marek    	11:15:12

The start list for the pro women was not that large but was certainly plenty of talent. Mirinda Carfrae is always tough.

Amber Ferreira of the USA, Canadian Karen Thibodeau, and Michaela Herlbauer all went into the race with podium potential as well.


Candrova, Jana
Carfrae, Mirinda
Ferreira, Amber
Gruber, Elisabeth
Herlbauer, Michaela
Rudolf, Michaela
Thibodeau, Karen

Karen Thibodeau started out well as she took the lead into the first transition, but it was Mirinda Carfrae taking over the race on the bike course. She was about six minutes faster than anyone else.

The main question seemed to be whether or not she could set a new course record in the Ironman Austria results 2016.

Mirinda Carfrae takes top spot and does set a course record with her time of 8:41:17. She also posted a sizzling marathon time of 2:49:06.


Carfrae, Mirinda	08:41:17
Herlbauer, Michaela	08:57:23
Gruber, Elisabeth	09:17:20
Ferreira, Amber   	09:34:51
Rudolf, Michaela	09:43:59
Thibodeau, Karen	09:44:43
Candrova, Jana   	10:08:36

Top age-group finishers in Ironman Austria results 2016

FEMALE 18-24

Erhart, Johanna         10:06:55
Talker, Elisa    	11:55:03
Konlechner, Christina	12:44:40
Gonano, Carolina	13:15:58

MALE 18-24

Evans, David    	09:15:05
Philipps, Joachim	09:44:13
Pußwald, Philipp	09:51:07
Baumann, Christoph	10:10:08
Wagner, Andreas  	10:12:09

FEMALE 25-29

Magniez, Mathilde	10:06:47
Windhager, Isabella	10:30:59
Hoffmann, Nicole	11:10:42
Nordblom, Bibben	11:14:04

MALE 25-29

Litters, Felix Juergen	08:42:13
Stoeger, Adi     	08:52:38
Baierl, Daniel   	08:54:41
Schoepf, Christoph	09:00:44
Cadario, Anthony	09:05:32

FEMALE 30-34

Westermann, Rike	09:53:00
Sumbal, Marni    	10:06:54
Jakobsen, Gitte    	10:10:15
Murawska, Anna    	10:23:01
Rehrl, Sandra	        10:30:40

MALE 30-34

Aznar Gallego, Carlos	08:37:37
Veldeman, Toon    	08:44:29
Lehnert, Guillaume	09:00:38
Kores, Robert    	09:01:13
Benedikt, Stephan	09:01:16

FEMALE 35-39

Amtkjaer Nielsen,Katrine09:40:01
Boehmer, Briana         10:07:05
Shea-Simonds, Claire	10:11:46
Ohlmeyer, Kathrin	10:23:02
Najvirt, Ines   	10:32:37

MALE 35-39

Mühlbauer, Hans   	08:38:01
Müller, Jens      	08:40:31
Veldeman, Stefaan	08:48:40
Goll, Bernhard    	08:50:41
Veldeman, Stijn   	08:52:52

FEMALE 40-44

Steinscherer, Sabine	10:19:19
Power, Anne Marie	10:22:05
Talbot, Helen     	10:22:29
Shallcross, Joanna	10:26:00
Penker, Marlies 	10:29:50

MALE 40-44

Gyde, Sam       	08:42:16
Carta, Maurizio   	08:51:03
Cullen, Tony            08:57:00
Hannover, Danny 	09:04:24
Hirner, Christian	09:11:45

FEMALE 45-49

Bertolino, Alessia	10:24:16
Berry, Cathy     	10:46:35
Johnson, Christy	10:54:21
Gfrei, Brigitte 	10:55:37

MALE 45-49

Frühwirth, Alex   	08:55:04
Steger, Harald    	08:58:17
Wimmer, Karl     	09:19:10
Kosobud, Martin   	09:25:05
Baierl, Thomas    	09:27:15

FEMALE 50-54

Pauer, Gabriele  	10:48:06
Nilsson, Charlotta	10:55:04
Hoffmann, Sabine	11:59:31
Orepic, Durdica   	12:03:35
Lesaffer, Cai   	12:11:46

MALE 50-54

Kaltenegger, Johann	08:49:42
Bernhard, Anton   	09:27:00
Nocentini, Leonardo	09:27:51
Geissler, Siegfried	09:34:49
Huber, Werner   	09:35:23

FEMALE 55-59

Krassnitzer, Caroline	12:16:06
Torre, Mary      	12:49:17
Avenati, Catherine	12:50:50

MALE 55-59

Rohracker, Klaus	09:45:02
Klindworth, Jürgen	10:06:46
Wilfling, Rudolf	10:15:08
Amann, Joachim   	10:17:30
Langbroek, Arjen	10:26:36

FEMALE 60-64

Celette, Gabriele	11:11:58

MALE 60-64

Mandler, Hermann	10:50:36
Wolkowitsch, Franz	10:58:57
Heitzmann, Hans   	11:00:51
Kern, Gerhard     	11:05:38

MALE 65-69

Gaffal, Werner   	12:09:32
Marti, Robert    	13:05:28

MALE 70-74

Arvay, Rüdiger  	14:22:07

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