Ironman Bike Transition


When you exit the water there might be a bit of dizziness after the long swim and be prepared for this as you begin the Ironman bike transition.

Even if this is something you don’t experience, it may still take your body a little while to adjust to suddenly being thrown onto a bike.

It’s extremely important to keep you heart-rate on an even keel by adopting a long, smooth, and energy-saving swim stroke.

The Total Immersion swim method is easily one of the best in the word for triathletes who want to actually enjoy the Ironman swim and not fear it.

At the same time it teaches you to conserve energy that you will need later in the day on the bike and run course.

Many people new to the Ironman tend to run as fast as they can to get to the wetsuit-strippers, the change tend, and their bikes, but this is not the best plan.

Ironman Bike Transition bags

Know where your transition bag is

It is best to take your time and allow your heart-rate to stay as low as possible in order to conserve energy as the swim is just a small part of your Ironman day.

Also, your reflexes might not be all they should be and you may take several stabs at getting your shoe locked into the pedal.

Once you get your shoes locked in, you don’t want to have to stand up to get your bike going because you left your chain in the big wheel before the race even started. This is an important ironman bike transition tip because most accidents happen right at the beginning of the bike.

It’s important to remember to have you bike in that easy gear for your transition to the bike.

I call it “the leaving transition gear.” It’s important for a number of reasons.

It’s much easier to maintain control of your bike if you are in a very easy gear when you leave transition. This is especially important if the bike starts with an up-grade.

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The Great White North triathlon is a perfect example. The first few hundred meters are straight uphill.

In the 2009 edition of the race I watched many cyclists lose control of their bikes because they were in a huge gear on the very first revolution and of course, couldn’t get any momentum.

Their bikes were all over the place and one girl blew her chain right off when she tried to drop into the small chain-ring while standing on the pedals.

It’s very easy to avoid this type of problem by simply putting your bike in the easiest gear before the race even starts.

When it comes to your Ironman bike transition be sure to use a “leaving-bike-transition” gear . Use a very easy gear and you will have more control.

I mentioned this in my book “Ironstruck.”

It’s extremely important to be aware of the gear you leave your bike in when you have it all set up in the bike rack before the swim start. You want to we well prepared for your Ironman bike transition.

That way you will have more control, and be ready for any type of situation that will require you to maneuver your bike or to go into an early climb.

ironman bike transition

Take your time leaving transition and be sure to leave your bike in the easiest gear.

It’s much easier to shift into a big gear from a small gear then it is to shift from big chain-ring to the smallest gear.

You will have a far more seamless Ironman transition to the bike if you remember this one small tip.

It can get very busy in the first 100 meters of the bike course and you want to be in full control. You would be surprised how many crashes triathletes get themselves into in the first 30 seconds on the bike course because they were not properly prepared.

Another important thing to remember is it will take your body a bit of time to adjust to being in a vertical position of sitting on the bike instead of the horizontal position dictated by the swim.

Often it is wise to hold off taking that first drink or solid nutrition until about 15-20 minutes out on the bike course.

Ironman Bike Transition

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