Ironman Canada 2012

Another year and another Ironman Canada on the horizon. Once the new year begins we will be 8 months away from Ironman Canada 2012 and the training begins in earnest for all those who have entered.

It’s no surprise that Ironman Canada is once again sold out. Currently there still appears to be foundation spots left if money is no object.


There are 1,493 Canadians entered in the 2012 race.

Canadian cities of note.

Calgary once again is pretty much the Ironman capital of the world with 252 entries.

Red Deer-------11

Ironman Canada continues to be a very popular draw among U.S. triathletes and normally almost every state in the Union is represented.


Oh, did I forget to mention the 1 entry from Montreal and the 3 entries from Toronto?

More stats you might find interesting.

Of course we have a new Ironman in the country that takes place within a week of Ironman Canada.

The Inaugural Ironman Mont-Tremblant is also sold out of course and if you were wondering why only 4 people are entered in the Penticton race from the two biggest cities in Canada, it’s because they have all entered Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2012.

Stunning Mont-Temblant

I took a quick count and there are around 1,350 entries from Quebec and Ontario in Ironman Mont-Tremblant. There are almost as many entries from those two provinces into Mont-Tremblant as there are entries into Ironman Canada from the entire country.

There are 12 “Tremblay’s” entered In Ironman Mont-Tremblant.

At this writing they still have foundation spots available to the tune of $1,350.

If your name happens to be Tremblay, you should enter and make it a baker’s dozen.

***In case you were wondering***

Sister Madonna is entered in Ironman Canada 2012. She will be either 82 or 83 years old on race day.

I’m not really sure and it doesn’t really matter, because once she passed 70 she was already my hero and she truly is an inspiration to so many.


By now the entire triathlon world knows that some aid stations ran out of water during the 2011 race at a crucial point on the bike course.

Nobody is perfect and mistakes happen. Ironman Canada is a class event and you can rest assured that this mistake will be rectified.

It is pretty much a certainty there will be enough water at the stations this year. There will be so much water that you will probably be able to stop and have a cold shower to cool off somewhere around Yellow Lake.

I had the opportunity to take part in 10 Ironman Canada races over my career and I have to say that the only mistakes I encountered were self-induced.

I over-trained, under-trained, ate the wrong food, didn’t drink enough……well, you get the picture.

Not once in all those years was there one single thing that I could complain about when it came to the organization of the race, the manner in which the aid stations were run, or the ability of the volunteers.

I know for a fact that there were at least two races where I never would have made it to the finish line were it not for the volunteers who went out of their way to keep me going.

There is a very good reason why over 1,300 Americans are coming up for this race. With all the Ironman options they have in their own country they simply “love” Ironman Canada and they know a quality event when they see one.


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