Ironman Coeur d’Alene Results 2014

Top field of pros challenge for podium spots in Ironman Coeur d’Alene Results 2014


This race is a favorite for many age-group athletes hoping to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in the Fall. If you do win a spot it gives you just the right amount of time to recover for the big race in Kona.

The race also always seems to draw some excellent pros and Sunday June 29 was no exception as the field for the pro men featured Ben Hoffman, Andy Potts, Viktor Zyemtsev, Matthew Russell, and Maik Twelsiek all of whom could challenge for the top of the Ironman Coeur d’Alene results 2014 on their best effort.

Ben Hoffman and Heather Wurtele were the winners of Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2013 and both were back to defend their titles.


Ben Hoffman
Andy Potts
Viktor Zyemtsev
Matthew Russell
Maik Twelsiek
Pedro Gomes
Nathan Birdsall
Rick Floyd
Derek Garcia
Chris Bagg
Matt Hanson
Brent McBurney
Dantley Young
Patrick Wheeler

The swim conditions in CDA are always hit of miss at the best of times with each year bringing different swim conditions for triathletes to deal with. For this years race the conditions were less than ideal with plenty of choppy water.

This of course played into the hands of Andy Potts as he was the strongest swimmer in the field.

Andy Potts was not an unexpected leader as the pro men exited the water, but the extend of the lead was pretty amazing. He had a lead of over five minutes on a group of three that included Ben Hoffman, Viktor Zyemtsev, and Maik Twelsiek.

His lead began shrinking down as the 112-mile bike progressed. At the 20 mile mark of the bike his lead over Hoffman, Twelsiek, and Zyemtsev who were riding close together was down to 3:30.

At 50 miles Potts still had the lead but Twelsiek was closing ground fast and was just over a minute back. Probably worth noting that prior to the race Twelsiek held the bike course record for Ironman CDA.

Hoffman slipped back to third and was two minutes behind the leader. Zyemtsev was just over three minutes back in fourth place.

It seemed almost inevitable that Twelsiek would take a run at the lead on the bike and at the 100 mile mark he was in front by a minute over Potts.

That lead was two minutes as Twelsiek began the 26.2-mile marathon, but it was still anybody’s race with Potts running close in second and Zyemtsdev in third place capable of putting down a very fast marathon time.

By mile six it was quickly developing into a two-man race as Twelsiek was just 50 seconds behind Potts and Zyemtsev had fallen well off the pace and was in third over eight minutes back of the leader.

At mile ten the gap back first and second was 1:57 with Zymtsev 6:58 back of the leader in third place.

Mile 18 saw Potts still in the lead but now it was 4:45 over Zyemtsez who had moved into second as something appeared to have happened to Twelsiek.

At 20 miles the top four looked like this……….

7:43:34...........Andy Potts 
7:46:22...........Viktor Zyemtsev 
7:48:41...........Ben Hoffman 
7:49:20...........Maik Twelsiek 

Andy Potts hung on for the victory on a very challenging day and is full marks for his first place finish in the Ironman Coeur d’Alene Results 2014.

His winning time was 8:25:44.


8:25:44................Andy Potts 
8:28:32................Viktor Zyemtsev 
8:29:12................Ben Hoffman 
8:34:19................Maik Twelsiek 
8:39:22................Matt Hanson
8:42:28................Matthew Russell 	
8:57:57................Derek Garcia 	
9:09:14................Patrick Wheeler 	
9:28:42................Nathan Birdsall 	
9:32:59................Rick Floyd 	
11:22:47...............Chris Bagg 

Heather Wurtele attempts to defend title by topping Ironman Coeur d’Alene Results 2014

Heather Wurtele was out to top the podium in Ironman CDA once again and Kelly Williamson looked like the one most likely to challenge her.

The third spot on the podium was wide open with Olesya Prystayko of the Ukraine having knowledge of the course as she raced CDA last year.

Prystayko raced in Ironman Texas 2014 where she posted a time of 09:46:21 and continues to improve as her Ironman pro career moves forward.


Heather Wurtele
Kelly Williamson
Stephanie Jones
Cathleen Knutson
Olesya Prystayko
Jessica Smith
Jennie Hansen
Ali Black

Kelly Williamson managed a swim time of 58:30 and was the first female pro to reach transition one.

Heather Wurtele and Jessica Smith came out of the water together 45 seconds behind the leader.


Kelly Williamson 	00:58:30
Jessica Smith	        00:59:12
Heather Wurtele 	00:59:14
Olesya Prystayko 	01:05:06
Stephanie Jones 	01:05:07
Jennie Hansen 	        01:05:18
Cathleen Knutson 	01:06:37
Ali Black 	        01:07:11

Heather Wurtele prefers to race at the front and at the seven mile mark took over the lead in the race for top spot among the pro women.

By mile 35 the lead was over seven minutes on Jessica Smith who had moved into second place ahead of Kelly Williamson.

The gap just kept getting wider and wider and at mile 65 it had grown to almost 12 minutes to Jessica Smith who was still riding in second.

Kelly Williamson was three minutes further back and Olesya Pystayko was in fourth and at this point had a real shot at her first podium finish.

Wurtele remained strong in the run.

At the 10-mile mark Kelly Williamson was in second place as she had passed a tiring Jessica Smith. Olesya Prystayko was in fourth, seven minutes behind Smith.

This is how it looked as they neared the 11-mile mark….

7:41:55..........Heather Wurtele 
7:55:13..........Kelly Williamson 
7:58:58..........Jessica Smith 
8:06:37..........Olesya Prystayko

Heather Wurtele is an easy winner and is deserving of top spot in the Ironman Coeur d’Alene Results 2014.

Her time was 9:34:32.


Heather Wurtele 	00:59:14 05:22:19 03:09:10 09:34:32
Kelly Williamson 	00:58:30 05:37:52 03:09:47 09:50:07
Jessica Smith 	        00:59:12 05:29:38 03:26:14 09:58:42
Olesya Prystayko 	01:05:06 05:34:43 03:24:49 10:07:59 
Jennie Hansen   	01:05:18 05:54:07 03:08:17 10:12:09
Ali Black       	01:07:11 05:36:13 03:41:13 10:28:45
Cathleen Knutson 	01:06:37 05:49:12 03:30:49 10:30:43

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups

FEMALE 18-24

Tanna Deruyter 	     11:54:05
Ashley Buxton 	     12:00:19
Madison Tustian      12:31:32
Gina Myers 	     12:57:03
Chelsea Padrta 	     13:10:11

MALE 18-24

Jamie Woodbury 	     10:14:18
Tyler Woodbury 	     10:14:58
Malachi Henry 	     10:17:08
Nic Carey 	     10:47:19
Steven 	Ems 	     11:56:06

FEMALE 25-29

Maggie Rusch 	     10:26:52
Claire Twark 	     11:00:28
Laura Gersten 	     11:09:27
Caroline Lea 	     11:24:40
Vanessa Aders 	     11:32:27

MALE 25-29

Eric Engel 	     09:36:43
Edward	Schmitt      09:37:53
Carnes Jesse 	     09:41:22
Miroslav Rybacek     09:51:55
Chris Boettcher      10:15:18

FEMALE 30-34

Rachel Beckmann      10:33:34
Jessica Brannigan    10:34:54
Jessica Demello      10:42:51
Courtney Hayes 	     11:02:36
Kristi Stocking      11:03:50

MALE 30-34

Scott Frandsen 	     09:16:36
Jason Jacobs 	     09:37:14
Owen Kendall 	     09:37:35
Wylie Belasik 	     09:43:46
Nathan Veldhoen      09:51:41

FEMALE 35-39

Neilia Bliss 	     10:33:25
Maggie Fournier      10:42:14
Carla Schubiger      10:42:59
Steph Neufeld 	     11:08:38
Katie Frauts 	     11:12:56

MALE 35-39

Sean Schnur 	      09:25:19
Ray Fiori 	      09:30:23
O'Gorman Ivan 	      09:33:59
B.J.Christenson       09:39:43
Billy Edwards 	      09:40:05

FEMALE 40-44

Cailla Patterson       10:48:23
Katherine Buchowski    10:59:11
Janis Neufeld 	       11:02:23
Jennifer Razee 	       11:08:53
Maria Simone 	       11:10:23

MALE 40-44

Eric Reid 	       09:26:28
John Jenkins 	       09:54:31
Sam Picicci 	       09:59:39
Mark Carey 	       10:02:21
David Tindall 	       10:02:23

FEMALE 45-49

Jeanne Debonis 	       11:08:55
Susan Kitchen 	       11:31:59
Robin Sayed 	       11:31:59
Megan Hoefer 	       11:39:08
Gina Anixter 	       11:51:34

MALE 45-49

Michael Rushton        09:47:31
Pierre Heynemand       09:55:02
Dean Discher 	       09:55:21
Ted Breault 	       09:59:58
Troy Nelson 	       10:07:25

FEMALE 50-54

Jodi Ruby 	       11:33:12
Kris Stolmeier         11:59:31
Ann Williams 	       11:59:44
Lore-Ann Krysko        12:10:14
Janet Buss 	       12:29:12

MALE 50-54

Jeff Crosby 	       10:15:59
John Poisson 	       10:28:39
Mark Ford 	       10:32:48
John Bursell 	       10:34:29
Bob Morris 	       10:51:04

FEMALE 55-59

Carol Currie 	       12:25:22
Kathryn Klepinger      12:56:53
Sharon Johnston        13:31:21
Susan Armstrong        13:36:14
Cindy Scott 	       13:52:11

MALE 55-59

Roland Eble 	       10:25:54
Laurent Cali 	       10:50:50
Jaimie Roth 	       10:59:18
Jeff Hager 	       11:23:55
Randy Hoffman 	       11:25:27

FEMALE 60-64

Ruth Kohstall 	        13:31:54
Karen Macpherson        14:08:32
Joanne Furu 	        14:30:23
Cindy Thorpe 	        15:36:18
Gretchen Sorensen       15:55:33
Alexandra Dronkers      15:57:52
Georgia Winestorfer     15:59:59
Edie Heideman 	        16:08:44

MALE 60-64

Randy Norris 	       10:59:41
Ray Shane 	       11:21:34
Robert Smith 	       11:56:36
Pete rRutherford       12:09:05
Charles Gillum 	       12:35:43
Eugene Partridge       13:24:25 	
Lee Plourde 	       13:30:37

FEMALE 65-69

Sunny McKee 	       16:08:35

MALE 65-69

Al Truscott 	       13:01:35
Richard Nordquest      13:37:39
Dwight Schuh 	       14:18:34
Patrick Moneymaker     15:00:47
Cecil Pegram 	       15:21:10
James Hutter 	       16:37:15
Bill Pattinson 	       17:08:48

MALE 70-74

Gary Ferris 	       14:06:35
Richard Weinbrandt     16:16:41
Merrill Schwartz       17:10:01

MALE 75-79

Bob Heins 	       16:04:18


These results originated on Be sure to visit the Ironmanlive site if your results are not listed here.

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