Take what you have learned through your Ironman experience and pay it forward. There are many people who are in need of motivation and direction in their lives.

By embracing triathlon and living healthier on a day to day basis, changes in how you look, feel and perform will manifest themselves in many ways.

At first these changes will be subtle as your body gradually adjusts to the changes you are making in the way you live your life. Of course these changes will be more dramatic in some people than in others.

For instance, some people are already in good shape and have an athletic background and are just giving triathlon a try. Regardless, there are always people who are new to the sport who could use any race experience you pass on to them.


The sport of triathlon is attracting many people who do not necessarily have a background in sports but are attracted by the challenge of triathlon and the Ironman in particular.

It’s seen as an opportunity to step out of the sameness of everyday life and do something truly special. One day you will have Ironman experience that you can pass on to others.

If you are one of those people going from an unfit state to a regular regimen of swimming, biking, running, and sound diet, it won’t be long before you begin to feel better and sleep better.

 Ironman experience   -Ironman marathon runners

You don't have to be a super-athlete

Over time you will begin to notice obvious physical changes. You will boost your immune system and as a result be better prepared to ward off or at least diminish the effects of common ailments like colds and flu’s.

Unneeded fat will slowly begin to melt away and your muscles will take on more definition. Improved blood circulation through fitness and eating the best possible foods will make your eyes lively and bright.

Your complexion will take on a healthy glow. Physically you will soon be able to do twice as much with half the effort as you gain more and more Ironman experience and a better understanding of dieting, resting, and training.

And that’s just the physical changes.


Embracing a healthier way of life will also boost your confidence and self-esteem to new heights as you see more and more changes begin to take place in how you look and feel.

You will do better in all aspects of every day living and the aura of success and confidence you exude will attract others to you and your social life will improve dramatically.

Maybe triathlon will be the catalyst for finding another sport that is just right for you. The more triathlon experience you gain, the more confidence you will have.

As you embrace your new way of living and begin to make your way in the world, always be aware of those around you.

Watch out for those who are desperately in need of encouragement, direction, and motivation. They won’t be hard to spot because they may remind you of yourself before you had the courage and knowledge to take your life on an entirely new course.


Ironman medals on our wall bring back echos of past glory and unforgettable moments in your life and you should cherish them, but still, I’ve come to the realization that life is not always deemed a success by the medals on our wall, but rather the ones we have inspired others to put on theirs.

That is a legacy that has the potential to live long after we are gone.

 Ironman experience  -Ironman medals

Cherish your finisher medal

It might be as simple as giving them a copy of my book Ironstruck…The Ironman Triathlon Journey or just sharing some of your knowledge with them.

Our perhaps all someone might need is for you to tell them they can and that you believe in them.

When the final tally of your life is taken and what you did with the time you spent on this earth is set out before you, remember that what you leave behind in the world is worth a lot more than what you take from it.

Often those who lose their way are just a few encouraging words away from taking their life in a life-changing direction.

By reaching out in some small way and passing on your ironman experience you could change the course of someone’s life for the better and as a result make the world a better place.


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