Ironman Florida 2010


Ironman Florida 2010 is one of the final Ironman races of 2010 and takes place November 6th.

It seems hard to believe that the Ironman family of races has grown to 24 as of 2010.

Ironman Florida 2010 will be the third last Ironman race of the year. Ironman Arizona is still to come and Ironman Cozumel, Quintanaroo has the honor of closing out the 2010 Ironman season and will take place on November 28th.


Ironman Florida may not be the last Ironman of 2010, but it has the honor of being the first qualifier race for Kona 2011.

Although I believe there are “no” easy Ironman races, Ironman Florida has a reputation of being an excellent race for age-groupers who are taking on their first Ironman.

The very first Ironman Florida took place in 1999 and was won by Germany’s Lothar Leder for the men and Katja Mayer claimed the title for the women.

Like pretty much every Ironman event in the world, Ironman Florida 2010 sold out long ago and is a favorite of many triathletes from around the world.

It’s a great race for Canadians who are no doubt getting their first real taste of winter in early November. What better place to be when it’s cold and snowing than in Florida?

Ironman Florida 2010

Ironman Florida 2010 official finisher medal.

As I sit typing this page in a small town North of Calgary, Alberta Canada, October 26, 2010, an intense Winter storm is bashing much of Canada and the Northern states.

The Panama City venue has stunning beaches and a great army of volunteers. They are experienced as this same community has hosted the much-loved Gulf Coast Triathlon for 15 years now.


The swim portion of Ironman Florida begins normally starts near the Boardwalk Beach Resort in the Gulf. It’s a two loop course and like all other Ironman swims is 2.4 miles in total distance.

Much like Ironman Couer d’Alene, swimmers will actually exit the water and take a diagonal line into the second loop.

Once swimmers leave the water after the second loop, there is a run across a stretch of beach. It takes the runners to steps that lead to the Boardwalk and the swim/bike transition area.

To me, it seems like the three words water, sand, and steps mean take it easy going up those steps as you will not quite have your full equilibrium back from being horizontal in the swim to vertical running across the beach.


When you exit the swim/bike transition area, you will exit through a bike/run start tower and head west on South Thomas Drive. One of the things that make Ironman Florida appealing to the novice Ironman is the fact that bike portion of the race is very flat and fast.

Steep uphill climbs and steep downhill descents can be very challenging to less experienced triathletes. Like most ironman bike courses you can expect some wind. The odds of getting a perfectly calm, windless day in any Ironman race are slim at the best of times.

It’s a one loop course and in many ways those are the best for many people. You only go around once and don’t have to worry about doing it all over again.


The Ironman Florida marathon course is two loops and the turn as you head out for lap two is at the Spinnaker Beach Club.

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