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Ironman France 2011 will be one of two Ironman races taking place on June 26. Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2011 will be off and running as well.

The seventh running of Ironman France-Nice is coming up fast and if ever an Ironman race was up for grabs, this is it.

There really does not seem to be any clear cut favorites. There are several pros in both the men’s and women’s division who have been having great results.


Paul Amey comes off a 2nd place finish in Ironman San Juan 70.3 2011. His main goal this year is to qualify for Hawaii 2011. A top result in Ironman France 2011 would be a big help as there are 2000 (Kona points) up for grabs in this race.

Although Paul is not that familiar with the course he has done some training on it. He’ll have some idea what’s in store and how to best plan his race strategy.

It would be quite an amazing result if 26-year-old Trevor Desault pulled off a win in Ironman France. Usually it takes a few more years for athletes to hit their full stride as far as endurance goes, but you will never make Trevor believe that.

ironman france 2011

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He has already had a ninth place finish in Ironman South Africa 2011 and that’s not the most astonishing result to his credit. How about coming in first in the 25-29 age-group in Ironman Hawaii 2010. Not only did he come in first, but in the process set a new age-group record with a time of 8:40!

That is a great accomplishment considering he was in a race that featured the best Ironmen on the planet. Rightfully so, Trevor Desault will be entered as a pro in Ironman France 2011.

He may get a serious challenge from Bruno Clerbout who knows this course well. Belgian Bruno Clerbout is actually my pick to contend for the win in Ironman France 2011. He certainly is familiar with the course and has some strong results in the past. Bruno was 4th in 2007 and 2010 and 6th in 2009. This could well be the year that Burno will win it all.

François Chabaud is sure to be a crowd favorite and his four starts on this course will be a big help to him in 2011. He has finished as high as 3rd in IM France and that was in 2006.

Of course I am not forgetting about Marcel Zamora from Spain who seems to have this course figured out with something like 5 wins in a row. However, every year is a new year and you never know what will transpire.


The women’s side of this race includes a strong contingent of pros.

Silvia Felt should be right up there with the leaders as she is in fine form with a 4th in Ironman South Africa 2011 and a 3rd in Ironman Mallorca 70.3. She was also 10th in Ironman Switzerland 70.3 2011.

Silvia is my pick to win this race.

Heather Gollnick will provide a stiff challenge and will have something to say before the day is done. Heather was 13th at the Abu d’Abi triathlon and also had a 3rd place finish in Ironman Chile 70.3 2011.

Kim Loeffler is another American who will be a strong contender and could upset everyone and win this race. By rights Kim should be the favorite in this race. she has a 2nd place finish in Ironman Chile 70.3 and a 5th place finish in Ironman San Juan 70.3 to her credit this year.

She has been in Ironman Hawaii 5 times and certainly has the experience to win this race.

The home town favorite will be Johanna Daumas of France. She comes off a 4th place finish in Ironman Mallorca 70.3 2011 but may be over-matched by the two Americans in the race. It would be pretty special for Daumas to win Ironman France 2011.


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