Ironman Hawaii results 2012

On Saturday October 13 the top pros in the world are gathered in Kona, Hawaii to see who can come out on top of the Ironman Hawaii results 2012 and claim bragging rights as the reining Ironman Triathlon World Champion.

The starting list for both the male and female pros were laden with remarkable talent

and going into the race many of them are quite capable of winning it all on their best effort.

Although there may be the usual favorites, the Queen K. Highway has always had a penchant for creating chaos and you just never know if it will be one of those favorites crossing the finish line first or an unheralded pro who comes virtually out of nowhere to claim the crown.

**Race announcers picking Craig Alexander, Chris McCormack, and Andreas Raelert in that order for top three finishers. They picked my first place pick…..Jordan Rapp to finish fifth.

For the women they are picking Caroline Steffen, Rachel Joyce, and Mirinda Carfrae, Leanda Cave as top four. They picked my pick Mary Beth Ellis to finish fifth.

Some great legacy athletes in the race including Julie Moss and the Puntos Twins.


2012 Ironman Hawaii results 2012

Jesse Thomas Image by: Tessa Capistrano.

Aernouts, Bart
Aigroz, Mike
Al-Sultan, Faris
Albert, Marko
Alexander, Craig
Alonso-McKernan, Clemente
Amey, Paul
Bell, Luke
Bennett, Greg
Bockel, Dirk
Boecherer, Andi
Bracht, Timo
Brader, Christian
Clerbout, Bruno
Dellow, David
Delsaut, Trevor
Fontana, Daniel
Gambles, Joe
Gomes, Pedro
Guillaume, Romain
Henning, Rasmus
Jacobs, Pete
Jurkiewicz, Jeremy
Kienle, Sebastian
Kriat, Maxim
Llanos, Eneko
Lovato, Michael
Lowe, Thomas
Lyatskiy, Andrey
Major, Jozsef
Marques, Sergio
Matthews, Paul
McCormack, Chris
McKenzie, Luke
O'Donnell, Timothy
Potts, Andy
Raelert, Andreas
Raelert, Michael
Rapp, Jordan
Rix, Josh
Russell, Matthew
Santamaria, Alejandro
Schifferle, Mike
Schildknecht, Ronnie
Thomschke, Markus
Vabrousek, Petr
Van Lierde, Frederik
Vanhoenacker, Marino
Viennot, Cyril
Wurtele, Trevor
Zeebroek, Axel
Zyemtsev, Viktor


Badmann, Natascha
Beranek, Anja
Brandli, Simone
Carfrae, Mirinda
Cave, Leanda
Corbin, Linsey
Crawford, Gina
Csomor, Erika
Deckers, Tine
Dietrich, Susan
Ellis, Mary Beth
Gailey, Michelle
2012 Ironman Hawaii results

Sheila Croft- image by:
Tessa Capistrano.

Goos, Sofie Gross, Sara Hufe, Mareen Jacobs, Jessica Joyce, Rachel Keat, Rebekah Kessler, Meredith Lawn, Joanna Marsh, Amy Moller, Kristin Piampiano, Sarah Sakai, Emi Snow, Caitlin Steffen, Caroline Stevens, Amanda Tajsich, Sonja Vesterby, Michelle Williamson, Kelly Wurtele, Heather


The race start is not too far away now. Be sure to check in at through-out the day for race updates and a list of the top finishers.

They were just talking about the sun coming up just as the swimmers make the turn to come home in the swim. It is absolutely blinding as it bounces off the water.

I remember back in 1984 I could not even see the course markers and because I had just learned to swim the year before I had no option but to breathe to the right. Bilateral breathing was something I did not even attempt to learn at the time.

I highly recommend that anyone planning on doing Kona one day learn to breathe to the left away from the rising sun.

The pro men will be leaving about five minutes before the pro women. The age-group athletes will be be heading out about 30-minutes later.

It’s about 88 degrees already and the winds are calm.

If you like put your picks for the pro men and women in the comments box below and show the world your handicapping skills.

You can check my picks out on the IronStruck Ironman Hawaii race preview from last week.

The race is underway as the men are into the swim and women getting set to go. Dr. Amanda Stevens shot to the front as expected.

Late in the swim it is Andy Potts on the front end with several chase packs forming a few hundred meters behind him. Andreas Raelert has fallen off the pace and will not be with the leaders leaving the swim/bike transition.

Andy Potts has headed out onto the highway with the lead but in a heart-beat Luke McKenzie and Craig Alexander have caught and passed him.

Some of the pro women have caught a group of pro men and swam right through them.

Amanda Stevens is out of the water first for the pro women.


Potts, Andy		00:50:32
Albert, Marko		00:50:47
Boecherer, Andi		00:51:27
Jacobs, Pete		00:51:28
Matthews, Paul		00:51:28
McKenzie, Luke		00:51:29
Jurkiewicz, Jeremy	00:51:31
Dellow, David		00:51:33
Alexander, Craig	00:51:35
Henning, Rasmus		00:51:35
Van Lierde, Frederik	00:51:36
O'Donnell, Timothy	00:51:37
Raelert, Michael	00:51:37
Alonso-McKernanClememte	00:51:38
Bennett, Greg		00:51:39


Stevens, Amanda	         00:55:09
Kessler, Meredith	 00:55:56
Crawford, Gina	         0055:57
Cave, Leanda	         00:56:03
Ellis, Mary Beth	 00:56:06
Marsh, Amy	         00:56:08
Steffen, Caroline	 00:57:37
Williamson, Kelly	 00:57:39
Brandli, Simone	         00:57:40
Joyce, Rachel	         00:57:42  
Snow, Caitlin	         00:57:43
Vesterby, Michelle	 00:57:43     
Keat, Rebekah		 00:57:44
Beranek, Anja		 01:00:02
Wurtele, Heather	 01:00:04

Through 42-miles there has been another change in the top three for the men. It is Peter Jacobs now leading with Luke McKenzie second, and Guillaume in third. A large group including Craig Alexander, Vanhoenacker, Gambles, Van Lierde, and Faris Al Sultan are also close behind the leaders and appear to be biding their time.

At 30 miles it was Leanda Cave leading for the women, Meredith Kessler second, and Mary Beth Ellis third. It looks like Caroline Steffen has been hit with a time penalty.

82-year-old Sister Madonna Buder finished the swim with time of 2:01:50.

Here is a video I took of her crossing the finish line of Ironman Canada 2012 this past August and in the process setting a world record as the oldest person to ever finish an Ironman Triathlon.

Great news that everyone made the swim cut-off time of 2:20. There may have been a few who dropped out early on in the swim, but all the late finishers beat the clock with the last swimmer having 45 seconds to spare.

Vanhoenacker has taken over the lead on the bike and Peter Jacobs is now second. Not even sure if my pick to do very well here–Jordan Rapp is still in the race. Have not heard anything of him since way back in the swim. The Ironman is notorious for Pros dropping out of the race.

About 25% of them dropped out last year.

leanda Cave is still in the lead for the women, I still stand by my pick Mary Beth Ellis to win this race. She was not even mentioned for the top three in the pre-race and she anyone who followed her race progress and preparation could see that she had her sights firmly set on winning this race.

However, there is a long way to go.

Caroline Steffen is working her way back into the picture despite serving a 4-minute time penalty. She is just two minutes back.

The famous winds of Hawi are howling now and it will be a tough journey for many age-group athletes.

Big happenings in the bike. Sebastian Kienle who earlier this Fall won the Ironman 70.3 World Championships has taken over the lead in the bike. Vanhoenacker is right behind him and McKenzie, Guillaume, and Jacobs are about one minute back.

Wow! Sebastian Kienle gets a flat tire and can only watch others pass him by. All of a sudden Vanhoenacker has a two minute lead.

Caroline Steffen has almost caught up to Leanda Cave and Mary Beth Ellis and finally works her way into the lead, but one has to wonder if she had to over-extend herself making up the four-minute time penalty. Staying in front in the marathon could prove to be very challenging for her.

Chris McCormack has dropped out of the race and Craig Alexander is now over four minutes behind the leader.

Here is a blast from the past. Just looking at the race results for 1984…….

The winning swim time was 47:48, about four-minutes faster than this year.

Only John Howard and Mark Allen did the 112-mile bike in under five hours with times of 4:56:49 and 4:59:21 respectively. Dave Scott had a bike split of 5:10:59.

There were no aero-bars, titanium, or clipless pedals back then and aerodynamics were an after-thought however the winds were just as strong then as they are now.

Dave Scott was the only one to go under three hours for the marathon with a time of 2:53:00. He went on to win Ironman Hawaii 1984.

In the 1986 Ironwar with Mark Allen they would both run just over 2:40 for the marathon, but were probably sub-2:40 because back then the bike/run transition time was tacked onto the run time. That is not the case now.

I can’t believe the announcers saying how surprised they are to see that Mary Beth Ellis is still stalking the leaders Caroline Steffen and Leanda Cave. Whether she wins or not, it should certainly be no surprise that she is fighting it out at the front.

2012 Ironman Hawaii results

Mary Beth Ellis winning IMC 2011. Her third victory in 6 weeks.

This woman won three Ironman races in six weeks last year in order to make it to Ironman Hawaii 2011 and is a force on the run course. She also appears to be riding a smart bike leg and not really concerned with catching the leaders on the bike course early on.

It would be no surprise to see her roar to the front in the first mile of the marathon.

Here are the top five picks I made last week in my Ironman preview post for the pro women.

Mary Beth Ellis (USA)
Leanda Cave (GBR)
Caroline Steffen (SUI)
Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)
Rachel Joyce (GBR)

I really messed up the to five picks for the pro men. I was pretty certain Craig Alexander would not win, but did not figure him to be 11 minutes back in the bike. I was pretty sure Vanhonacker would be in the mix, but decided to go with Jordan Rapp after his performance in Ironman New York, but he did not have a good day. Also Chris McCormack dropped out.

Jordan Rapp
Craig Alexander (AUS)
Timothy O’Donnell (USA)
Marino Vanhoenacker (BEL)
Chris McCormack (AUS)

Craig Alexander is 11 minutes down from the leader Vanhoenacker who is up to a five-minute+ lead over Peter Jacobs. Michael Raelert has stopped at the 88-mile mark and is on the side of the road.

Vanhoenacker should be no surprise as he holds the world record for the fastest Ironman ever with a 7:45:48 clocking in Ironman Austria. He has also run a 2:46 Ironman Hawaii marathon split in the past.

Vanhoenacker, Jacobs, Bockell, Faris Al Sultan and Van Lierde are the first five in and out of the run/bike transition.

Mary Beth did not bother to wait for the marathon and has taken the lead in the bike.


Vanhoenacker, Marino	00:52:11	04:25:49
Jacobs, Pete		00:51:28	04:35:15
Bockel, Dirk		00:52:30	04:34:17
Van Lierde, Frederik	00:51:36	04:35:25
Al-Sultan, Faris	00:51:39	04:35:53
Guillaume, Romain	00:51:41	04:36:10
Kienle, Sebastian	00:55:21	04:33:23
McKenzie, Luke		00:51:29	04:39:09
Bracht, Timo		00:53:45	04:37:16
Dellow, David		00:51:33	04:40:27
Raelert, Andreas	00:55:17	04:36:34
Zeebroek, Axel		00:51:41	04:42:09
Potts, Andy		00:50:32	04:43:52
Henning, Rasmus		00:51:35	04:42:36
Schildknecht, Ronnie	00:55:23	04:38:57
Boecherer, Andi		00:51:27	04:43:17
O'Donnell, Timothy	00:51:37	04:44:15
Matthews, Paul		00:51:28	04:44:26
Alexander, Craig	00:51:35	04:44:44
Amey, Paul		00:55:21	04:43:34
Rapp, Jordan		00:59:07	04:40:02
Jurkiewicz, Jeremy	00:51:31	04:52:26
Viennot, Cyril	F	00:55:23	04:48:25
Rix, Josh		00:53:45	04:51:07
Major, Jozsef		01:01:41	04:42:57

Glad to see my pick to win, Jordan Rapp is still racing. Would great to see him run himself into the top ten. Anyone who can survive a near-death car accident and race and come back to race at this level sure deserves it.

Now Mary Beth has a time penalty at the bike/run transition. Well, I guess this levels the playing field as all the top three women served a 4-minute penalty.

Caroline Steffen cruises past Mary Beth as Ellis sits in the penalty box at the transition area.

However Caroline was sure pushing some big gears on the bike and that might come into play in the marathon.

Vanhoenacker has about a 7-minute lead over Peter Jacobs at the 5-mile mark of the run.

Unreal! Natascha Badman is in the top five. So we have Steffen, Carfrae, Ellis, Cave, and Badman as the top five for the women.

Through 2 miles of the run, Steffen remains is in front, with Ellis at 3:30 and Cave at 4 minutes.

Peter Jacobs is closing the gap on Vanhoenacker.


Vanhoenacker leads
Jacobs at 5:55
Kienle at 7:46
Al-Sultan at 8:05
Van Lierde at 10:11
Raelert at 11
Boecherer at 11:15
Guillaume at 12:0
Potts at 12:35
Bracht at 13:20


Steffen, Caroline	00:57:37	05:06:49
Ellis, Mary Beth	00:56:06	05:08:06
Cave, Leanda	        00:56:03	05:12:06
Carfrae, Mirinda	01:00:06	05:12:18
Marsh, Amy	        00:56:08	05:16:36
Badmann, Natascha	01:06:21	05:06:07
Vesterby, Michelle	00:57:44	05:16:57
Wurtele, Heather	01:00:04	05:16:58
Crawford, Gina	        00:55:59	05:21:30
Tajsich, Sonja	        01:10:36	05:07:57
Corbin, Linsey	        01:02:53	05:16:55
Lawn, Joanna	        01:00:09	05:21:27
Dietrich, Susan	        01:06:12	05:15:50
Stevens, Amanda	        00:55:09	05:27:07
Joyce, Rachel	        00:57:42	05:24:27
Keat, Rebekah	        00:57:44	05:26:53
Deckers, Tine	        01:06:18	05:19:25
Brandli, Simone	        00:57:40	05:29:07
Hufe, Mareen	        01:06:25	05:20:44
Snow, Caitlin	        00:57:43	05:30:47
Kessler, Meredith	00:55:56	05:33:17
Csomor, Erika	        01:06:19	05:25:13
Jacobs, Jessica	        01:17:30	05:17:52
Piampiano, Sarah	01:06:20	05:29:53
Williamson, Kelly	00:57:39	05:40:03

Peter Jacobs is less than 4 minutes behind Marino Vanhoenacker through the ten-mile mark. Faris Al-Sultan, Speedo and all could soon be in third place as many of the pro men start to hit the wall.

Here comes Jacobs. At 14 miles the gap is down to 1:25 and a pass of Vanhoenacker is probably not far away.

Jacobs is in the lead and looking very strong and Vanhoenacker has come to a stop and is walking. Sebastian Kienle is in second spot and Faris Al-Sultan is in third.

Caroline Steffen still leads for the women and Mary Beth Ellis and Leanda Cave are running virtually together in second and third.


1 7:12:22 3 Pete Jacobs 
2 7:15:20 2:59 5 Marino Vanhoena 
3 7:16:10 3:49 6 Sebastian Kienle 
4 7:17:08 4:46 15 Faris Al-Sulta 
5 7:17:58 5:37 2 Andreas Raelert 
6 7:17:59 5:38 16 Frederik Van Lierd
7 7:20:06 7:45 51 Andy Potts 
8 7:20:33 8:12 27 David Dellow 

Andreas Raelert is making a late charge and could well move into second in a very tight race for second between about four pros.

It looks like Peter Jacobs will win this if he does not implode in the last five or six miles.

Caroline Steffen is still strong in the lead but a long way to go. Still wonder if her fight to catch the leaders on the bike and pushing those big gears will come to haunt her in the last third of the race.

Regardless who wins this has been a great edition of Ironman Hawaii and we are seeing some amazing performances.

2012 Ironman Hawaii results

Finish line on Ali’i Drive

Andreas Raelert is now in second and the smallest falter by Peter Jacobs in the last five miles could make the finish very interesting.

There is a change in the top five. Now it’s Jacobs, Raelert, Kienle, Van Lierde, and Al-Sultan.

Mirinda Carfrae is closing on Mary Beth Ellis and Leanda Cave.

Good to see that Jordan Rapp has closed about 10 places in the run and is currently in 11th and has a good shot at the top ten. Now he is in top ten. Good for him.

Caroline Steffen still loose on the lead. Mirinda Carfrae has passed Mary Beth Ellis for third and is just seconds behind Leanda Cave.

Once again here are the top five women I picked earlier this week on the IronStruck Ironman Hawaii preview. Rachel Joyce…..Where the heck are you?

Mary Beth Ellis (USA)
Leanda Cave (GBR)
Caroline Steffen (SUI)
Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)
Rachel Joyce (GBR)

It looks like the right picks in the wrong order.

Mirinda Carfrae is having a challenging time trying to catch Leanda Cave. Mary Beth Ellis is still in fourth.

Peter Jacobs is just a mile from the finish line straight on Ali’i Drive where the race began early in the morning.

Peter Jacobs is the Hawaii Ironman World Champion for 2012.

Frederick Van Lierde has just passed Andreas Raelert for second place and Raelert is fighting back and it will be quite a finish for second and third. Andreas Raelert is back into second with less than a mile to go and is pulling away from Van Lierde and finishes in second. Van Lierde is third.

These guys are tough!


Jacobs, Pete	        08:18:37
Raelert, Andreas        08:23:40
Van Lierde, Frederik    08:24:09
Kienle, Sebastian	08:27:08
Al-Sultan, Faris	08:28:33
Bracht, Timo	        08:31:45
Potts, Andy	        08:31:45
O'Donnell, Timothy      08:33:28
Dellow, David	        08:35:02
Bockel, Dirk	        08:36:21

Caroline Steffen is still in front for the women. Leanda Cave is 1:45 back and Carfrae 2:45 back. Could be quite a finish for the pro women.

For the first time in an Ironman, someone is running away from Mirinda Carfrae. Leanda Cave has closed the gap to Caroline Steffen to 1:30. Carfrae continues to be about a minute behind Cave.

It is now 1:03 between first and second.

Faris Al-Sultan carries a stuffed camel across the finish line. Gotta love the guy. Wears a Speedo for the entire race and carries a camel across the finish line.

I don’t think people realize that Speedo’s is just about all we wore back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s for the Ironman.

Caroline Steffen has about 6k to go and the lead is down to 50 seconds. It does appear the Leanda Cave is stronger and that is not good news for Caroline. Mirinda Carfrae gave it her best and is third about another minute back. Mary Beth Ellis is hanging tough in fourth place.

At mile 23 there is just 100 meters separating Cave and Steffen. What a great race. It’s down to 50 meters.

Leanda Cave has taken the lead and has the opportunity to win both the Ironman 70.3 Championship and Ironman Hawaii in the same year.

Steffen will have to be aware of Mirinda Carfrae in third place. Leanda Cave was third in this race last year and is full measure for the win that will soon be hers. She fought off Mary Beth Ellis and Mirinda Carfrae and then passed Steffen.

Leanda Cave does not look like she will be caught. Five weeks ago she won the Ironman 70.3 Championship in Las Vegas and Leanda Cave is now the Ironman Hawaii World Champion. Caroline Steffen has crossed the line in second. Mirinda Carfrae finishes third.

Sonja Tajsich has passed Mary Beth Ellis for fourth place. Mary Beth Ellis finishes in fifth place.

What a great day of racing with so many inspiring performances.


Cave, Leanda	         09:15:54
Steffen, Caroline	 09:16:58
Carfrae, Mirinda	 09:21:41
Tajsich, Sonja	         09:22:45
Ellis, Mary Beth	 09:22:57
Badmann, Natascha	 09:26:25
Crawford, Gina	         09:28:54
Corbin, Linsey	         09:32:18
Snow, Caitlin	         09:36:18
Marsh, Amy	         09:38:15
Joyce, Rachel	         09:40:16
Vesterby, Michelle       09:42:22
Keat, Rebekah	         09:43:43
Wurtele, Heather	 09:44:04
Williamson, Kelly	 09:46:51
Deckers, Tine	         09:48:38
Moller, Kristin	         09:51:16
Stevens, Amanda	         09:51:59
Hufe, Mareen	         09:52:58
Brandli, Simone	         09:53:24

If Ironman Hawaii has captured your imagination and you want to try for the finish line perhaps you should buy a copy of Ironstruck…The Ironman Triathlon Journey or Ironstruck? 500 Ironman Questions and Answers and get it done.

You can visit my ironstruck book store and get yourself a book that will get you to your own finish line regardless if it is your very first try a tri triathlon or the Ironman.

When they are available I will post the top 100 male and female finishers over-all.

I will also have more race-day and finish line images for you when I receive them from Hawaii.


Jacobs, Pete	        08:18:37
Raelert, Andreas	08:23:40
Van Lierde, Frederik	08:24:09
Kienle, Sebastian	08:27:08
Al-Sultan, Faris	08:28:33
Bracht, Timo	        08:30:57
Potts, Andy	        08:31:45
O'Donnell, Timothy	08:33:28
Dellow, David	        08:35:02
Bockel, Dirk	        08:36:21
Aernouts, Bart	        08:37:31
Alexander, Craig	08:40:49
Rapp, Jordan	        08:42:49
Jurkiewicz, Jeremy	08:44:45
Zeebroek, Axel	        08:45:12
Clerbout, Bruno	        08:46:44
Guillaume, Romain	08:47:54
Viennot, Cyril	        08:48:45
Schildknecht, Ronnie	08:50:18

Russell, Matthew	08:50:21
Boecherer, Andi	        08:51:57
Henning, Rasmus	        08:53:39
Lowe, Thomas	        08:53:42
Muller, Christian	08:54:17
McKenzie, Luke	        08:54:58
Lovato, Michael	        08:56:04
Gomes, Pedro	        08:56:10
Delsaut, Trevor	        08:56:41
Major, Jozsef	        08:59:38
Burton, Matt	        09:01:27
Gyde, Sam	        09:06:09
Schifferle, Mike	09:06:47
Neves, M rcio	        09:08:43
Dietze, Mathias	        09:09:02
Cascio, Jamie	        09:10:09
Kunath, Sven	        09:11:23
Hume, Sam	        09:12:03
Otstot, Adam	        09:12:38
Visin, Kyle	        09:13:18
Baldwin, Nicholas	09:13:39
Farrell, Gregory	09:14:00
Sloan, Chuck	        09:14:09
Keller, Bernhard	09:14:32
Joussemet, Jer me	09:14:45
Baxter, Sam	        09:15:33
Williams, Benjamin	09:16:19
Gigou, Pierre-Yves	09:16:41
Ferreira Da Silvaneto	09:16:46
Johnson, Steve	        09:16:59

Buttrick, Nathan	09:17:18
Jacobsen, Preben	09:17:22
Bell, Ben	        09:17:26
Debil-Caux, Victor	09:19:08
Buckingham, Kyle	09:19:21
Zyemtsev, Viktor	09:19:23
Argouet-Noclain         09:19:43
Muller, Urs	        09:19:54
Thorne, Joe	        09:20:07
Madsen, Jesper	        09:20:10
Stutz, Reto	        09:20:40
Marcq, Julien	        09:21:06
Cervantes Islas, Eligio	09:21:38
Bovee, Grant	        09:21:42
Limousin, Frederic	09:21:58
Raelert, Michael	09:22:02
Albert, Marko	        09:22:02
Nastic, Igor	        09:22:28
Bennett, Greg	        09:22:31
Ashcroft, Scott	        09:22:38
Bresson, Jerome	        09:22:48
Knoepke, Daniel	        09:23:19
Garcia, Oscar	        09:24:32
Guirriec, Julien	09:24:37
Mock, Philipp	        09:24:42
Hovda, Allan	        09:25:06
Bowe, Scott	        09:25:08
Cordovez, Pedro	        09:25:16
Weil, Daniel	        09:25:18
Armstrong, Hayden	09:25:28
2012 ironman hawaii results

Timothy O'Donnell
Image by: Tessa Capistrano.

Thomas, Christopher 09:25:30 Sleutel, Frederik 09:25:38 Clarke, Timothy 09:25:48 Gyula, Kis 09:25:56 Rojnik, Klemen 09:26:12 Vekemans, Glenn 09:26:16 Richardson, Aaron 09:26:26 Holderbaum, Chad 09:26:30 Howse, Andrew 09:26:40 Vabrousek, Petr 09:26:46 Webeck, Ben 09:27:02 Byers, Todd 09:27:12 Mueller, Frank 09:27:56 Hemming, Taylor 09:28:10 Hola, Tim 09:28:18


Cave, Leanda	        09:15:54
Steffen, Caroline	09:16:58
Carfrae, Mirinda	09:21:41
Tajsich, Sonja	        09:22:45
Ellis, Mary Beth	09:22:57
Badmann, Natascha	09:26:25
Crawford, Gina	        09:28:54
Corbin, Linsey	        09:32:18
Snow, Caitlin	        09:36:18
Marsh, Amy	        09:38:15
Joyce, Rachel	        09:40:16
Vesterby, Michelle	09:42:22
Keat, Rebekah	        09:43:43
Ironman Hawaii results 2012

Sonja Tajsich-fourth place
Image by: Tessa Capistrano.

Wurtele, Heather 09:44:04 Williamson, Kelly 09:46:51 Deckers, Tine 09:48:38 Wicks, Hilary 09:50:03 Kehoe, Danielle 09:51:07 Moller, Kristin 09:51:16 Stevens, Amanda 09:51:59 Hufe, Mareen 09:52:58 Jaenke, Kym 09:53:18 Brandli, Simone 09:53:24 Adam, Stefanie 09:53:50 Faux, Catherine 09:53:53 Lawn, Joanna 09:55:11 Esefeld, Katrin 09:55:59 Jackson, Christina 09:57:45 Croft, Sheila 10:00:55 Li, Shiao Yu 10:01:44 Black, Ali 10:02:14 Chura, Haley 10:02:40 Gross, Sara 10:03:54 Piampiano, Sarah 10:04:51 Dietrich, Susan 10:07:06 Parkinson, Kathryn 10:07:25 Willis, Janine 10:10:07 McGrath, Amy 10:13:42 Goos, Sofie 10:14:39 Ross, Anna 10:16:26 Linnell, Allison 10:16:31 Sloan, Jennifer 10:16:55 Bretting, Nicole 10:17:27 Cornman, Jocelyn 10:17:59 Leblanc, Michelle 10:19:14 Grossrieder, Monique 10:19:20 Harari, Lotty 10:20:51 Lloyd, Felicity 10:22:05 Boag, Simone 10:22:11 Lemeseva, Maria 10:22:15 Roberts, Darbi 10:22:38 Wohlers, Lindsay 10:24:01 Marsh, Larisa 10:24:18 Gerber, Karin 10:24:45 Manning, Hailey 10:25:01 Thomas, Kathryn 10:25:28 Grohmann, Katharina 10:26:56 D'Haese, Veerle 10:27:01 Crowe, Susan 10:28:42 Goffredo, Kendra 10:29:18 Fisher, Andrea 10:31:09 Mata, Cristina 10:31:13 Wilkinson, Jolene 10:31:14 Furness, Erin 10:31:15 Bourchier, Kate 10:32:12 Gries, Susanne 10:34:39 Lind, Allison 10:34:55 Morrison, Samantha 10:35:46 Demello, Jessica 10:36:02 Whitmore, Lauren 10:36:39 Wigton, Rachel 10:36:59 Harnischfeger, Gabriela 10:37:36 Hassel, Diana 10:38:26
2012 Ironman Hawaii results

Leanda Cave/Caroline Steffen
Image by:Tessa Capistrano.

Stephenson, Nell 10:38:30 Smith, Ann 10:38:37 Pereira, Vanessa 10:39:25 Javens, Amy 10:39:48 Geilhof, Barbara 10:41:46 Wilkinson, Victoria 10:41:52 Hengels, Adrienne 10:41:56 Kieffer, Estelle-Marie 10:43:03 Yetman, Peggy 10:43:31 Kenyon, Lisbeth 10:44:47 Richtrova, Jana 10:46:13 Fernandez Cruz, Noelia 10:46:20 Holland, Penelope 10:47:20 Miller, Emma 10:48:02 Ferreira, Samantha 10:48:27 Gannon, Dimity 10:49:10 Koekemoer, Martha 10:49:21 Kourtz, Amanda 10:51:40 Quinn, Raelene 10:50:42 Kenney, Christine 10:50:52 Haile, Cortney 10:50:57 Snipe, Rhiannon 10:51:06 Wieck, Sonja 10:51:17 Gauthier, Sylvie-Anne 10:51:23 Kuehlein, Angela 10:52:29 Steinscherer, Sabine 10:52:48 Keane, Lynn 10:52:48 Repec, Marie 10:53:16 Heisinger, Lisa 10:53:35

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