Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 results 2011


It was a strong field of pros fighting for spots in the Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 results 2011.

Of all the 70.3 races taking place today, August 14, 2011 the sixth running of Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 most likely has the most competitive field of pro athletes.

For those of you don’t know(and I didn’t until I checked it out) Lake Stevens is just over 30 miles North of Seattle.

If that’s the case, it can’t be all that far from the Canadian border leading into British Columbia.


The swim is an out and back course and because it is narrow, it will allow for plenty of spectators to watch the swim.

The 56 mile bike course is pretty much a double-loop that’s heads East of Lake Stevens that has a lot of rollers that many of the athletes will find challenging.

Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 results 2011

Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens WTC official banner

On the bright side, the scenery is stunning but I’m not sure if that will reduce the pain any, but it’s worth having a look around just to see if it does.

The run course is also a double loop and will take the athletes through the center of town which should make for plenty of crowd support.

As with most 70.3 races this time of year, there are many pros vying for enough points to make it to the 70.3 World Championships in Henderson, Nevada.


Paul Ambrose
Luke Bell
Philippe Kozub
Gavin Anderson
Shanon Stallard
Graham O'Grady
Justin Park
Lewis Elliot
Nicholas Thompson
Tom Evans
Dantley Young
Josh Hadway
Chris Boudreaux
James Duff
Jeff Symonds
Matt Lieto
Brendan Halpin
Joe Umphenour
Stephen Kilshaw
Ynuk Bosse
Nathan Killam
Guy Crawford
Chris Ganter
Jason Shortis


Melanie McQuaid
Tyler Stewart
Mackenzie Madison
Christine Fletcher
Jennifer Luebke
Haley Cooper-Scott
Rachel McBride
Mandy McLane
Jennifer Tetrick


For the men, Luke Bell is certainly right up there as a pre-race favorite. In four years he has had two firsts and a third on this course. Plus it always helps when you really like a course and enjoy returning year after year.

Although Luke was force to drop out of Ironman Lake Placid because of a nasty virus he will still be competing in both the Marine Corps 70.3 World Championships and in Kona as well.

So it is really hard to go against Luke in this race.

His stiffest competition will most likely come from fellow Australian Paul Ambrose. However this is a quick turn-around for Paul as he just raced in the Boulder 70.3 so he may come up a bit short today.

Ambrose has raced quite a lot this year and has a first in the IRONMAN RACINE 70.3 and a second the following weekend in a very competitive IRONMAN RHODE ISLAND 70.3.

It also appears the Tom Evans from Canada has entered this race and has the ability to do well in the Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 results 2011.

In the race for top spot for the pro women, it looks like Canadian Melanie McQuaid is in good form and is the defending champion on this course.

Melanie will be renewing acquaintances with Tyler Stewart who is always a tough competitor to put away. It should be a great race for the pro women’s title here in Lake Stevens.


It looked like Canadian Tom Evans was going to have one of his great races as he came out of the water with Luke Bell and Paul Ambrose. The three of them were right behind Graham O’Grady and Gavin Anderson who were about 30 seconds ahead.

Ultimately Tom had problems out on the bike course and a great race developed between Luke Bell, Paul Ambrose, and Jeff Symonds.


Graham O'Grady........23:37
Gavin Anderson........23:38
Paul Ambrose..........24:00
Luke Bell.............24:01
Tom Evans.............24:04
James Duff............24:45
Jeff Symonds..........24:47

On the women’s side it was Jennifer Luebke leading the way in the swim with Melanie McQuaid second and somehow Tyler Stewart was the second last pro woman out of the water.


Jennifer Luebke.......29:08
Melanie McQuaid.......29:12
Christine Fletcher....29:41
Rachel McBride........29:42
Mackenzie Madison.....29:50
Tyler Stewart.........30:54
Haley Cooper-Scott....31:25

Just as might be expected, Luke Bell and Paul Ambrose raced virtually side-by-side for the entire day.

Luke Bell had a bike time of 2:15:21 which was the best of the day, but Paul was right there with a 2:15:26. The next pro male was Jeff Symonds who had a 2:17:27 bike time.

This was an amazing race because going out onto the run course there were at least 6 or 7 pro males in contention for a podium spot.

For the women it was Tyler Stewart who decimated the field on the bike course and she started out on the run with a huge lead over Melanie McQuaid who simply could not keep up with Tyler.

Luke Bell takes top spot in the Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 results 2011, but you could have thrown a blanket over the top three finishers.


Luke Bell..............3:56:50
Paul Ambrose...........3:57:53
Jeff Symonds...........3:58:29
Graham O'Grady.........4:00:33
Stephen Kilshaw........4:02:29

Tyler Stewart was a machine in this race and led the Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 results 2011 by ten minutes over Melanie McQuaid at the finish line.

From 2nd to 5th place was very closely bunched and all in all this whole race for both men and women was pretty exciting to follow. It was an all-out effort by so many today.


Tyler Stewart...........4:27:31
Melanie McQuaid.........4:37:58
Haley Cooper-Scott......4:42:42
Mackenzie Madison.......4:43:24
Christine Fletcher......4:44:10

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