Ironman Lake Tahoe results 2014

A Talented field was set to do battle for top spots in Ironman Lake Tahoe results 2014


Matt Lieto, Bryan Rhodes, Jason Shortis, and Matthew Russell were all capable of doing well in this race as were Canadians Brent McMahon and Trevor Wurtelle.


Brandon, Barrett	USA
Crawford, Guy    	NZL
Daerr, Justin   	USA
Delsaut, Trevor  	FRA
Garcia, Derek    	USA
Gerlach, Thomas 	USA
Howard, Jeremy   	USA
Kilshaw, Stephen	CAN
Kotsegarov, Kirill	ESP
Lieto, Matt     	USA
MacLean, Doug   	USA
McMahon, Brent   	CAN
McNeice, Dylan  	NZL
Quezada Ruiz, Sergio	MEX
Rhodes, Bryan   	NZL
Russell, Matthew	USA
Shortis, Jason  	AUS
Wurtele, Trevor 	CAN

Kate Bevilaqua was ready for a big race and this could be it as she stood out as the one to beat in this field of pro women. Uli Bromme would have also been in the mix had the race gone on.


Basso, Anne     	FRA
Bevilaqua, Kate  	AUS
Blakemore, Katy  	USA
Bromme, Uli     	USA
Calkins, Kathleen	USA
Donavan, Jessie  	USA
Homo, Malaika   	USA
Jarvis, Sarah   	USA
Lapoint, Kara   	USA
Lyles, Liz      	USA
Madison, Mackenzie	USA
Smith, Jessica   	USA
Tibaldi, Francesca	ITA

From this image it does not look like weather was a factor.

ironman lake tahoe results 2014

This image was taken by Ironmanlive and is of King’s Beach the swim venue.

This post on Ironmanlive on race morning does shed light on the temperature.

Good morning from Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe! It’s a brisk 58 degrees F/14 degrees C and athletes are gathering from far and wide.

The Lake Tahoe 70.3 scheduled to be an all age-group race was also cancelled.

One thing is for certain, it takes a lot to cancel an ironman race because of all the preparation that is put into it by organizers, volunteers and the athletes so it will be interesting to find out what the reason was.

It will be posted on this page when the information is available.

Here is the answer in a tweet from a fire-fighter and from the WTC.

***Athletes feel free to add your comment to the ones at the bottom of the page. Your thoughts on the cancellation and your triathlon/Ironman plans going forward would be much appreciated.***

Smoky conditions from #KingFire force cancellation of #Ironman Lake Tahoe competition.
7:59 AM – 21 Sep 2014


Ironman officials issued this statement:

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (September 21, 2014) – Due to unsafe air quality conditions in the Lake Tahoe basin, IRONMAN® Lake Tahoe and IRONMAN® 70.3® Lake Tahoe will not take place today, Sunday, September 21, 2014. The safety of athletes, volunteers, and spectators is our highest priority. The decision to cancel the event involved recommendations from the State of California and Placer County health officials. Officials advised IRONMAN that the high levels of PM2.5 (particulate matter) being recorded early Sunday morning in Lake Tahoe were at unsafe and unhealthy levels for both the athletes and the public.

“Due to high early morning unhealthy concentrations of particulate matter in and around various areas of the Tahoe Basin where the IRONMAN event is occurring, we feel that the event management made the right decision today in the interest of the athletes, event volunteers, and spectators,” said Tom Christofk, Air Pollution Control Officer for Placer County. “We have been monitoring the air quality impacts from the King Fire on the event for several days, and have been reviewing near real time data from sensors located in Squaw Valley, Tahoe City, Kings Beach, and Truckee. The data from this morning indicates unsafe levels of air quality to commence the event.”

Saturday’s initial projections from the King Fire had suggested that smoke and particulate matter would not impact the event on Sunday. However, fire behavior and wind patterns changed significantly on Saturday afternoon with air quality at Squaw Valley, Truckee, and Tahoe City deteriorating rapidly through the course of the evening. Smoke models predict little relief on Sunday with smoke accumulation increasing as the day progresses, according to the anticipated shift to a southwesterly wind.

“This morning officials from IRONMAN, with tremendous data support from the Placer County Air Pollution Control District, made the decision to cancel the race,” said Robert Oldham, Placer County Public Health Officer. “As much as we were all looking forward to this event, I am confident that the cancellation was the right decision to protect the health of the athletes and the public.”


4 thoughts on “Ironman Lake Tahoe results 2014

  1. All Triathletes please read this.

    My sympathy to all the tri-geeks who have been planning, working, focusing on todays race for many, many months. And I want to share something with you all that (from what I can read) the race organizers might not have shared with the tri-community.

    Several years ago the Donner Lake Olympic Distance tri was cancelled due to smoke (July). Last year the South Shore Lake Tahoe 1/2 IM was cancelled due to smoke (August). About five years ago organizers had an Olympic distance tri on North Shore (September). Triathletes raced in a snow storm. That race never came back. Last years inaugural IM Tahoe missed a snow storm by one day. 20% of the participants got the dredded DNF next to their name. And now this horrible, horrible cancellation.

    Being a former tri-geek I soo sympathize with you that worked so hard (and spent soo much money) to get here. But listen up – the 3rd week in September is a terrible time to plan an outdoor event like this here. Any longtimer Tahoe local will tell you late September the weather can be Summer……or Winter.

    In my almost 30 years living in Tahoe I know from experience that come late September there is a fair chance of a snowstorm…and living in the West, we all know the fire dangers. As much as it pains me to say this – Tahoe (esp in late September) is NOT the place to do an Ironman. you’re playing with fire (no pun intended). or ice.

    Looking outside my window (it’s Sunday morning, what would have been race day – there is a light rain. talk about adding insult to injury.

    Again, my sympathies to you all. Go out and make the best of it! beautiful hiking here. Take a drive to Mammoth or Sierraville and go soak in the hot springs.

    • Thanks so much Oscar for taking the time to post your thoughts on the cancellation of Ironman Lake Tahoe and Ironman 70.3 Lake Tahoe.

      It’s a difficult time for all concerned.

      It’s especially difficult for those who are only able to commit the time and effort for just one shot at reaching the Ironman finish line.

      For those people there may never be another opportunity.

  2. To oscar,

    Thanks for the background on the seasons, and as an ironman who has raced only tough courses, IMSG, Boulder and Tahoe, I can say with confidence, that it seems more rewarding to me to be able to say i did what others didn’t

    ironman is tough… Half is too… And yesterday was a PERFECT race day setting. The fire was not part of the weather forcast. Furthermore, ironman race officials made a smart decision to cancel the race.

    had the race started, I would have finished, and I would more than likely have lung damage and maybe some rare form of Tahoe-wood-ash disease.

    We all start standing near our bikes sharing a pump from some blessed person who remembered to bring one, and helping each other zip into wetsuits. And at the end of the day, its 140+ miles… And you are a new person.

    I am personally affected by the cancel of IMLT, but I will be signing up again at 9am Monday morning. This course is a tough race, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Prepare for cold, or heat, or wet or fires… I will be there every year.

    • Joseph…Thank you for sharing your story and I am truly sorry you missed the race you most likely spent a lot of time preparing for.

      You truly have the Ironman spirit and an understanding of the event and just how many things have to come together in order for a person to reach the finish line.

      Illness, injury, bad weather, or just bad luck can all impact a person’s Ironman journey and it’s the ability to accept it and keep trying that’s the mark of a true Ironman.

      As I said in my earlier post, it’s the ones who will never get another opportunity that I feel the most for.

      And yes, canceling an Ironman event is the last thing the WTC ever wants to do so you can bet they made the right decision and that decision was based on the health and safety of the athletes.

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