Several top triathletes will be on hand to make their mark on the ironman muncie 70.3 results 2011.

This in the inaugural Ironman Muncie 70.3 and brings the number of Ironman 70.3 races in the world to 43.

This also includes the Ironman 70.3 World Championship race held in Clearwater, Florida.

It should be no surprise that this race has attracted many great triathletes, but the Ironman Muncie 70.3 results 2011 are certainly up in the air. This is especially true on the women’s side.

Muncie might be new to the Ironman 70.3 family, but it is by no means the first time Muncie has entertained a triathlon.

As a matter of fact the 31-year run of the Muncie triathlon makes it the longest running triathlon in the United States.


One thing that appears certain is that the winning times will be very fast.

The swim that takes place in the Prairie Creek Reservoir is a single loop course and the temperatures are expected to be in the very comfortable 77-79F range.

However the biggest reason to expect a fast winning time is the flat and fast out and back bike course.

It certainly is not a course for those pros who excel at climbing as there is barely 200 feet of elevation gain.

The run course that follows the South side of the reservoir has rolling hills and may not be as flat as the bike, but will most likely do little to slow down the top pros.

Ben Hoffman is the favorite going into the race on the strength of his recent win in Ironman Boise 70.3.

Challenges for top spot will most likely come from Luke McKenzie, Bryan Rhodes and Rich Allen.
Ben Hoffman is really using this race more as a spring-board to Ironman Lake Placid, a race that he won in 2010. He is in top form.

On the women’s side, great things will be expected from Leanda Cave from Great Britain after the great race she had coming in second behind Chrisse Wellington at Ironman Kansas 70.3.

However Kelly Williamsonis also in great form. Kelly won in San Juan and Buffalo Springs. Better yet Kelly had a spectacular time of 9:07:54 at Ironman Texas.

Melanie McQuaid is capable of a big race here, but has not been in the best of form this year and may come up a bit short.

Jesse Jacobs and Jessica Myers are also serious contenders for a podium spot in the women’s pro field.

It’s a great field of both pro men and women and soon we will know the official Ironman Muncie 70.3 Results 2011.


Ben Hoffman


The outcome on the pro men side is really not a big surprise as Ben Hoffman has been in great form and this race bodes well for his attempt to win Ironman Lake Placid 2011.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment is Luke McKenzie who seems to be off form but will most likely improve as the season progresses.

Ben Hoffman.......00:26:08 02:01:11 01:18:31 03:48:14
Mike Caiazzo......00:28:26 02:05:56 01:16:07 03:53:12
Rich Allen........00:26:11 02:05:34 01:20:13 03:54:18
Joe Umphenour.....00:25:49 02:08:51 01:18:13 03:55:12
Daniel Bretscher..00:27:17 02:08:22 01:17:36 03:55:36
Torsten Abel......00:26:13 02:08:11 01:19:28 03:56:40
Joe McDaniel......00:27:13 02:08:19 01:19:06 03:57:08
Luke McKenzie.....00:26:15 02:08:22 01:20:49 03:57:47
Brent Poulsen.....00:27:15 02:11:02 01:18:29 03:59:17
Stanislav Krylov..00:25:48 02:05:59 01:25:33 03:59:55


This would have to rank as a surprise and what a great performance by Mellissa Rollinson to beat pro women the caliber of Kelly williamson and Leanda Cave.

Melissa Rollison..00:30:10 02:16:47 01:19:19 04:08:48
Kelly Williamson..00:27:23 02:22:06 01:20:21 04:12:19
Leanda Cave.......00:27:19 02:14:34 01:28:11 04:12:35
Margaret Shapiro..00:28:32 02:18:43 01:28:45 04:18:20
Dede Griesbauer...00:27:24 02:18:46 01:31:52 04:20:55
Jessica Meyers....00:30:14 02:21:31 01:28:25 04:22:35

This was an exceptionally strong performance by Melissa because as you can see by the splits, she was almost 3 minutes behind the leaders out of the water.

Only Leanda Cave had a faster bike time than Melissa and the bike was basically where Kelly Williamson lost this race.

She was 8 minutes slower than Leanda Cave in the bike and 6 minutes slower than Melissa.

Leanda Cave simply did not have it in the run today and it was a solid race all-around by Melissa Rollison that earned her the victory and the top of Ironman Muncie 70.3 results 2011.


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