Ironman Muskoka 70.3 Results 2011


Once again ironman Muskoka is leading off the season. The Ironman Muskoka 70.3 Results 2011 will be the first race where the pros can begin to earn points for the 2012 70.3 World Championships.

It’s not a real strong field of pros as this year’s 70.3 Championship is going on today.

Craig Alexander who is no stranger to Muskoka. He won the World Championships in Nevada today and Melissa Rollison won for the women.

In the Muskoka race it appeared that Michael Lovato was the class of the field and he proved it my winning the race in 4:15:40.

Lovato was two minutes behind the fastest swimmers coming out of the water and gave up another 4 minutes to Sean Bechtel in the bike. His run time of 01:18 proved to be too much and he took first place by just under two minutes over Bechtel.

The top male finishers were Micheal Lovato, Sean Bechtel, Justin Park and Wolfgang Guembel.

The women’s race was also a very light field for much the same reason. Many of the pros were in Nevada.

However Amanda Lovato who was also the favorite going in also came through with a victory.
Ironman Muskoka 70.3 Results 2011
Amanda Lovato was 3 minutes off the leader in the swim but had a solid bike. Much like Michael Lovato she had a run time that nobody could match.

The top female finishers were Amanda Lovato, Jennifer Tetrick, Missy Kuck, and Marisa Aspund.


Keith Marchant
Skip Kuneck
Andre Simon
Ryan Santos
Nathan Mahan

Kimberly Hagesteijn
Michelle Nadler
Kate Ragotte
Kiki Cloutier
Michelle Irvine


Jennifer Vaillancourt
Andrea Lamantia
Annie Jean
Hannah Fraser
Samantha Lawrence

David Hanish
Chris Pickering
Dave Smith
Louis Therien
Colin Campbell


Brooke Brown
Tara Ross
Emma Briggs
Melissa French
Mindy Fernando

Cameron Bush
Brandon Habermeh
Luka Senk
Justin Kitney
Evan Dietz


Claudia Johnston
Kristen Bridges
Aimee Sutton
Suzanne Dixon
Marianne Stewart

Mike Greenberg
Jeremy Tucker
Aleksander Radan
Luke Ehgoetz
Jeff Burbine


Jen Trainor
Kim Nelson
Elizabeth Hamilton
Claudia Bolognesi
Christine Jansen

Glenn Camplin
Craig Forcese
Freddie So
Scott Boyd
Eric Fernando


Helene Desrosiers
Patti Warr
Margaret Dorio
Judy Rynbeek
Lori Stewart

Erik Seedhouse
Tony Biernacki
David Bialkowski
David Romaniuk
Richard Daley


Sheri Fraser
Abigail Steel
Jody Mckie
Murn Meyrick
Marianne Bialkowski

Laurence Bain
Roger Carroll
Edward McColm
George Clark
Brian McGee


Gail M. Burgess
Bernadette Thomas
Brenda Walsh
Lindy Welsby
Kathleen Robb

Hans Porten
Ed Delaplante
Ken Williams
Rob Bruce
Paul Resnick


Margaret Wojtowicz
Patricia Shaw
Ruth Calman

Murray Legge
John Hetherington
Frank Brennan
Peter Cook
Robert Steinberg


Margaret Wojtowicz
Patricia Shaw
Ruth Calman

Murray Legge
John Hetherington
Frank Brennan
Peter Cook
Robert Steinberg


Jim Donaldson
Keith Bailey
Terry Carrick
Phil Gregory


Howard Glass….

Great Job Howard!

If you have never been to this part of the world and you love to combine a vacation with your triathlon the Muskoka Ironman 70.3 is a triathlon you just have to do.

It’s an extremely popular race that both age-grouper and pro triathltes return to year after year.

Congratulations to all those who were part of the Ironman Muskoka 70.3 Results 2011 . I hope you realized your dream and reached your goals.

Visit for upcoming race information.


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