ironman phuket 70.3 results 2011


A deep field of pros descended on Thailand to try for top spot in Ironman Phuket 70.3 results 2011.

Many top pros have made their way to Phuket,Thailand to take part in the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship. The race is expected to be highly competitive.


This race certainly can lay claim to one of the more unique Ironman swim courses in the world.

First the athletes will swim 1.28km in the ocean then exit the water and run up a sand bank and to a lagoon. The final 620m of the swim in the lagoon will take them into the swim/bike transition.

To put it mildly the bike course for this race is truly challenging and unique. At one point in the race the cyclists will have to get off their bikes and cross a ramp and pedestrian bridge.

There are some flat stretches built for speed but the climbs are tough and not to be taken lightly. It’s one of those races where triathletes will have to be extra cautious about proper nutrition and hydration. The heat can be a major factor in Ironman Phuket 70.3.

The 21km run course is one loop and travels into the Laguna Phuket Golf Course. Then the course takes the athletes back to the finish line at the Laguna Beach Resort.


On the men’s side it will likely be Germany’s Michael Raelert leading the way in what should be a great race.

Chris Lieto, paul Ambrose, and Matt Reed are serious threats and this should be a great race with all talent involved.


Ambrose, Paul
Cassadei, Alberto
Cigana, Massimo
Croneborg, Fredrik
Cummins, Owen
Cunningham, Richie
Degasperi, Alessandro
Dellow, David
Estrangeiro, Jose
Felbabel, Erich
Frankish, Monty
Granger, Justin
Guillaume, Romain
Halksworth, Daniel
Kemp, Christian
Kriat, Maksym
Lampret, Freddy
Legh, Christopher
Lieto, Chris
Matthews, Paul
McHugh, Joshua
Raelert, Michael
Reed, Matt
Reed, Timothy James
Schokman, Peter
Zyemtsev, Viktor
ironman phuket 70.3 results 2011

Melissa Rollison

The women’s field is a great one and this should be an interesting race. There are several top pro women in this race. Melissa Rollinson is the current 70.3 World Champion and should be right near the front in this one for most of the day.

Belinda Granger is fresh off a win in last weekend’s Laguna Phuket Triathlon. It might be a bit of a stretch to run at top form and beat this field. Natascha Badmann and Amanda Stevens are also here and should make their presence known.


Badmann, Natascha
Castle, Ange Megan
Gordon, Jacqui
Granger, Belinda
Lewis, Tamsin
Lidbury, Emma-Kate
Miyazaki, Yasuko
Niederfriniger, Edith
Nivon Machoud, Ruth
Rabe, Katja
Raynolds, Matilda
Rollison, Melissa
Sax, Janine
Stevens, Amanda
Vodickova, Radka
Wu, Michelle
Wutti, Eva


There appears to be the possibility of rain and hopefully it will hold off. Rain can make the bike course a bit treacherous and by all reports it is already challenging enough.


Daniel Halksworth             00:23:33
Michael Raelert               00:23:34
Matt Reed                     00:23:37
David Dellow                  00:23:38
Paul Matthews                 00:23:39
Faris Al-Sultan               00:23:53
Richie Cunningham             00:23:55
Joshua McHugh                 00:24:06
Timothy James Reed            00:24:08
Paul Ambrose                  00:24:12


Amanda Stevens                00:24:12
Ruth Nivon Machoud            00:25:51
Radka Vodickova               00:26:13
Emma-Kate Lidbury             00:26:47
Belinda Granger               00:27:29
Melissa Rollison              00:27:32
Janine Sax                    00:27:53
Michelle Wu                   00:28:00
Katja Rabe                    00:28:16
Edith Niederfriniger          00:28:28

At the 30km mark in the bike the two Paul’s from Australia are in the lead pack. Paul Mathews and Paul Ambrose are joined by 5 others at the front of the race.

Melissa Rollison made her first big move and is in second place behind Amanda Stevens. However there are at least five women within a minute of Melissa.

Rollison has the lead and this race might already be over if she decides to break away and heads out onto the run with a 4 or 5 minute break on the field.

The men are riding in a pack and it appears they will be given a warning for drafting. Chris Lieto had a crash and continued riding for a while but had now officially dropped out of the race.

No need for times as they are all within drafting distance of each other.

Paul Ambrose 
Paul Matthews 
Richie Cunningham 
Michael Raelert 
David Dellows 
Timothy James Reed 
Joshua McHugh 
Matt Reed

Suddenly it’s pouring rain and that could cause problems out on the bike course but should eliminate some of the heat on the run.


Michael Raelert               02:39:15
Paul Ambrose                  02:39:16
David Dellow                  02:39:18
Paul Matthews                 02:39:19
Richie Cunningham             02:39:22
Joshua McHugh                 02:39:33
Matt Reed                     02:42:05
Massimo Cigana                02:44:18
Timothy James Reed            02:45:13
Alessandro Degasperi          02:48:19
ironman phuket 70.3 results 2011

Michael Raelert

Melissa Rollison has headed out onto the run course with a lead of several minutes over Natascha Badmann. Belinda Granger, Emma Kate-Lidbury and Amanda Stevens are the next three in behind the two leaders.

Michael Raelert showed his class in this race as he pulled away from the rest of the field in the run. He finishes in first place in the ironman phuket 70.3 results 2011. He finished with a time of 3:51:37.


Raelert, Michael	        03:51:36
Cunningham, Richie	        03:57:16
Matthews, Paul	                03:58:24
Reed, Timothy James	        03:59:57
Dellow, David	                04:01:11
Cigana, Massimo	     	        04:01:54
Ambrose, Paul		        04:02:18
Reed, Matt                      04:05:14
McHugh, Joshua	                04:06:04
Degasperi, Alessandro	        04:07:18

Time splits are a bit sporadic as a severe rainstorm has hit the area quite hard. Despite the weather conditions there are some great performances taking place.

It appears that Melissa Rollison has an insurmountable 7-8 minute lead heading into the last leg of the run. However Natascha Badmann is having the race of the day as she makes the turn for home. It all depends if she can hold off the third and fourth place women.

Melissa Rollison is the winner for the pro women with a time of 4:17:01 and tops the podium in the ironman phuket 70.3 results 2011.

Natascha Badmann is sensational with her second place performance at 44-years-old.


Rollison, Melissa              04:17:01
Badmann, Natascha              04:30:42
Vodickova, Radka	       04:34:50
Lidbury, Emma-Kate	       04:36:09
Lewis, Tamsin	               04:36:14
Wu, Michelle	               04:38:27
Rabe, Katja	               04:40:34
Granger, Belinda               04:41:10
Sax, Janine	               04:42:57
Stevens, Amanda	               04:45:41

TOP TEN AGE-GROUP MEN in the ironman phuket 70.3 results 2011

Brandt-Joergensen, Niels 	04:17:58
Buxhofer, Matthias 	        04:18:44
Low, Charlie 	                04:19:17
Spackman, Todd Thekid           04:19:43
Green, David 	                04:20:45
Anderson, Aj 	                04:24:13
Beyeler, Nicolas 	        04:25:09
Johnson, Brett 	                04:26:48
Attamimi, Assad 	        04:26:56
Studer, Gregor 	                04:27:37

TOP TEN AGE-GROUP WOMEN in the ironman phuket 70.3 results 2011

Ferreira, Samantha 	        04:50:57
Jackson, Christina              04:51:29
Taggart, Sally                  04:54:47
D'haese, Veerle 	        04:58:15
Kempter, Sabine 	        05:01:42
Bannink, Cindi 	                05:02:16
Gowans, Jenny 	                05:03:08
Holland, Penelope               05:03:26
Miller, Emma Kate 	        05:04:17
Steinberg, Steffi 	        05:09:24


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