Ironman Pocono 70.3 results 2011


The Ironman Pocono 70.3 results 2011 will be the first for this newest member of the WTC family of races.

October 2, 2011 will see yet another Ironman race added to the ever-growing, world-wide family of 70.3 events as the inaugural Pocono Mountains 70.3 takes center stage.

The all new Pocono Ironman event will be run in the majestic shadows of the Appalachian Mountains in and around Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

It’s one of those venues that might encourage competitors to bring along their entire family and stay after the race for a vacation.

This is especially true at this time of year when the leaves are changing colors.


The Pocono course features two transitions and the begins with a point-to-point swim in the Delaware River.

The start of the race at Smithfield Beach with the Appalachians as a backdrop will take the triathletes to the first transition at River Road North.

This just in. The organizers of Ironman Pocono 70.3 2011 have announced that the swim course is too dangerous with the high water level of the Delaware River due to recent heavy rainfall, so the triathlon will go ahead as a “duathlon.”

The 56-mile bike course will take the cyclists through farm country and to the Village of Shawnee and on to Stroudsburg.

The bike/run transition will take place at the Stroudsburg High School.

The run actually takes place on the Pocono Marathon run course.

Instead of two or three run loops the inaugural Ironman Pocono 70.3 run course is the more traditional out-and-back.

Ironman Pocono 70.3 results 2011

Cyclists tackle some Pocono rolling hills.

The course is not completely flat and will feature a hill near the start of the run, at the turn-around, and at the 11-mile mark of the 13.1 mile course.

The run features a journey through historic downtown Stroudsburg before heading out into the scenic country-side.


At first glance the pro men’s race to the top of the podium appears to be between Patrick Evoe from the United States and Bart Aernouts of Belgium.

Patrick Evoe is becoming very consistent and his feature race for this season was his outstanding performance in Lousiville.

Patrick showed that he has a great endurance base with a solid 2:52 marathon that carried him to a second place finish in IRONMAN LOUSIVILLE 2011.

However Patrick will have to be at his best to over-take Bart Aernouts who might well have the lead off his strong biking abilities as the pros head out onto to the run course.

Bart is very fast and as a 70.3 is almost a sprint for the pros, I believe Patrrick might come up a bit short and be unable to catch Bart.

Bart Aernouts has had a spectacular season and has wins in IRONMAN SYRACUSE 70.3 2011 and on his home course IRONMAN ANTWERP 70.3 2011

Not sure what impact the cancellation of the swim will have on the pro men race, but have a feeling that it could end up being a head-to-head duel between Patrick and Bart and the race will be decided late in the run.


Josh Rix
Guy Crawford
Eric Limkemann
Daniel Bretscher
Nathan Killam
Mike Caiazzo
Patrick Evoe
Fabian Conrad
Nick Waninger
Ryan Bates
Jack Smith
Zach Ruble
Bart Aernouts
Tim Snow
Matt Mangen
Kyle Pawlaczyk
John Kenny
Jose Jeuland
Chris Baird
Justin Daerr
Ryan Kelly
Karl Bordine

On the pro women’s side I really think that Magali Tisseyre from Canada will have the pedal to the metal from the get-go and she is going to be very hard to beat and I believe she will be the winner of the inaugural Pocono Mountains Ironman 70.3 for the pro women.

Ironman legend Karen Smyersis also entered but will most likely be over-matched in this race.

Magali bested Heather Wurtele by two minutes and went in 4:18:28 earlier this year in IRONMAN 70.3 BOISE 2011.

Magali recently had a top-ten result in the L.A. Olympic Distance race that included a solid run time of 35.49.

Obviously she is back in form and ready to roll and a good result will make the Marine Corps 70.3 DNF a distant memory.

Look out for Desiree Ficker to make a strong run at a top-three-finish as she has had a solid ITU season and is used to a fast tempo. However, she may struggle to stay close in the bike with no drafting allowed.

As far as what effect the swim being cancelled will have on the pro women’s race, I don’t think it will make much difference.

If anything it might favor Magali Tisseyre even more and she may just take the lead in the bike and never look back.

It may also help Desiree Ficker who is a fast runner as she will have the extra energy she will not have to expend in the swim.


Kristin White
Jennifer Tetrick
Sharon Schmidt-Mongrain
Mirjam Weerd
Heather Leiggi
Missy Kuck
Amber Ferreira
Karen Smyers
Stephanie Jones
Jessie Donovan
Desiree Ficker
Magali Tisseyre


Bart Aernouts and Magali Tisseyre are easy winners of the shortened version of the inaugural ironman pocono 70.3 2011.

When Patrick Evoe failed to show at the start it was pretty much a given that Aernouts would win this race going on his past record this season.

Aernouts took the lead in the bike and never really looked back and was first across the finish line in the Ironman Pocono 70.3 results 2011.


Aernouts, Bart  02:11:27 01:14:25 03:27:04
Ruble, Zach     02:14:52 01:18:19 03:34:33
Conrad, Fabian  02:15:49 01:18:34 03:35:35
Sundberg, Swen  02:15:30 01:18:50 03:35:40
Pawlaczyk, Kyle 02:19:28 01:21:15 03:42:07

In the race for top spot among pro women Tisseyre also won as expected.

The women were tightly grouped as the leaders began the run but it was Tisseyre outrunning the field and earning top spot in the Ironman Pocono 70.3 results 2011.


Tisseyre, Magali  02:30:38 01:24:59 03:57:11
Donavan, Jessie   02:31:27 01:29:39 04:02:46
Tetrick, Jennifer 02:30:30 01:32:22 04:04:11
White, Kristin    02:33:30 01:32:20 04:07:08
Leiggi, Heather   02:34:41 01:30:50 04:07:09


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