Ironman questions and answers


Ironman questions and answers is the perfect book to help the first time Ironman reach the finish line.

Are you Ironstruck? 500 Ironman Triathlon questions and answers is the only Ironman Triathlon question and answer book on the market. This book answers “all” the questions that the first-time Ironman needs answered the most. Questions and answers that might hold the key to reaching the Ironman finish line.

I’ve had so many questions from all over the world when it comes to taking on triathlon or the Ironman challenge for the first time that I wrote a book with 500 questions and answers.

“Ironstruck? 500 Ironman Triathlon Questions and Answers” is most like the only Q+A book in the world on the subject of triathlon in general and the Ironman.

You can visit my ironstruck book store for more information on the books I have written.

The book also includes motivational stories and some amazing recipes submitted by triathletes from around the world.
Ironman questions and answers

I thought it would give readers a sense of the real “world community and family” that triathletes are part of. I had no idea how many great recipes would be sent to me. This seems to be he first book of its kind and together with Ironstruck…The Ironman Triathlon Journey are the perfect pair to help you reach your goal of the Ironman finish line.

I introduced my Ironman Q+A book at Ironman Canada in 2008 and it was very well received. I received this email and it’s always so special when I hear that someone has taken “Ironstruck” to heart and now they are in the position to accomplish something truly remarkable that will change them for the better, forever.


I want to THANK YOU for getting me ignited; motivated; hungry to take on the Ironman; and for all of your astounding guidance with your latest IRONSTRUCK book, “500 ironman questions and answers”. It was and will always be my “first love” with my “first Ironman”…it got me where I am today–I always hear your words in my head from not over-training; to swimming tricks; to some nutritional suggestions (Coconut oil); to pacing; to recovery; to attitude; to sheer belief in myself.

You are a mentor of mine, and a person that was integral to this moment in my life. I will let you know how I do… I’ll be back home on Sunday.

With an insurmountable amount of respect and gratitude,

Jill did become an Ironman.


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