Ironman Race Day


Your Ironman race day has arrived. Are you ready for this? Have you done all you can to give yourself the best possible chance at reaching the finish line?

Believe in yourself and you will be rewarded for all the effort you put into getting to this day. You might just surprise yourself.

I remember my first Ironman right down to the smallest detail. Years from now yours will be permanently engraved in your memory as well.

I asked myself many times over the course of the training year what on earth I was doing. How could I expect to do this race? Often there was an overwhelming feeling of being in way over my head.

For the first time I began to truly understand the term “looking into the eye of the tiger”. Many times my instinct was to turn and run from this tiger called ‘Ironman’.
Ironman race day
It can be an awe inspiring and fearsome challenge when you face it head on. I will be eternally grateful that somehow I found the inner strength to push aside my fears and stare the tiger down.

So many individuals are capable of so much, but never test their limits–never really find out how amazing they really are.

If you have made it this far–to Ironman race day, you have already learned much about yourself. Believe me, you are about to learn a lot more before race-day is over.

As you wander the transition area, numbers on your arms and legs, fussing over your bike, taking care of last minute details, reflect on how far you have come since the day you were “Ironstruck”.

Look at the start line as a sensational accomplishment and the finish line as extra reward for going to a place that you once thought was far beyond your reach.

The victory is often found in conquering our greatest fears and doubts and persevering despite an often overwhelming sense of being in over our heads.

The reward is often found in the journey and not necessarily the final destination.

The world is filled with people who will wander through their time on this Earth without truly “living” and experiencing the thrill of stepping out of the comfort zone of their everyday lives.
Ironman race day
Lives that often leave them thinking there must be more, that just maybe they are missing out, but are never quite able to take that first step into a new, bold adventure.

Just for having made it to this moment you have my heartfelt admiration, because I know exactly what you’re feeling. I know the inner turmoil you have mastered to get to this day.

Now, if you listen, they are calling you to the start line. Your great adventure is about to continue.


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