Ironman Singapore 70.3 Results 2012

Many Australian pro men and women were entered in Ironman Singapore 70.3 and would be looking to dominate the podium.


The 2-lap swim takes place along the Singapore Coast. The water is normally warm and calm and wetsuits are not required.

The Singapore 70.3 swim course for 2012 will be a unique, safe two-lap, two lane swim allowing slower or unsure swimmers a safe passage at all times.

The 3-loop bike is fast and flat and should ensure a very fast race time for the winners. It’s spectator friendly and the race can be viewed in it’s entirety from the swim/ T1 / Finish area.

The run course is also three laps and will take competitors along the shoreline of the East Coast Park. the run is also fast and flat and this race may favor the speediest cyclists who can get on the run course with a bit of a lead. There are not enough hills to level the playing field and the better climbers may be at a bit of a disadvantage in Singapore.


Luke Gillmer Australia
Yeunsik Ham Republic of Korea
Mike Gee Australia
Anthony Devos Belgium
Dan Brown Philippines
Guy Crawford New Zealand
Ollie Whistler Australia
Eneko Elosegui Spain
Michael Kent Australia
Nick Waninger United States
Tadashi Iida Japan
Kodo Hiramatsu Japan
Adam Gordon Australia
Timothy Marr United States
Dylan McNeice New Zealand
Alessandro Degasperi Italy
Denis Vasiliev Russian Federation
Josh Amberger Australia
Nick Munting Australia
Christian Kemp Australia

Ollie Whistler should be favored going into Sunday’s race but I think Alessandro Degasperi is capable of upsetting and taking the win. Expect strong performances from Guy Crawford and Chris Kemp who are also quite capable of making the podium.


Rebekah Keat Australia
Rachael Paxton Australia
Francesca Tibaldi Italy
Irina Kirchler Austria
Kristina Wiegand Germany
Kate Bevilaqua Australia
Kat Baker Australia
Michelle Wu Australia
Alison Fitch Australia
JiHyun Lee Republic of Korea
Megumi Shigaki Japan
Elaine Brent New Zealand
Mary Beth Ellis United States

Mary Beth Ellis will most likely be the favorite going into the race, but don’t discount Kate Bevilaqua who comes off a great effort as she fought her way to a second place finish in Ironman New Zealand 70.3. Kate is quiet capable of winning here and a solid threat for a podium spot. Michelle Wu is always near the front and will most likely challenge for a podium spot.


(As always, I am following the live feed of the race).

As the pro men left the water it was Dylan Mcneice, Denis Vasiliev, Josh Amberger , Christian Kemp in that order as they headed to their bikes.

Pre-race in the transition zone.

For the women it was no surprise that Mary Beth Ellis stormed to the front and came out of the water first. At this point it would be no surprise at all to see Mary Beth leading this race to the finish line as she is also a very strong cyclist.

Kate Bevilaqua from Perth is second out of the water followed by Ali Fitch and Michelle Wu.


MCNEICE, Dylan 1/--/-- 27/MPRO 00:24:02
AMBERGER, Josh 2/--/-- 23/MPRO 00:24:03
KEMP, Christian 3/--/-- 32/MPRO 00:24:04
VASILIEV, Denis 4/--/-- 23/MPRO 00:24:04
CRAWFORD, Guy 5/--/-- 33/MPRO 00:26:43
WHISTLER, Ollie 6/--/-- 25/MPRO 00:26:44
MARR, Tim 7/--/-- 33/MPRO 00:26:46
DEGASPERI, Alessandro 8/--/-- 32/MPRO 00:26:46
WANINGER, Nick 9/--/-- 28/MPRO 00:27:31
HIRAMATSU, Kodo 10/--/-- 32/MPRO 00:27:32


ELLIS, Mary Beth 1/--/-- 35/FPRO 00:26:42
BEVILAQUA, Kate 2/--/-- 35/FPRO 00:28:43
FITCH, Alison 3/--/-- 40/FPRO 00:29:11
WU, Michelle 4/--/-- 29/FPRO 00:30:07
KIRCHLER, Irina 5/--/-- 29/FPRO 00:30:08
BAKER, Kat 6/--/-- 25/FPRO 00:30:11
TIBALDI, Francesca 7/--/-- 37/FPRO 00:31:26
SHIGAKI, Megumi 8/--/-- 38/FPRO 00:31:49
BRENT, Elaine 9/--/-- 27/FPRO 00:35:27
WIEGAND, Kristina 10/--/-- 43/FPRO 00:36:34
LEE, Jihyun 11/--/-- 29/FPRO 00:36:35

How the swim went down. Fantastic conditions with little current and smooth waters under a hazy sky. First lap saw a breakaway quartet established that would see Dylan McNiece leading Josh Amberger, Christian Kemp and Denis Vasiiev. A second group formed with Ollie Whistler, Guy Crawford, Tim Marr and Alessandro Degasperi. And the boys were joined by Mary Beth Ellis!!! A third group held the challengers to Mary Beth in Kate Bevilaqua and Ali Fitch. And that’s the way they finished.(courtesy of IronmanLive)


Early on in the bike Josh Amberger was in front of the lead pack of four and Ollie Whistler leads the chase pack of six.

For the women it was Mary Beth Ellis building a commanding lead. Kate Bevilaqua still maintained the second place spot, Kat Baker is third, and Michell Wu who can run like the wind is in fourth.

Over the next half hour Mary Beth Ellis held a 2-minute lead over Kate Bevilaqua who was clearly in second, and Michelle Wu moved into third.

Mary Beth Ellis held a commaning lead on the bike course

As the men head into the third and final lap on the bike course it is still Josh Amberger at the head of a lead group of four. Ollie Whistler and the chase pack are 5 minutes down.

Currently the weather conditions on the bike are 27C with 100% humidity making for a conditions that seem like 29C. A light rain is expected shortly and that would help out on the run course.

As the lead pack of men reach transition it is Christian Kemp who leads the way onto the run course. Denis Vasiliev and New Zealand’s Dylan McNiece are close behind and the chase pack has some work to do if they want to catch these guys.


Ollie Whistler, Tim Marr, Guy Crawford and Allasandro Degasperi all on the run and chasing but are six minutes down.

Mary Beth continues with her strong lead for the pro women as she heads out onto the run course. At the 3k mark Mary Beth has a over a 5 minute lead on the second place woman.

Josh Amberger wins Ironman Singapore 70.3

It is Josh Amberger taking over the lead in the run at the 7k mark. Dylan McNeice is second and Denis Vasiliev in third. Chris Kemp has dropped off the pace.

Chris Kemp dropped out in the run as the humidity may be taking it’s toll.

Amberger heads out onto the third lap and is looking strong.

Josh carries his lead to the finish and is the winner of Ironman 70.3 Singapore 2012.

Top three pro women. Mary Beth Ellis, Michelle Wu, and Kate Bevilaqua

Denis Vasiliev is second and Dylan McNeice is third.

Mary Beth Ellis leads from start to finish and is the winner for the pro women in Ironman Singapore 70.3. Michelle Wu has a another great run and finishes second. Kate Bevilaqua finishes in third spot is on the podium once again just weeks after her second place finish in Ironman New Zealand 70.3.

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