Ironman South Africa results 2012

A record field of over 1800 athletes registered for Ironman South Africa 2012. As usual it was expected to be a great race with plenty of great action from pros and age-groupers alike.

There were 2000 Kona Ranking points available to the top pros as well as $75,000 in cash awards with the top 8 pros in both the male and female categories in the money.


Visit the Ironman South Africa age-group results page as well.

The Ironman South Africa is a favorite of many triathletes and they return year after year to be part of the event.


There is a very good chance that wetsuits will be allowed as the water temperature at race start is expected to be between 17-25C.

As in most Ironman races, wetsuits do not become compulsory unless the water temperature dips below 14C. In the event of bad weather this is always a possibility and a final decision will be made of race-day.
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The swim start takes place at Hobie Beach and consists of two loops of 1.9k each.


The highest point of the bike is 183 meters above sea level and triathletes will encounter the gradual ascent early on in the bike leg.

In general the course is flat with rolling hills though-out and each of the three loops is 60k.

There are most likely just enough rolling hills to keep the bike speedsters honest and level the playing field for those who are better on the hills as opposed to the flats.


The run course if flat and fast and usually results in lots of action among the pros as they jockey for position.

Each of the three loops is just over 14k and is very spectator friendly as the run takes place up and down Marine Drive.


With Raynard Tissink indicating he would not be attempting to challenge for the win it seemed likely from the outset that Andi Boecherer would be the man to beat. Swiss star Mike Aigroz also figured highly coming off a sixth-place finish in the 2011 Ironman Hawaii World Championships.

Aigroz	Mike
Albano	Ivan
Alonso Mckernan Clemente
Boecherer Andi
Clerbout Bruno
Cunnama	James
Davidson Michael
Delsaut Trevor
Fachbach Markus
Horner Kent
Hotchkiss Jonathan
Lampret	Freddy
Lyatskiy Andrey
Manocchio Guilherme
Rota Sylvain
Santamaria Alejandro
Schramm	Till
Shirley	Steven
Spindler Joseph
Swoboda	Georg
Tissink	Raynard
Twigg Craig
Vabrousek Petr
Viennot Cyril
Wetzel Michael


from the start this looked like a two-woman race between Natascha Badmann and Diana Reisler. Much depended on whether or not Natascha was back into top form or not.

Badmann	Natascha
Basso Anne
Berasategui Virginia
Brändli	Simone
Dietrich Susan
Gordon Jacqui
Horner Claire
Koll Caroline
McEwan	Dianne
Pekerman Nina
Riesler	Diana
Sakai Emi
Swallow	jodie Ann
Walther Kathrin



As expected it was Andi Boecherer out of the water first to end the first swim lap followed closely by Alonso-McKernan and Mike Aigroz.

Simone Braendli, Dianne McEwan, and Natascha Badmann were the first three pro women to start the second lap.

First swimmers out of the water-IronmanLive

Alonso McKernan took over the lead in the late stages of the final swim lap and was first out of the water just ahead of Andi Boecherer with a gap of 3 minutes back to the the 3rd place pro Kent Horer.

Simone Brandli held the lead over Virginia Berasategui heading into transition. Caroline Koll, Diana Riesler and Claire Horner were close behind and at this point there was no mention on Natascha Badmann.


Andi Boecherer put his stamp on the race early on the bike course and at the end of the first of three 60k loops held a slight lead over Alonso-McKernan who was first out of the water in the swim.

The rain and wind are becoming quite a factor and the first bike leg is the slowest in Ironman South Africa history.

Natascha Badmann has been spotted at the 40k mark of the bike chasing after the leaders.

Pro Ironman Andi Boecherer

Andi Boecherer led the race by over 4 minutes after two loops-IronmanLive

By the end of the second lap Andi Boecherer held a four-minute lead over the rest of the field. He was followed by Cyril Viennot, Alonso-McKernan and Mike Aigroz.

Simone Braendli passes 120km mark followed by Virginia Berasatagui 11 minutes behind in 2nd. Pre-race favorite Diana Riesler holds down 3rd place.

Even with the weather conditions as bad as they are, Andi Boecherer finishes the bike course first with a time of 04:43:42. Alonso-McKernan is 4:54 behind in second place, Viennot is third and Swiss star Mike Aigroz is fourth.

Raynard Tissink is well back on the bike course and as he stated before race start he would not be racing for a podium spot.

Late in the bike it is Simone Brandli leading the way for the women almost 9 minutes ahead of Natascha Badmann who worked her way into second.


It seemed that Natascha Badmann’s strategy was to hold back early in the race and she quietly worked her way into second place on the bike course. Although she is almost 9 minutes back of race leader Simone Braendli it will be interesting to see how the marathon plays out.

As Andi Boecherer reached the 4k mark Alonso-McKernan and Viennot both passed the 2km mark, so the lead at this point was quite substantial, but by the 11k mark Alonso McKeran closed the gap to within 1:27.

South African pro Kent Horner is in 9th place over 17 minutes behind the leader.

Simone Braendli is first into transition and it seems that Natascha Badmann has closed the gap a bit. No word on how far back Diana Riesler is.

Still waiting for word from the spotters on the course. Maybe the pros have all stopped to talk about the many recuperative properties of chocolate milk.

Oh here they are now. Andi Boecherer is still maintaining a 2-minute lead over Clemente Alonso-Mckernan.

Still waiting for the time-gap between Badmann and Braendli.

Reports of wind and driving rain during the bike course reminds me of a year back in Ironman Canada in the mid-90’s. It was so cold going down the Yellow Lake Hill that by the time I reached the bottom I could not longer feel my hands or feet. At the bottom of the hill about 30 cyclists had pulled over to the side of the road with the same problem. There was no way of maintaining control of the bike for the final kilometers into Penticton without getting some feeling back. Maybe it had to do with wearing only a Speedo and tank-top. Maybe we weren’t all that smart back then, but we sure were tough. My hero….Faris Al-Sultan.

Here is some breaking news……….Andi Boecherer seems to have blown up and has been passed by Clemente Alonso-McKernan, Viennot and Aigroz. Just for the record, my money is on Mike Aigroz to win this. You don’t finish in 6th place in Ironman Hawaii World Championships by accident.

Speaking of Ironman clothing, I remember Dave Scott go flying by going the other way in Ironman Hawaii 1984 just as I was reaching the bottom of the hill to Hawi that took us to the bike turn-around. His top was flapping in the wind and he looked like he was on a Summer training ride. It was 110F on the Queen K. and his bike was a piece of crap by today’s standards and aero-bars still had not been invented, yet he still went under 3 hours in the marathon. Talk about tough……..

It really seemed that with the conditions of the day that Andi Boecherer really pushed himself to the limit on the bike course. Sort of reminds me of what Lance did in the recent Ironman Texas 70.3. It seems that no matter what your level of ability, using more of a negative-spit mentality in the Ironman makes the most sense.

Take a minute and read the Negative-split Ironman Triathlon Strategy post I did the other day while we wait for further results.

The smartest pro in this whole race might be Natascha Badmann who sat back early on, but time will tell.

There may be a problem with course spotter updates as it is a long time between race times being posted. You have to think that the lead men must be near the half-way mark in the marathon by now.

Did you hear the one about the two triathletes who were talking…..One said to the other “I got this spiffy new bike for my wife”. “WOW! Great trade!” the other one exclaimed.

At the 14k mark Simone Brandli of Germany is holding a lead of 3:54 over Natascha Badmann. The lead at transition was almost 9 minutes. It has turned into a two-woman race as Diana Riesler is 10 minutes back in third place.

Still waiting for word on what’s happening with the pro men.

Feel free to make a comment on the bottom of this page at any time.

Clemente Alonso-Mckernan is in the lead at the 32K mark of the run. What a great race he is having. He sat back in the bike and eased himself into the lead on the marathon course.

pro triathlete Alonso-Mckernan of Spain

Clement Alonso-McKernan-file image

His lead is an astonishing 6:34 over second place Cyril Viennot who is 1:58 ahead of Mike Aigroz who is in third. So much for my prediction of Mike taking over the lead, but he may take a run at second place.

Here comes Natascha Badmann. The gap is now just 44 seconds to leader Simone Brandli who will most likely be hearing footsteps soon.

Wow! That was quick. Natascha Badmann is in the lead and has a gap of 26 seconds over Simone Brandli at the 23k mark.

With less than 5k to go Clemente Alonso-Mckernan has a 6:42 lead over Cyril Viennot.

Germany’s Andi Bocherer dropped out of the race at the 18k mark.

Clemente Alonso-Mckernan of Spain is the winner of the 2012 edition of Ironman South Africa with a time of 8:34:45 and not 8:24 as originally reported on IronmanLive. Regardless, under the circumstances Clemente had a remarkable marathon time of 02:46:15.

Cyril Viennot finishes in second place and Mike Aigroz takes third.

Natascha Badmann pro triathlete

Swiss pro Natascha Badmann-file image

Regardless of how this plays out for Natascha it is a great result and bodes well for 2012 as she is coming back from an injury.

Diana Riesler is in third place 12:39 behind the leader and not in second as earlier reported by spotters. At last word Simone Brandli was running in second place, but that is not official however Natascha Badmann of Switzerland still holds the lead at the 32k mark.

Latest word from the course has Simone Brandli 3:16 behind Natascha Badmann at the 32k mark. Diana Riesler remains in 3rd place.


ALONSO-MCKERNAN, Clemente.............08:34:45
VIENNOT, CyriL........................08:41:48
AIGROZ, Mike..........................08:46:04
FACHBACH, Markus......................08:57:21
DELSAUT, Trevor.......................09:03:03
VABROUSEK, Petr.......................09:09:57
TWIGG, Craig..........................09:10:48
ROTA, Sylvain.........................09:11:24
HORNER, Kent..........................09:14:39
MANCHINO Guilherme.............................

It’s official now. Natascha Badmann is the winner for the pro women in a time of 9:47:10! Simone Brandli hangs on for second. Diana Riesler of Germany finishes in 3rd spot.

The winning margin for Natascha was 5:16.

The first age-group athlete to cross the finish line is local triathlete Kyle Buckingham in a time of 9:27 which was good enough for 13th place over-all.

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