Ironman St. George Results 2011

Ironman St. George Results 2011

Ironman St. George Results 2011 held a few surprises on a day that included some excellent racing by pros and age-group athletes alike.

Ironman St.George results 2011 for the top men and women are in the books. The biggest surprise was when 2010 St. George winner Michael Weiss pulled out of the race after suffering from cramps.

Here are some of the early splits in the race that will give you some idea of how the race was developing for both pros and age-groupers.

These are the splits for the top ten men as they left the bike/run transition and headed out for the first of two loops of the marathon course.

In the Iamtri forum I actually picked Maik Twelsiek to be out on the run course first as he tends to do well on challenging, hilly ironman bike courses as opposed to courses with less elevation gain.

From that point on it was just a matter of the rest of the field playing catch-up out on the marathon course.
Ironman St. George Results 2011
It appeared that Twelsiek might just hang on and he had a brilliant race and was just behind the winner at the finish line.

Top men at the 66 mile mark of the bike.

1 3:36:05 4 Maik Twelsiek Tucson AZ DEU
2 3:36:06 0:01 7 Paul Ambrose Sydney NS GBR
3 3:36:45 0:40 15 Mathias Hecht Willisau CHE
4 3:38:26 2:22 2 Ben Hoffman Grand Junction CO USA
5 3:38:48 2:43 25 Tj Tollakso Des Moines IA USA
6 3:41:51 5:47 1 Michael Weiss Colorado Spring CO AUT
7 3:42:05 6:00 6 Mike Aigroz Chateau D'oex CHE

The top 9 women at mile 66 of the bike.

1 3:55:25 Jodie Swallow
2 4:02:45 7:20 Meredith Kessler
3 4:04:01 8:36 Heather Wurtele
4 4:14:18 18:53 Jackie Arendt
5 4:20:15 24:51 Uli Bromme
6 4:24:48 29:23 Tamara Kozulina
7 4:24:58 29:33 Liis Toominga Alavus
8 4:31:06 35:41 Miranda Alldritt
9 4:34:07 38:42 Kelly Liljebla

As the day progressed, the heat really began to take it’s toll on the athletes.

Jodie Swallow did quite well considering she had just made the jump from the 70.3 to Ironman distance, but as the marathon wore on she began to slow.

Ultimately Jodie had to call it a day, but she certainly has a promising future should she continue on with the Ironman distance. It appears that a foot injury that had bothered her in training may have played a part in forcing her to drop out.

Heather Wurtele didn’t seem to mind the heat at all and pulled away by an enormous margin from Meredith Kessler who also was forced to drop out of the race.

With Meredith off to the medical tent, Jackie Arendt moved into second place.

Heather went on to easily repeat as Ironman St.George champion and obviously is really suited to this course as she won easily in both 2010 and 2011.

Pro women at the finish

Heather Wurtele..............9:30:33
Jackie Arendt................10:06:36
Uli Bromme...................10:10:48
Jessica Smith................10:20:45
Liis Toomingas...............10:36:36
Tamara Kozulina..............10:43:37
Danielle Kehoe...............10:46:44
Ali Black....................10:47:54
Katharina Grohman............10:53:27
Jeanne Debonis...............10:59:50

Jackie Arendt was in her very first race as a pro and what a great result for her.

Heather’s winning time of 9:30:33 in the Ironman St.George Results 2011 is another course record.

On the mens side, the outcome was in doubt virtually right until the last mile as Mathias Hecht was followed closely to the finish line by Maik Twelsiek.

The pro men at the finish

Mathias Hecht.............. 8:32:03
Maik Twelsiek.............. 8:33:46
TJ Tollakson............... 8:40:20
Ben Hoffman................ 8:41:39
Mike Aigroz.................8:42:06

Mathias Hecht set a new course record by over 8 minutes. Quite spectacular considering the heat of the day and the challenging bike course.

Ben Hoffman hung on for 4th place when it looked like he has all done late in the marathon.

Maik Twelsiek had a great race and stayed in contention right up until the end after leading off the bike. Petr Vabrousek completed his 99th official Ironman and added anther top ten Ironman finish to his remarkable Ironman career.

A French triathlete came out on top of the age group finishers in the Ironman St. George Results 2011. His name is Fabrice Houzell and he competed in the 35-39 age-group.

Houzell came across the finish line in a time of 9:26:09 and it was good enough for 12th place overall.

The first woman in the age-group category to cross the finish line was Jessica Smith. Jessica finished in a time of 10:20:45 and finished fourth over-all.

An excellent finishing time for Smith in the Ironman St. George Results 2011 under trying conditions. is the place to go for information on upcoming races.


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