Ironman Swim Tips


These Ironman swim tips and a workable Ironman swim strategy will help conserve energy and give you a great start to your Ironman race.

In the Ironman swim it is not necessarily how fast you reach the end of the swim that should be the number one goal.

What is much more important is to reach the swim/bike transition with a minimum loss of energy.

Often energy is wasted because of poor form or a poor swim strategy.


In the Ironman swim there is nowhere to really go once the gun goes off and you find yourself more or less trapped in the mass of swimmers. It’s vitally important on your race day that you keep this in mind.

On Ironman race day it’s quite common for many triathletes to converge toward the course markers so they can use them as their guide to ensure they stay on course.

The problem with that is that it becomes very congested and it doesn’t take long to get into the middle of traffic problems.

If you are positioned improperly at the start it’s too late to do much about it once the race begins.

Taking more of an outside line will keep you clear of most of the mayhem and it might be easier to find a bit of open water much sooner than if you were caught up in the mass of swimmers on the inside.


It’s not a bad thing to swim a bit further than the actual 2.4 mile distance.

As a matter of fact most people in an Ironman swim usually swim extra distance anyway because they lack open water swimming experience or have a technically poor swim stroke and have trouble maintaining a straight line.

In the mayhem of the Ironman swim, be the calm in the eye of the storm.

If you take an outside line you may swim a bit further but at least you will be under far less stress and will also be able to main a steadier, uninterrupted swim stroke as you will not have to stop and start as much because of running into others.

This method might also help you swim in a straighter line.


Stay wide of the main pack, keep moving unimpeded by others and maintain a long, smooth, relaxed stroke during the entire swim.

So what if you swim a bit further by swimming wider? You will easily regain the time ten-fold by having more energy left by the time you finish the bike and put on your running shoes.

It seems that many a novice Ironman has the impression that being pushed, hit, swam over, and frustrated are a necessary and unavoidable part of the Ironman swim.

That is NOT true!

Have a swim plan that will allow you to stay relaxed, out of traffic and in control, and you will give yourself the best possible chance at having a successful Ironman day.

These Ironman swim tips are for those of you who are not fast enough to get out with the leaders(swim 50-60 something minutes for 2.4 miles).

If you are not going to be among that group of front-runners, then the inside is the wrong place for you and has bad news written all over it.

If you start on the inside and then decide to go to the outside, it’s not going to happen. You will be trapped on the inside because of the mass of swimmers you would have to get past.

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I have put a swim strategy on this website that has helped many first time ironman triathletes make it through their Ironman swim with ease.

It emphasizes what I just talked about and will walk you through just how to pull this off and how to have an Ironman swim you can enjoy and look forward to and not dread.

Sometimes all it takes is a few Ironman swim tips from someone who as been there many times to help you realize that you have options out there and can develop your own sound Ironman swim strategy instead of going into the race without a plan and hoping for the best.


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