Ironman Texas results 2013

It was pros Paul Amey and Rachel Joyce both of Great Britain coming out on top of the Ironman Texas results 2013 on Saturday May 18.

Paul Amey found himself with some ground to make up after the swim as a group of speedsters were out of the water almost six minutes ahead of him.

Andres Castillo Latorre, Balazs Coske, Joe Umphenhour, Bryan Rhodes, Holden Comeau and Brett Carter all went under 50 minutes for the swim.
Ironman Texas results 2013
It should be noted that it was a non-wetsuit swim as the water temperature was 77 degrees.

It was a 4:29:07 bike split that vaulted Amey past the fast swimmers and by the time he had his running shoes on he was ready to make his move.

No one had the answer for the 02:56:18 marathon time that Amey posted and it was enough to propel him to top spot on the podium over James Cunnama who took second spot almost two minutes behind Amey.


AMEY, Paul	GBR	00:54:54   04:29:07     02:56:18	08:25:06
CUNNAMA, James	ZAF	00:50:17   04:32:55     03:00:25	08:27:35
MIKELSON, Ian	USA	00:51:55   04:32:01     03:01:59	08:30:06
DAERR, Justin	USA	00:54:35   04:29:30	03:02:04	08:30:35
SUNDBERG, Swen	DEU	00:54:12   04:29:56	03:08:22	08:37:30
RAPHAEL, Jan	DEU	00:50:17   04:33:34	03:13:25	08:42:34
CSOKE, Balazs	HUN	00:49:21   04:38:54	03:10:45	08:44:01
BAUCCO, Aj	USA	00:54:41   04:37:34	03:16:22	08:53:37
SCHIFFERLE,Mike	CHE	01:04:22   04:33:37	03:10:37	08:56:06
CASTILLO LATORRE,Andres	00:49:14   04:34:45	03:33:17	09:02:04

It was a far different race for the pro women as Rachel Joyce posted a 54:02 swim time and was first out of the water by four seconds over Amy Marsh.

Ironman Texas results 2013

Another great race by Rachel Joyce.

That was as close as anyone would get to Joyce as she broke away from the rest of the field after posting a 04:42:29 bike split.

Rachel Joyce decimated the field with her 03:07:27 marathon and won the race by a huge margin with her fantastic finish time of 08:49:14.

She lived up to her top billing as one of the best female Ironman pros in the world. Joyce is the model of consistency and is always at or near the front of most races she enters.

Over a three year period in Kona she recorded a 6th in 2009, 5th in 2010 and 4th in 2011.


JOYCE, Rachel	GBR	00:54:02   04:42:29	03:07:27	08:49:14
HANSEN, Jennie	USA	01:07:22   05:01:06	03:10:51	09:25:35
SCHWABENBAUER,Kimberly	01:04:16   05:03:42	03:19:15	09:33:01
CLIFFORD, Ashley USA	00:54:32   05:26:36	03:10:39	09:36:51
ANDERSON, Christine USA	00:57:27   05:09:19	03:32:51	09:44:51
MARSH, Amy	USA	00:54:06   04:48:56	04:07:05	09:55:49
GELLATLY, April	USA	00:59:01   05:22:36	03:34:11	10:01:54
HANKLA, Sarah	USA	00:58:08   05:20:58	03:38:51	10:04:41
PRYSTAYKO, Olesya UKR	01:01:26   05:12:14	03:48:16	10:08:49
LENTZKE, Jennifer CAN	01:15:31   05:22:46	03:40:42	10:27:58


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