Ironman Texas Results 2016

Julia Gajer and Patrick Lange top Ironman Texas results 2016 and are North American Champions.

Severe weather impacted the Woodlands bike course and it was necessary to shorten the course from 112 miles to 94 miles. All awards for top finishers in the Ironman Texas 2016 results stayed the same.

As well as prize money there were 4000 Pro ranking points up for grabs. Top age-group athletes also had the opportunity to race for 70 Ironman Hawaii 2016 World Championship slots.

The winners or Ironman Texas 2015 were Matt Hanson and Angela Naeth.

The race for top spot among the male pros promised to be hotly contested because of the star-studded line-up. There were over two dozen entries from Europe in the race. Any number of them were capable of winning it all on their best effort.

Matt Hanson, Andrew Starykowicz and Jordan Rapp of the USA both went into the race as strong podium possibilities. Matt Hanson would be defending the title he won in 2015 when he crossed the line in a time of 8:07:03.

The Canadians were noticeable by their absence this year. Angela Naeth did not return to defend her title and Lionel Sanders who finished fourth in 2015 also did not return.

Many of the top Canadian pros raced in the Ironman St. George 70.3 North American Championship just a week ago and acquitted themselves well. Heather Wurtele won it all for the pro women and Magali Tisseyre was fourth and missed the podium by two minutes.

Lionel Sanders of Canada took top spot for the pro men and Brent McMahon was fifth in a closely contested race.


Alonso-mckernan, Clemente
Baertsch, Mauro
Baucco, Aj
Bozzone, Terenzo
Brandon, Barrett
Costes, Antony
Csoke, Balazs
Cunningham, Richie
Curbeau, Matthew
Daerr, Justin
Darricau, Andres
Delsaut, Trevor
Fecik, Jonathan
Frommhold, Nils
Gomes, Pedro
Gray, Aaron
Hanson, Matt
Huerzeler, Samuel
Jaberg, Patrick
Jurkiewicz, Jeremy
Kilshaw, Stephen
Kotsegarov, Kirill
Kovacic, Jaroslav
Lange, Patrick
Limkemann, Eric
Llanos, Eneko
Maclean, Doug
Major, Jozsef
Mcdonald, Chris
Millward, Callum
Modic, Matic
Neyedli, Scott
Rapp, Jordan
Ruenz, Michael
Russell, Matt
Schifferle, Mike
Schuster, Patrick
Serrano, Francisco
Shearon, Jonathan
Sketako, Denis
Starykowicz, Andrew
Sundberg, Swen
Weiss, Michael
Wiltshire, Harry

Clemente Alonso-mckernan had the fastest official finish time in the swim but he had plenty of company. Just 19 seconds separated the top ten pro men in the swim.


Brandon, Barrett        00:48:45
Wiltshire, Harry        00:48:48
Starykowicz, Andrew     00:48:51
Jurkiewicz, Jeremy      00:48:51
Csoke, Balazs     	00:48:54
Costes, Antony   	00:48:55
Lange, Patrick   	00:48:57
Bozzone, Terenzo	00:48:59
Kovacic, Jaroslav	00:49:02

As expected it was Andrew Starykowicz taking control on the bike course. He had a chase pack of almost two dozen riders trying to catch up with him. His lead at the 76 mile mark was hhhhalmost twelve minutes.

With so many riders in a tight pack chasing the leader there were many drafting time penalties to serve.

Starykowicz began the run with a lead of 14:23 over Jordan Rapp. There was actually a chase pack of 14 pro men all within 28 seconds of each other. Would any of them be able to run down the leader Starykowicz and claim top spot in the Ironman Texas results 2016?

The lead quickly began to fade when Starykowicz began to walk and Patrick Lange moved in and the race was on as all the chasers closed the gap.

Patrick Lange was strongest by far in the run with a sizzling 2:40:01 marathon. Pretty hard for anyone to match that and he is the deserving winner of top spot on the podium in the Ironman Texas results 2016.


Lange, Patrick   	07:13:13
Russell, Matt    	07:21:56
Bozzone, Terenzo	07:25:55
Jurkiewicz, Jeremy	07:28:30
Alonso-mckernanClemente	07:30:59
Daerr, Justin   	07:31:39
Mcdonald, Chri  s	07:33:08
Kilshaw, Stephen	07:34:01
Modic, Matic	        07:35:08
Millward, Callum	07:36:23
Brandon, Barrett	07:40:37
Costes, Antony  	07:42:03
Llanos, Eneko   	07:42:41
Ruenz, Michael   	07:42:50
Baertsch, Mauro         07:45:31
Serrano, Francisco     	07:45:46
Limkemann, Eric   	07:48:42
Huerzeler, Samuel	07:53:56
Curbeau, Matthew	07:54:32
Rapp, Jordan    	07:55:18
Kovacic, Jaroslav	07:59:12
Cunningham, Richie	08:00:17
Hanson, Matt     	08:07:07
Kotsegarov, Kirill	08:11:30
Maclean, Doug    	08:16:04
Major, Jozsef    	08:16:36
Jaberg, Patrick   	08:19:33
Schuster, Patrick	08:23:50
Sketako, Denis          08:26:09
Darricau, Andres	08:39:51
Schifferle, Mike	08:42:07
Fecik, Jonathan   	08:48:40
Gray, Aaron      	09:53:08
Neyedli, Scott   	10:22:40


The race for top spot among the pro women was wide open. As the gun sounded to begin the race Julia Gajer of Germany and Rebekah Keat of Australia appeared to have the inside track on podium spots in the Ironman Texas results 2016.

Lauren Brandon of the USA is usually in the mix in the early going and could also be a big factor in the race. Kelly Williamson posted a time of 9:08:34 in 2015. It was good enough for fourth place and she will be trying to move up a few spots.


Annett, Jen
Baugher, Liz
Blakemore, Katy
Brandon, Lauren
Casey, Terry
Castro Nogueira, Saleta
Fletcher, Christine
Gajer, Julia
Hammond, Christine
Jahn, Kirsty
Javens, Amy
Jones Meyers, Jessica
Kaye, Alicia
Keat, Rebekah
Kuehnlein, Angela
Leiggi, Heather
Lidbury, Emma-Kate
Martineau, Caroline
Mccauley, Jocelyn
Mccoy, Carrie
Roberts, Darbi
Roberts, Lisa
Robertson, Jodie
Wee, Bree
Williamson, Kelly

The swim result for the pro women was far different from the pro men. Lauren Brandon dominated the swim and was the only female pro to break the 50 minute mark with her very fast time of 48:32. Her time was fastest among both pro men and women. It was also a new swim course record.


Brandon, Lauren  	00:48:32
Kaye, Alicia      	00:52:24
Keat, Rebekah    	00:53:40
Roberts, Darbi   	00:54:20
Blakemore, Katy  	00:54:33
Williamson, Kelly	00:54:49
Gajer, Julia            00:54:51
Hammond, Christine	00:55:07
Lidbury, Emma-Kate	00:55:13
Mccauley, Jocelyn	00:57:31

Lauren Brandon continued to expand her lead on the bike course and at the 54-mile mark was eight minutes ahead of Alicia Kaye who was in second. Julia Gajer was third at this point and another 46 seconds behind the leader. Rebekah Keat was in fourth.

At the 76 mile mark of the bike Julia Gajer had closed the gap to 6:56. Alicia Kaye was still in the mix but had been passed by Gajer and was 7:52 off the pace in third. It was shaping up to be a great race for top spot in the Ironman Texas results 2016.

Julia Gajer continued to close the gap on the leader.

As expected, Julia Gajer was the one to beat for the pro women and nobody was able to match her steady performance in all three disciplines. She crossed the finish line first five minutes ahead of Jodie Robertson in the Ironman Texas results 2016.


Gajer, Julia     	08:11:01
Robertson, Jodie	08:16:30
Roberts, Lisa    	08:17:58
Williamson, Kelly	08:22:06
Kaye, Alicia            08:29:29
Hammond, Christine	08:32:37
Jones Meyers, Jessica	08:39:11
Lidbury, Emma-Kate	08:45:13
Blakemore, Katy 	08:46:22
Mccauley, Jocelyn	08:47:09
Leiggi, Heather   	08:48:13
Brandon, Lauren   	08:52:48
Fletcher, Christine	08:53:14
Wee, Bree        	09:10:38
Javens, Amy      	09:12:38
Casey, Terry      	09:47:43
Martineau, Caroline	09:51:37
Mccoy, Carrie    	09:53:57
Annett, Jen	        09:57:53
Kuehnlein, Angela	09:58:50

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

Severe weather impacted the Woodlands bike course and it was necessary to shorten the course from 112 miles to 94 miles. All awards for top finishers in the Ironman Texas 2016 results stayed the same.

FEMALE 18-24

Rabago, Larissa  	09:43:51
Meyer, Kristen   	10:49:22
Pickhardt, Maggie	11:14:25
Goodnight, Sarah	12:06:32
Turner, Kara     	12:43:42
Shafer, Jordan  	14:56:56

MALE 18-24

Santana, Xavier  	08:35:59
Davis, Luke             08:45:41
Morizot, Vincent	08:47:41
Giblin, Jp      	08:59:06
Edwards, Thomas  	09:07:49
Maas, Benjamin   	09:30:49
Paez, Conner    	09:33:28
Ferreiro, Mike    	09:41:12
Anders, Eric    	10:35:52
Lewis, Aaron    	10:37:49

FEMALE 25-29

Walker, Nicole    	08:41:02
Tiner, Chelsea    	08:48:08
Gilbert, Victoria	09:04:38
Colville, Katie    	09:12:54
Rasco, Erin	        09:34:50
Allen, Alicia     	09:37:00
Glenn, Caitlin    	10:11:33
Von Puttkammer, Alyssa	10:24:18
Perkins, Barbara	10:24:31
Vocke, Brittany         10:27:53

MALE 25-29

Capparell, James	08:06:09
Caceres Lopez, Ivan	08:06:57
Uribe, Nicolas    	08:09:45
Velez, Edgardo Omar	08:17:27
Andersen, Frederik	08:31:20
Snapp, Ryan      	08:34:21
Redner, Pat      	08:39:27
Smoak, Jason      	08:42:27
Vance, Travis     	09:00:38
Peters, Max     	09:04:07

FEMALE 30-34

Whiting, Fawn    	08:50:29
Belanger, Genevieve	08:54:47
Perez Lopez, Lucia	09:02:08
Johnson, Jennifer	09:28:56
Howell, Ginger    	09:29:26
O'day, Kathryn     	09:37:41
Mata, Cristina    	09:37:49
Birbilis, Julie    	09:37:55
Proffit, Shannon	09:38:17
Reinhold, Stephanie	09:46:56

MALE 30-34

Giuliano, Ryan    	07:53:17
Cook, Colin      	08:15:10
O'donnell, Jesse	08:15:19
Fuqua, Benjamin    	08:18:59
Dovey, Jackson    	08:24:55
Olarte, Miguel    	08:30:29
Schroter, Hagen    	08:31:27
Marcilloux, Laurent	08:33:48
Springhetti, Aaron	08:37:15
Sosinski, Jimmy         08:38:38

FEMALE 35-39

Manning, Hailey   	08:57:00
Richtrova, Jana    	09:13:32
Barnes, Michelle	09:15:30
Naranjo, Ana      	09:23:40
Rollins, Emily    	09:34:48
Manning, Melissa	09:36:38
Paulick, Brigitte	09:38:11
Feliz, Christina	09:44:22
Bader, Rebecca    	09:45:17
Wehl, Helle      	09:45:58

MALE 35-39

Valencia, Juan    	08:12:58
Ogorman, Ivan     	08:26:02
Scarella, Jeff    	08:28:10
Smith, Jason     	08:32:10
Tkac, Daniel      	08:32:28
Diaz, David     	08:33:38
Post, Brian      	08:44:38
Carl, Ryan              08:45:35
Moreno, Sergio    	08:45:56
Redmond, Joseph   	08:45:57

FEMALE 40-44

Strand, Nicole    	09:11:42
Edwards, Jennifer	09:25:57
Campbell, Tracy    	09:35:53
Sagrero Rodriguez, 
Rosa Isela        	09:45:43
Parry, Robynne          09:57:37
Schwieger, Kristin	10:02:29
Bell, Sarah      	10:21:59
Bruck-renzelman, Laura	10:24:04
Morrow, Russet    	10:32:25
Hite, Amy        	10:36:09

MALE 40-44

Cordovez, Pedro  	08:23:16
Cuccaro, Rodrigo	08:33:44
Saldarriaga Perez, 
Andres   	        08:35:05
Bodas Rodriguez-pena, 
Carlos          	08:37:31
Haspela, Dean    	08:37:39
Coady, Kevin      	08:38:00
Hockey, Andy      	08:38:42
Costen, Jade      	08:42:36
Gutierrez, Joby   	08:44:13
Liguori, Bernardo	08:44:34

FEMALE 45-49

Balogh, Holly    	09:42:01
Heller, Dora      	09:43:58
Jennifer        	09:47:29
Cole, Miriam     	10:21:36
Edelmann, Friederike	10:25:13
Mccarty-weiler, Erin	10:30:18
Wilson, Caroline	10:31:40
Hiller, Denise   	10:35:22
Lee, Rachel             10:42:34
Collins, Kelly    	10:42:53

MALE 45-49

Philippe, Anthony	08:19:20
Mccutchen, Matthew	08:46:15
West, Mitch      	08:48:16
Cardinale, Mark   	08:48:43
Mast, Randall    	08:52:35
Mccormack, Walter	08:54:26
Racadot, Benoit   	08:55:18
Vallese, Joseph    	09:00:40
Kinsey, Stephen   	09:01:11
Kyle, Dave       	09:06:06

FEMALE 50-54

Kenyon, Lisbeth 	09:27:50
Fix, Sara       	09:43:15
Guertin, Mary     	10:29:54
Janelle, Betty    	10:45:02
Ste-marie, Diane	10:49:04
Bacal, Susan    	10:58:04
Goodnight, Nancy	11:20:29
Medley Russell, Leslie	11:36:10
Smith, Karen B   	11:39:10

MALE 50-54

Sweet, Richard    	08:38:33
Shimanobskiy,Konstantin	08:53:38
Fitzhugh, Jason   	08:54:42
Roberts, Dean     	08:57:47
Jones, David      	09:00:05
Canham, Roger     	09:13:12
Marschke, Kay     	09:14:47
Lomba, Carlos    	09:16:42
Robertson, Rusty	09:20:08
Wood, Ken       	09:23:35

FEMALE 55-59

Wasilewski, Aida	10:36:12
Reed, Pam       	10:38:03
Okeeffe, Trish     	10:50:03
Llibre, Sara      	10:58:10
Locher, Kim      	11:01:59
Kowal, Peri     	11:31:42
Bower, Terri     	12:25:14
Mueller, Barbara	12:30:58
Ding, Tara       	12:38:41
Miller, Mandy    	12:40:37
Staffon, Michelle	12:47:47
Klueh, Martha    	12:54:11
Hill, Carey       	12:57:11
Mcmanis, Cindy   	13:41:49
Kurtz-hammond, Ellen	14:03:07
Toro, Olga      	14:21:12

MALE 55-59

Walther, Lee     	09:10:42
Glynn, Tom       	09:21:35
Degrado, Timothy	09:35:43
Rose, Michael      	09:38:47
Rodgers, Tom      	09:46:25
Chavez, Steven    	10:21:27
Pellerin, Michel	10:40:08
Ueda, Hitoshi     	10:41:15
Ward, Pat               10:41:45
Scordo, Pedro    	10:42:10

FEMALE 60-64

Turner, Arlene    	11:01:24
Tervort, Sydney   	11:07:19
Weatherby, Karen	12:43:24
Spackman, Camilla	12:50:37
Cribbs, Carey     	13:10:55
Collins, Yong    	13:11:23
Kallio, Pamela   	14:23:58
Shamma, Zainab    	16:02:30
Bryan, Ingrid	        16:40:54

MALE 60-64

Ayoub, Gilbert      	10:39:52
De La Garza Gonzalez,
Luis     	        10:41:20
Foulounoux, Thierry	10:43:59
Madden, Kurt     	10:45:25
Tegroen, Peter    	10:48:09
Reese, Bill      	10:57:37
Myrick, Darrell   	11:00:24
Dougherty, Steve	11:08:17
Moffatt, Glenn    	11:08:43
Yamamura, Norio   	11:11:53
Waldau, Michael   	11:13:25
Boylan, Scott    	11:16:59
Bozoian, Paul    	11:52:54
Arriola Jr, Francisco	12:17:18

FEMALE 65-69

Goodyear, Cullen	12:35:07
Tracy, Diane     	13:53:19
Chu, Ellen       	15:11:14
Kelly, Nancy     	15:59:10
Lamb, Barbara    	16:01:36

MALE 65-69

Simpson, Rick    	10:04:45
Peppler, Pat      	10:51:37
Wien, Mike       	10:52:14
Jordan, Bob     	12:03:02
Ladewig, Rob     	12:26:05
Hemminger, Terry	12:46:38
Odonnell, Bob     	12:51:18
Mcclain, Jim     	13:07:43
Wiser, Conrad     	13:35:29
Larsen, Joe      	14:18:27
Stevens, Lee      	14:43:21
Frankos, Mike    	15:00:41
Boguslavsky, Leonid	15:09:17
Kolodziej, Richard	15:20:16
Kerschner Iii, Harrison	16:18:19

MALE 70-74

Little, John     	12:26:23
Bourdillon, Patrick	12:29:30
George, Chris    	12:44:52
Ogawa, Tadayoshi	15:19:44

MALE 75-79

Alderman, Philip	16:00:07

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