Ironman UK 70.3 Results 2011

Ironman UK 70.3 Results 2011

A competitive race was shaping up for top spot in the Ironman UK 70.3 Results 2011 and several pros had a good chance at a podium spot.


As I begin to create this results page for Ironman UK 70.3 2011 I will do what I usually do and try and figure out who is going to win the race.

Sometimes I’m right on and sometimes I’m completely wrong, but all I really am trying to do is make the results page a bit more personalized and interesting and not quite like other results pages you will find on the net after the race is over.

The race is still about 14 hours away, but there is more than meets the eye to building a race results page and it can be time consuming.

So who is going to win IM UK anyway?

I think that challenges for top spot will most likely come from Stephen Baylis or Luke McKenzie.

On the pro women’s side who could possibly bet against New Zealander Samantha Warriner?

Ironman UK 70.3 Results 2011  -Samantha Warriner pro triathlete

Samantha Warriner

She has already won the 2011 Ironman New Zealand title and last year won a string of 70.3 races. She certainly is in great shape to win this race. It doesn’t hurt her chances that 2010 winner Bella Bayliss is not entered for 2011.

Yvette Grice from the UK was the fourth place finisher in this race last year and from there went on to win Ironman UK 2010 a few weeks later.

I really hate to upset the apple cart here(no I don’t really)but I am going to go with a local favorite to possibly having the best chance to upset Samantha.

Tamsin Lewis and Emma-Kate Lidbury have two things going for them. They both finished in the top three behind Bella last year and they can also expect lots of support as they are both British.

No matter what sport is involved, national pride is an important consideration in any competition.

Initially I would have thought the challenge could well have come from these two athletes. However Tamis Lewis suffered a broken collar-bone in an earlier race and even if she does start the race she may not be in top form.

My pick for the pro women is for Emma-Kate Lidbury to win it in a close race. Emma-Kate won Ironman 70.3 Mallorca and recently came sixth at Ironman 70.3 Switzerland so it’s a pretty safe bet that she has a good shot at making the podium in Ironman 70.3 UK.

I could be way out in left field on this one but only time will tell as far as how the Ironman UK 70.3 2011 results will play out for the pro women.


Yes it is race-day and I am standing behind my picks of yesterday for the top finishers in the Ironman UK 70.3 Results 2011 as the athletes await the starting gun for the swim leg of Ironman 70.3 UK 2011.

There was virtually no communication as to how the race was progressing as it is pretty much a total black-out as far as trying to get any sort of signal.

However the winner of this years Ironman UK Wimbleball is Mikel Elgazabel from Spain with Stephen Baylis finishing in second place.

On the women’s side, Samantha Warriner had a two-minute lead at one time but mechanical failure became a serious issue.

Sorry Sam, I just predicted Emma-Kate Lidbury of Great Britain to win on a hunch and indeed she did win the race and was followed in by Eimear Mullan of Ireland and Lucy Gossage of Great Britain.
Ironman UK 70.3 Results 2011
So all in all so far it has been a great day for British triathletes.

The first two age-groupers across the line were Stuart Anderson and Jenny Gowans. Excellent performances.

It took a while but I finally managed to dig out the top five in each age-group from the deep, dark depths of the Wimbleball 70.3 course. Didn’t think it was ever going to give up the results

Wait until you see these times. For the caliber of this field, they must have felt like they were running through quicksand.


Mikel Elgazabel..................4:25:15
Stephen Bayliss..................4:26:30
Martin Jensen....................4:27:18
Nick Saunders....................4:28:15
Daniel Halksworth................4:30:17
Tukka time yet


Emma Kate Lidbury.................5:01:01
Eimear Mullan.....................5:01:49
Lucy Gossage......................5:03:43
Simone Benz.......................5:01:18
Samantha Warriner.................5:09:35
Yvette Grice......................5:11:43

It just shows how difficult this course is. In most 70.3 races the winner(and often more) will go sub 4:00 hours and nobody was even close.

No women were under 5:00 hours.

Anybody who finished this race was a hero no matter what their time was.

Visit for complete results.

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