Ironman Utah St George


Ironman Utah St George has quickly earned a reputation as one of the toughest Ironman races in the world.

It seems there is always a lively debate on triathlon/Ironman forums on which one of the Ironman races in the world is the toughest.

Lately it seems that I keep running into people who have been part of the Ironman Utah St.George race or know someone who has and I continually hear how amazingly tough it is.

First of all, I should say where I stand on this when I am asked the question “what is the toughest Ironman race in the world?”

I can say with all honesty that I feel that every single Ironman race in the world is tough. Simply put, no ironman race is easy.

Yes, there are those with more hills, bigger hills, rougher water, hotter temperatures, and a host of other obstacles that can make an Ironman extra tough.

That being said, every single person has there own idea of what is hard and what is easy when it comes to the swim, bike, and run.

For instance, over the 35 plus marathons I was entered in over the years, I always found it harder to run a completely flat course than a course with varying terrain that included hills.

I believe this is because hills put stress on different muscles and at the same time might give others a bit of a respite.

That only seemed to be the case in longer races like the marathon and the 50 mile races and Ironman races I was in, but when it came to the 10K–my favorite of all road races–, the flatter the better as far as I was concerned because the race was usually over in around 37-38 minutes.

So that brings us to Ironman Utah St. George. Is it really tougher than all the rest?

By all reports the bike Utah course is hilly and challenging, but there are many Ironman bike courses that might fit than description. Ironman Canada for instance has monster climbs that never seem to end.

However it is the hills on the run course in Ironman Utah St George that appear to be the most challenging, and more challenging perhaps than any other Ironman race. Especially since you have to make a climb from Hell twice in the two lap run course.

So if you have officially reached the Ironman Utah St George finish line than here is your big chance to tell the world your story……complete with pictures.

Email me through my contact page on this site with your story and I will publish it on this page. Include pictures, including your finisher picture if you like.

Ironman Utah Results 2011

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