Ironman Week


Finally, Ironman week has arrived and soon the results of all your hard work will be revealed. Never forget that just making it to the start line of the “big show” is a great accomplishment.

Your Ironman day has arrived and now what? There’s lots going on and if this is your first Ironman it can be a pretty stressful time as the big day gets closer and closer.

When to you arrive, how do you get there, and where do you stay? These are all good questions and proper planning well in advance can make everything run a lot smoother.

These are all important considerations and often how your Ironman turns out can be determined by the preparations you made before-hand and some of the pitfalls to avoid if possible.

The best part is, all the major training is done and now(hopefully)you are well into taper mode and getting lots of rest as the Ironman looms before you.

Ironman week

Finish the swim, get on your bike and you’re on your way.

If you reflect back to the moment you were Ironstruck you are probably a bit disbelieving and in awe of just how much you have achieved since that day and how remarkably far you have come.

Once you reach Ironman week you will be one of the lucky few who has experienced the magic of being Ironstruck, heard the challenge of the Iron Gods and taken on that challenge and find yourself just days away from what arguably might be the most amazing and life-changing day of your life.

Maybe you couldn’t swim and have spent months working on a swim stroke that will get you through the 2.4 mile Ironman swim. Possibly the last time you were on a bike was back in your pre-teen years.

Perhaps you have had to change your lifestyle for the better in order to take up the Ironman challenge.

Maybe you quit smoking, lost weight, or gave up any number of bad habits that do not complement fitness or help your quest for Ironman immortality.

Chances are you dealt with injury, self-doubt, and any number of road-blocks that had to be dealt with and overcome in order for Ironman week to become a reality for you.

For many people there are family issues to deal with. Yes, a shot at an Ironman does not come easily. Often family time has to be wedged between your next swim work-out or 80km Sunday bike training ride.

I have met many husbands and wives that have a pact with their better half that they can have this one year….this one shot……at an Ironman. So of course you want to make the most of the opportunity.

The Ironman hype That surrounds Ironman week is one of the first things you will have to deal with at any Ironman.

It’s an exciting time and there will be lots going on and avoiding the hype and tempering the excitement will often help you conserve energy for the race itself.

There may be much confusion and temptation when it comes to deciding what to eat during Ironman week as your big event is only days away.

Chances are you dieted religiously through-out your training all year as you prepared for the big day and Triathlon diet mistakes can be harmful to your Ironman experience.

In many cases the novice Ironmen will find themselves in a venue or even country foreign to him and careful thought must be given to food choices during race week.


Hopefully you have given some careful thought to your Ironman accommodations.

It’s important to pick just the right place to stay as your choice or Ironman accommodations may ultimately have quite an impact on how you perform when race day arrives.

Picking the right accommodations is an important aspect of Ironman week.

You find yourself just one night’s sleep away from the Ironman swim start and what do you do now?

How you approach Ironman eve will have an impact on how your race unfolds the next day. There are several things to keep in mind that will make things go much smoother for you on Ironman race morning.


If you feel you are a year away from giving the Ironman a try, then being an Ironman volunteer at a race of your choice is a great way to learn more about the event.

It is sure to inspire you and by being an Ironman Volunteer during Ironman week and chances are the experience will inspire you to become an Ironman yourself.

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After the race visit for you race results.

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