A strong field of pros are after a top placing in Ironman Western Australia Results 2011.

The race takes place in Busselton, and features one of the fastest Ironman courses in the world. Even before the start gun sounded there was lots of fireworks expected at this years race in “Bussy.”

Some top pros and past winners are featured in Ironman Western Australia 2011 in Busselton.


The 3.8km swim is an out-and-back course that will take the swimmers around the Busselton Jetty.

The Jetty itself reaches 1.8km out into Geographe Bay and makes for one of the more spectacular backdrops in the family of Ironman races around the world.

There will be some serious moves made on the three-loop blistering fast bike course that will take the cyclists through the Tuart Forest. The nature of the bike course also means they will go flying by the spectators several times for some much-needed support.

The record for this bike course is a super-fast 4:18:07 that might be challenging to beat, but there are a few in this field that can mount a serious challenge. Mitch Anderson is one who is capable of having a great bike split.

The 4-loop run course is also very fast and flat and follows the Geographe Bay foreshore and will take the athletes through the heart of Busselton four times.

This is a great course that really gets the spectators involved in the race. It will also inspire those who are just struggling to finish late in the day when the going starts to get tough in the last few laps of the marathon.

All in all, it should be a great day of racing in Busselton.


In the men’s field past winners Mitchell Anderson and Jason Shortis are both here to see if they can make it to the top of the podium once again.

In 2006 Jason recorded a remarkable 8:03:56 finish time that still stands as the course record. However under ideal conditions there is always the possibility of someone going in under 8 hours on this blistering fast course that is built for speed.

Serious challenges are expected to come from Timo Bracht, Maik Twelsiek, and Luke McKenzie. Timo and Luke are in fine form coming off top ten finishes in Ironman Hawaii.

Last year’s winner, Courtney Ogden is also in good form and had a top 25 finish in Kona, but he will be hard pressed to stay in front of this strong field of pro men.

Personally, I feel that Timo Bracht is the one to beat here and would not be surprised to see him cross the line first under the 8 hour mark, but time will tell as the race is just hours away now.

On the women’s side, hometown favorite Kate Bevilaqua will be attempting to repeat as winner of Ironman Western Australia. Kate ran into difficulties in Ironman Hawaii but rebounded with a strong win In the Soma Triathlon in Tempe Arizona on October 24 before heading home to Western Australia to prepare for defending the title she won in this race last year.

It was a big win for Kate in Tempe, Arizona as she had to fight off serious challenges from U.S. triathletes Charisa Wernick and Lauren Goss who were both within 2 minutes of Kate’s winning time of 4:26:33.

Kate will have to fight off 2010 Ironman Australia Champion Carrie Lester and can also expect a challenge from Hilary Biscay, the winner of Ironman Wisconsin 2010.

I strongly feel that Kate will repeat as Champion of Ironman Western Australia and in the process pick up some valuable points towards the 2012 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.


As the pro head out on their swim the currents are very challenging and from all reports from race spotters, the water is quite choppy at the end of the jetty turn-around point.

ironman western australia results 2011

Michelle Bremer

Swim suits are optional for this race as the water temperature is 21.1C. The Busselton Jetty that the swimmers will follow is the longest in the Southern Hemisphere at almost 2km in length.

Clayton Fettell and Luke McKenzie lead the way in the swim, but as with most Ironman races how fast one does the swim often has little outcome on the finish of the race as the bike leg is often the great equalizer and the race really starts on the marathon course.

This is important for age-groupers to keep in mind. Swimming endless laps in training so you can do the Ironman swim course 5 minutes faster is a poor return on your time. Often too much energy is lost in the swim and ultimately you will pay for it when the marathon comes around and you have emptied the energy tank before you get your running shoes on. A smooth, controlled Ironman swim will keep your heart-rate down and help you conserve energy that you will need later in the day.

The first pros are only 800 meters from the transition area with Fettell holding a 3 minute lead over Luke McKenzie who is 90 seconds ahead of a large pack.

Michelle Mitchell is the first woman out of the water with Hillary Biscay one minute back. Defending champion Kate Bevilaqua is on her bike and in pursuit of the two leaders.


FETTELL, Clayton                00:45:11
MCKENZIE, Luke                  00:47:34
HARRISON, Dion                  00:49:26
CRAWFORD, Guy                   00:49:33
TWELSIEK, Maik                  00:49:37
RIX, Josh                       00:49:38
FARLOW, Aaron                   00:49:41
BRACHT, Timo                    00:49:43
WHITE, Matty                    00:49:44
OGDEN, Courtney                 00:51:00


MITCHELL, Michelle              00:53:16
BISCAY, Hilary                  00:54:41
GRICE, Yvette                   00:56:45
FRANKS, Elly                    00:56:53
BEVILAQUA, Kate                 00:57:00
LESTER, Carrie                  00:58:15
BREMER, Michelle                00:58:16
SCOTT, Jodie                    01:00:32
BLACKBORROW, SuzannE            01:02:50
SHIONO, Emi                     01:09:27

The biggest surprise out on the bike course is that Clayton Fettell is still holding the lead at the 70km mark with Luke McKenzie 2 minutes behind and the rest of the field in a bit of a pack just taking their time as they are over 7 minutes back of the leader.

However it should be noted that Clayton had a big race in winning Ironman Port Macquarie 70.3 with excellent bike and run splits. He is a bit of an unknown quantity at this distance so it’s kind of wait and see how he holds up as they reach the marathon.

I suspect the winner will come out of the big pack.


Clayton Fettell                Leader
Luke McKenzie                  2:00
Maik Twelsiek                  7:45
Timo Bracht                    7:45
Matty White                    7:45
Josh Rix                       7:45
Guy Crawford                   7:45
Leon Griffin                   7:45
Aaron Farlow                   7:45
Courtney Ogden                 9:45

Michelle Bremmer is leading the way for the pro women. Elly Franks is second and Kate Bevilaqua and Hilary Biscay are third and fourth.


Andrew Tyack
Luke Burton
Nick Baldwin
Markus Smith
Matthew Illingworth

At about the 140km mark in the bike Clayton Fettell is still maintaining a sizable 8-minute lead over the chasing group.

ironman western australia results 2011

Timo Bracht

Luke McKenzie and last years winner Courtney Ogden have fallen well off the pace.

If there is to be a repeat winner of Ironman Western Australia 2011 it will mostly come down to Kate Bevilaqua. She seems well-spotted out on the bike course and has maintained basically the same separation from the leader for much of the bike. Kate remains just 5:30 behind leader Michelle Bremmer.

So far it looks like pretty good for Kate as the first five women are off the bikes and heading out on the run course.

Michelle Bremmer has the lead over Elly Franks and Kate Bevilaqua, Michelle Mitchell, and Carrie Lester are all within striking distance about 5 minutes back.

As often happens in an Ironman, things are beginning to happen out on the marathon course as the leaders run into trouble. Clayton Fettell is having a big race but quickly lost his lead on the run and Timo Bracht has taken over first place.

Matty White was running in third but has pulled out of the race with some sort of injury. Courtney Ogden who won this race last year is walking but still heading toward the finish line.

In the woman’s side Michelle Bremer is still holding on to a 5-minute lead over Kate Bevilaqua and Carrie Lester.

Timo Bracht is the winner of Ironman Western Australia 2011 with a time of 8 hours 12 minutes. Clayton Fettell hung on for second place 7 minutes back in 8 hours and 19 minutes.


Timo Bracht           8:12:39         
Clayton Fettell       8:19:02
Jason Shortis         8:27:31
Josh Rix              8:30:59
Aaron Farlow          8:34:09

Michelle Bremer holds on to take first place int the ironman western australia results 2011 for the women in a time of 9:25 in her very first Ironman. That’s an impressive accomplishment.

Michelle Mitchell finishes in second place and came from off the pace to catch several of the lead runners in the last third of the marathon.

Carrie Lester is third in 9:37 and Elly Franks is not far behind in fourth place. Hillary Biscay was fifth and last year’s winner Kate Bevilaqua was sixth.

Ironman Western Australia results 2011 for top age-group athletes.


KNOX, Allister	        09:04:31
BURT, Nick		09:07:13
MOLESWORTH, Timothy     09:09:57
BALDWIN, Nick	        09:10:24
GEOGHEGAN, Mark		09:14:10
PORTA, Matthew		09:14:59
WALL, Brad		09:15:23
HOWSE, Andrew		09:15:56
CROSSINGHAM, Daniel	09:17:08
CHAPMAN, Corey		09:17:28


BRIDGLAND, Caitlin	09:57:25
BOYES, Michelle         10:00:42
CROWE, Sandy		10:08:16
JONES, Lauren		10:08:46
FINCH, Sara	        10:10:08
JAREB, Nera		10:11:10
WILLIS, Janine		10:12:14
LLOYD, Felicity		10:16:21
JURJEVIC, Marina	10:19:18
ELLIS, Erika		10:22:42

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