Ironman Western Australia results 2017

Swim cancelled as Ironman Western Australia results 2017 features a bike and run Duathlon.

A shark sighting on the swim course once again caused the cancellation of the 2.4km swim and the race became a 180km bike and 42km run Duathon.

Too bad as it was an excellent field of pros all set to answer the starting gun.

The pros were seeded with the lower seeds heading out on the bike course first in a rolling start of sorts.


Shearer, Nathan
Bachor, Konstantin
Caird, Allister
Dekker, Martijn
Wall, Lindsey
Wurf, Cameron
Koutny, Philipp
Hovgaard, Esben
Bozzone, Terenzo
Van Berkel, Tim
Millward, Callum
Allan, Dougal
Stabryla, Leigh
Collins, Damien
Defilippis, Scott
Svoboda, Josef
Read, Carl
Vabrousek, Petr
Ogden, Courtney
Bittner, Per
Bell, Luke
Brown, Cameron
Jacobs, Pet

The race for the pro men ultimately came down to defending champion Terenzo Bozzone trying to fend off Tim Van Berkel in the marathon.

There was no catching New Zealander Bozzone and he earns top spot on the podium in the Ironman Western Australia results 2017, and repeats as champion. His time(without a swim) was 7:12:30.

Dougal Allan, also of New Zealand captured second place in 7:18:07.

Tim Van Berkel of Australia was third in 7:27:07

It looks like the Europeans could be strong in this race for the pro women. Yvonne Van Vlerken, and Els Visser make up a dynamic one/two pairing for the Netherlands. Mareen Hufe of Germany is always tough and was runner up in 2016. The best hope for Australia appeared to be Melissa Hauschildt as the bike began. She’s defending champion and is sure to be in the mix at the front of the pack as the race progresses.


Davis, Claire
Gailey, Michelle
Hauschildt, Melissa
Hill, Meredith
Hufe, Mareen
Juhart, Monica
Lester, Carrie
Lindholm Borg, Camilla
Mitchell, Jessica
Morrison, Tracy
Sansome, Kierra
Selsmark, Alise
Van Vlerken, Yvonne
Visser, Els

Melissa Hauschildt had the lead in the late stages of the bike course and began to increase it in the early stages of the marathon.

Carrie Lester was trying to stay close in second place and the rest of the field was far back, battling for the final spot on the podium.

By the 12km mark of the run the lead for Hauschildt was about 3:30 over Lester, with Van Vlerken nine minutes off the pace in third place.

In the late stages of the marathon the order was still the same for the top three.

Melissa Hauschildt repeats as Ironman Western Australia Champion.

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